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Surge Poems

Surge Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surge poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surge.

New Poems

Premium Member TOUCHING FATE

Pieces of heart
Bleed on glass shards
Memoirs now start
Verse from sad bard

Line by line tell
As feeling surge
Pain seems to dwell 
On some odd verge

Verse in stern fit
Cuts sharp and deep
Loss of bold wit
Hits where tears weep

Touch in plain strokes
Hinge on brief...Read More
Categories: surge, change,
Form: Quatrain


There is a way:
Just look within;
Feel stillness play
Wise poise unseen.

See what you see:
Feel grace and light;
Just let things be —
Stillness heals sight.

Heed deep insight:
Silence does speak
As waves cast flight
In timeless peak.

So come away:
A still small voice
In surreal sway
Bestows sure poise.

Look...Read More
Categories: surge, blessing,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member NEW PSALM

On the verge
Feel joy emerge
In sparkling surge

When words fail
Feel trust prevail
As faith avails

Sad times here
Disguise new cheer
As hope drowns fear

Look to grace
To cleanse your space
With truth you face

Seize this day
To promptly pray
For health to stay

Feel your heart
Shape a kind art
As...Read More
Categories: surge, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PLAY

Touch knows urge
Word by word
In deep surge
Feel is heard

Seed slow mime
Words in time
Cast blooms rhyme
Plot strange chimes

That knows this
Seize fine ease
In sure bliss
Prize true peace

Sense light rays
On the way
Mind games play
To greet day

Hope knows fest
In sad truth
Faith words best
A de...Read More
Categories: surge, change,
Form: Quatrain

(Dedication: For my grandson Axel)

Hope wears a face with joy that swirls,
Apt touch of grace upon this world;

Poise in sure ease now frames clear lot,
Prime surge of peace blooms simple thought,

Yield to fond touch as joy greets cheer.
Blessings bring much...Read More
Categories: surge, blessing,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member THIS LEAP YEAR

Truth wears a face as grace brings light,
Hope flings a trace with space for sight;

Ink stains now style fond smiles in place,
Sense feel worthwhile that piles brisk pace.

Live thus true fest with zest that glows,
Etch touch of jest as quest...Read More
Categories: surge, blessing,
Form: Couplet

Wise wit heeds well the pulse of heart,
Hear stillness speak when words fail zest;
Ease of poise tells in vibrant art,
Note surge that tweaks as feel knows best.
Calm crisp cheer charms in deeper touch,
Apt ample quest inspires fine sight;
Loss of voice...Read More
Categories: surge, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
[More paraphrase than translation of a Post WWII Korean jazz ballad by the Kim Sisters, sung mournfully as if for an Asian gangster film noir.]


Exhaling blue smoke
Faded memories brighten
I murmur the lyrics with the house band
In a calming jazz club
There's...Read More
Categories: surge, depression, desire, introspection, memory, music, nostalgia, world
Form: Lyric
The Whispering Leaves

Desiccated in my torrid wasteland,
soil brittle and dry, turns to dust,
soars high on the wings of summer wind.
Some blows away from me,
some I gather in my sagging palm
for the skeletal roots exposed fragile
of my magnolia tree I reared with care,
year...Read More
Categories: surge, hope, inspirational, life,
Form: Free verse
Gasping for air, I passed out
Thinking about what we could be
Sad and depressed I feel
Looking back or forward
I'm lost

Tossed into the Ocean 
And yet I didn't get wet
The beginning of horror
Pure sadness
Uncloaked I feel

Kneeling beside the truth
Yet avoiding the judgment...Read More
Categories: surge, books, evil, house, humanity, humor, husband,
Form: Verse

Premium Member A Best Seed Of Love
My muse is here, seeds in my heart abyss
invokes a soul to wake and open up
a solid earth shall treasure such a bliss
and oceans are spared for me to grow up.

A best seed of Love, a soul, ever to grace
reaching...Read More
Categories: surge, beauty, birth, blessing, dedication, deep, emotions, how
Form: Rhyme
Craggy Wall
To dig for life’s blood to flourish from seed
Roots are driven deep and cling to life in need,
Burst through in glory where none can survive
The drywall a challenge a world don’t deprive,

A drop of moisture from lips so sweet
Can life...Read More
Categories: surge, angst, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member She Arose
She arose…
A phoenix out of a pile of ashes…
Out of abandonment
Out of hardships and constraints
Out of depression and sadness

Out of cutbacks and setbacks– she arose
Taking to the sky, looking down on ghosts
of mental, physical and economical abuse

She arose…
Strong, majestic, empowered...Read More
Categories: surge, confidence, courage, endurance, hurt, inspirational, life, success,
Form: Free verse
Needing rest from debilitating rigors of life?
I’m the clown at the abyss of your heart…
offering mirth of blissful delight
assuaging blood pressure-surge ---
Ignore me not! 

When tormented with guilt
wrecking your night
I’m the clown at the abyss of your conscience…
confounding you by...Read More
Categories: surge, character, christian, faith, god, perspective, spiritual, truth,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member HER SMELLS OF LOVE-
As I sit in front of the window, still
I await my love visage 
Her aroma surge
Lingers on
O' twilight chance of us being 
A couple together for all seasons
Lavender hue
Radiant dove
Her smells of love

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr....Read More
Categories: surge, celebration, devotion, engagement, for her,
Form: Light Verse
Dreams Wade In
You filled my eyes to overflowing,
and quenched my thirsting heart

You poured your vision into my soul,
beatific to impart

All banks you flooded as dreams wade in,
and currents gently surge

My spirit safe within your flow,
re-baptized to emerge

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2020)
...Read More
Categories: surge, baptism,
Form: Rhyme
Wanky Urge Whooshes - Day 28
wanky urge whooshes
puking rustic rhythm
nauseated by billows
busty ecstasy borrow
generous lust lent
passion prior invested

delicate capillaries crushed
lurched lanky lust
oozes, gores gulped

fostered faith rent
fiery surge ferments
licking lusty test

dark dance drips
from lustful limbs.
     '20:02:28:14:48...Read More
Categories: surge, allegory, love,
Form: Sonnet

On the slate sky scattered the tinge of twilight glow,
unperceived at the ashen edge of the heaving horizon
the swelled clumps of looming storm clouds were born.

The streaming squall of upwelled turmoil began to blow, 
splinters of the broken dreams on...Read More
Categories: surge, feelings, imagery, introspection,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Ataraxis
Constrain the clatter within the soul's quiescent call
Rip the sun out of the day into night time's placid fall
To bear the bliss of calmness and peace to all

Oust the din of baneful chaos born
It strikes too deep in our marrow's...Read More
Categories: surge, devotion, freedom, meaningful,
Form: Tristich
When there is lane to walk, I need you to hold hands
If there is a day to live, I need your endless smiles

When glimpse of sight is you, a blink of darkness is unbearable
Thin and sleek, as you wink, the...Read More
Categories: surge, kiss, longing, lost love, love,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Dirty Trick
Magician Whizdo had a Vegas act
he pulled a Great Dane out of a hat.
One night the dog had the urge
he sprinkled the crowd with a surge.
Whizdo escaped town and won't be back.
...Read More
Categories: surge, 12th grade, betrayal, dog,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member -perceiving reality- LM
"Reality is something you rise above."
                                  ...Read More
Categories: surge, encouraging, life, metaphor,
Form: Verse
Porous Paranormal Bleeds - Day 23
like leering leopard
feeble flesh flicker
sassy spots smirk
scorching saucy surge
punctured passion puke
per prey's view

taunted tongue elated
eerie emotions elevated
dangling deer highlighted

porous paranormal bleeds
crushing callous creed
severing saucy speed

Sprint hoisted heel:
my siveness' spree.
'20:02:23:09:28...Read More
Categories: surge, allegory, love,
Form: Sonnet
Mushy Thoughts Merges - Day 21
saucy smoke smirks
gulping gaunt lurch
puking punctured bitumen
blurs bleeding bountifully
filling cloud's peeper
with whooshing phlegm

taunted track clothes
fiery ferments: glows
skate speed blows

voluptuous velocity's vibe
into dances drives
sassy soles thrive

mushy thoughts merges
speed, emotions surge.

...Read More
Categories: surge, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
A certain surge wells up in me,
A nebulous , desultory void
It dwells in me, it survives off me.
I'm sequestered and I can't avoid.

My tongue bleeds of the unsaid,
My heart tears of the unfelt.
My soul rips of the untouched.
And my breath...Read More
Categories: surge, 12th grade, addiction, angst, confidence, courage, deep,
Form: Blank verse