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Best Surmised Poems

Below are the all-time best Surmised poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of surmised poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Fable of the Fox and Goose
 There once was a fox, as wise as can be,
 He lived in the hollow of an old oak tree.
 Not so very far...

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Categories: surmised, parody,
Form: ABC

Premium Member We Met in a Dream
In a dream, I went to him  
Hidden inside a wispy night 
Stars shining their twinkle lights
I sneaked into his slumbered thoughts


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Categories: surmised, dream, heart, love, passion, sensual,
Form: Free verse
What's In The Urn
           What’s In The Urn

Strangers offered me to join them in a drink
I met them...

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Categories: surmised, adventure, animal, anxiety, conflict, crazy, death,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member My Own Poetic License
Sometimes when I write, I tend to stretch the truth.
Same as when I gossip; I've done that since my youth.
It's not so much deliberate, but...

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Categories: surmised, humorous, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Haunted House
The Haunted House

An aging Victorian graphite three story house sat on a 
promontory, lonely, deserted, weathered and forlorn.
Broken windows showed signs of cruel abuse from

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Categories: surmised, autumn, fear, horror, house, night, rain,
Form: Narrative

A moment in time
A moment in time..

I saw you across the room the other day,
Much like another time when you held my gaze,
Pulling me in with one passing...

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© Angel fire  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surmised, desire, life, longing, loss, love, moving
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member Funny Squirrels
My yard harbors lots of big trees
And in them live squirrels with ease
In comfy twig nests
They do what is best
To live and survive as they...

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Categories: surmised, animal, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Kiss in the Rain
A kiss, the kiss that will be remembered
It’s a mighty kiss, romantic and true
Umbrella we held was quickly rendered
Then the rain landed right on me...

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Categories: surmised, life, love, rain,
Form: Pantoum
Rosaline's Revenge
Oh Juliet!  A memory of a love long lost in vain…
thy bridal song, a dirge of darkened madrigal becomes.
Yet thought of you, for me,...

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Categories: surmised, sad love,
Form: Rhyme royal
I Keep My Visions to Myself
She came to me with hooded eyes,
her frank suspicion undisguised,
pushed to the brink, I surmised,
come to hear me prophesize.

Candles flickered in the room,
shadows darting through...

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Categories: surmised, mystery, on work and working, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member More Than Silent Screams

I want nothing more than love to be real
and mold my heart like it was potter's clay.
But I question if love is what I feel

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Categories: surmised, 10th grade, anxiety, emotions, feelings, i
Form: Sonnet
Our Eden
From buckwheat bloom to goldcup flower, 
From my sill of shade, to your wealthy dower, 
The junctures, the times, we came upon together. 
Now these...

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Categories: surmised, devotion, feelings, flower, for her, for
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Christmas Past and Present Bring Me Tears
Christmas Past and Present Bring Me Tears 

My legs of yesterday's 
walked into a Christmas storybook,
a glorious past,
pages filled with good tidings.
And as young kid,...

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Categories: surmised, christmas, journey, life,
Form: Free verse
Untold agony
While my happiness hawls in a dark cave of self-doubt, I smile.
Burying my brain cells in the grave of immense fear, I speak.
While my dreams...

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Categories: surmised, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member On Giving Up
On Giving Up!

"Never quit" said she,"when people to your
poetry, languish in disdain or complacency!
"e.e. Cummings never wrote for the fancy
of the love of the crowd!"


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Categories: surmised, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Field of Dreams
While walking through a field today, I tripped upon a rock of gray,
then struck my head upon that stone where I blacked out there all...

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Categories: surmised, happiness, life, love, passion, uplifting, words,
Form: Verse
The Face In The Window
Many years have passed on by since the 'happening' on that night.
Long before huge bigfoot feet were causing such a fright.
A humid eve and very...

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Categories: surmised, dream, fear, goodbye, mystery, night, remember,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Hell
I sauntered out of an Irish Pub
Basted in booze and Irish smooze
The whiskeys sure didn’t cover the blues
Me, I knew this wasn’t good news

As a...

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Categories: surmised, arabic, death, ireland,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Ida Kincaid 1866 - 1903
Ida Kincaid

1866 - 1903

I was Ida Kincaid
Wife of Charles
And mother of a pernicious brood of five sinister sons.
My first born required eighteen hours of excruciating...

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Categories: surmised, death,
Form: Epitaph
Walls shattered, roof falling apart
Dark, desolate and dreary
A haunted house with zero activity.
Very lonely indeed!

An unclaimed property
The land  acquired by the city
I have seen...

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Categories: surmised, life, house, house, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Made me smile - Comment Contest
A lovely comment I received
I treated it as fun
Surmised I was a girl from the east
With attributes per sun

Thought I might have been
delicate and womanly

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Categories: surmised, smile,
Form: Rhyme
My son and his family drove down from the big city,
out to the countryside with open fields and steams.
They brought their standard golden poodle along,...

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Categories: surmised, funny, pets, son, cat, dog, tree,
Form: Narrative
She's Beautiful
The winter surmised the fate of its captured. 
Gripping tight with icy fingers dipped in death. 
Existent in her demise was the delirium that filled...

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Categories: surmised, beautiful,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Soul Stance River - 13
The river smells like damp cotton this morning,
the weather has been so complimentary to our exertions
frost invades the nights nicely and soft sunshine comforts our...

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Categories: surmised, adventure,
Form: Epic
Drunken Pink Elephants Allegory
Intoxicated pinkish elephants

electrified in splendiferous drunkenness

surmised surrealistic playgrounds

of surround sound echoing laughter &

expansivly lit hot air balloons

merrily drifting to embrace star-dusted

skies' kaleidoscopic enchantment

ever wonder, 


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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surmised, allegory, drink, humor, imagery, imagination,
Form: Imagism