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Supersede Poems

Supersede Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of supersede poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for supersede.

New Poems

Square Triangle
I am looking at triangle

From inside a square

Above the earthy atmosphere

Speeding at 1 million miles per hour

And all for what ?

To supersede a satellite

Of unfinished symphony

As i am E=MC2

Yes i am Einstein

I am Brown

I am the Manhattan project

I am the...Read More
Categories: supersede, slam,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Finding The Time
All things can tempt me- cloud my poet's mind
     to keep creativeness at bay!  I find,

day's standard obligations top the list!

    Too, time with family, I can't resist-

they live close by...Read More
Categories: supersede, conflict, poetry, time, writing,
Form: Rhyme
The woman That you are
Knit by the Greatest Unknown,
You please the eye and captivate the soul,
How you're shaped, 
How you're divinely coded with colour, 
How you are carefully chiseled into form, 
How you are bountifully toned at essence,
My aesthetic senses are galloping for your...Read More
Categories: supersede, girl, mum, woman, women,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member ''What Is Beauty''
What is Beauty? Is it Truth? Is it Art?
     Or the mean of the Golden Ratio?
     Whatsoe'er beauty is, it does not show
in the vain and ugly, but in the heart
of them...Read More
Categories: supersede, art, beauty, love, math, philosophy, sin, truth,
Form: Sonnet
More than a conqueror
The world is a mystery
As I ride through its many tribulations
I hold my head up and high
For Jesus has overcome for me

God chooses what I go through
How I go through it is my choice
No force can supersede the plan of...Read More
Categories: supersede, blessing, christian, confidence, devotion, encouraging, future, hope,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Rescue
Children toil with their buckets and spades sculpt castles into the sand

In joy and in innocence they build towers gates draw bridges and moats

Know deep in their hearts that the tides are stronger than fortifications

Nothing is for keep nor for...Read More
Categories: supersede, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sacred Secerts

Sacred Secrets

Somethings are so special,
They just cannot be penned.
Like the true beauty of the
Or how profoundly the depth
and love of your man.

Somethings supersede imagery,
words or similes.
Too sacred to be written or
It's just you, leaning closely in
God's ear....
Whispering your life's personal eucharist!

*Greek...Read More
Categories: supersede, love, poems,
Form: Free verse
The Two Queens
The Two Queens 

In a far off distant land, lost within a realm, some unknown 
Where time skews, a mystical world, none have ever known
Reside two thrones, of such beauty and a black tainted heart
Sisters growing together but some painful...Read More
Categories: supersede, beauty, dark,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member A Change Is Going To Come

Like the dawning sun
Our liberty is coming soon
The light of the full moon
Reflecting the journey

In circadian rhythm
The seasons come and go
As the laws of nature
Give each a time to be free

Like the seasons
We are children of the sun
And the laws...Read More
Categories: supersede, america, black african american, destiny, imagery, inspirational,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Lo and Behold
Predictions work in twists of what makes life workable
High and often misconstrued by the dogma of science
Lies and damned lies and statistics for the insecure
Foes foretold surprise when the blindfolds shed masks
In the light of darkness mascara and games people...Read More
Categories: supersede, inspirational,
Form: Free verse

I am Damned by the fruit of the tree that gazes down on me while I sit at it's feet and weep ,my soul full of woe,woe is me ,moments of eternity,clock hands spin, numbers float ,I'm sinking, cant reach...Read More
Categories: supersede, dark, deep, depression, feelings, lonely, scary, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nine Eleven Was Proof Of This
We are one with each other, so if one hurts, we all hurt.
If one piece fails, we all go down.
Like dominoes.
Temporarily hopeful, but crashing into each other, and falling off the edge, nonetheless.
We are cheerleaders for each other.
We are heroes...Read More
Categories: supersede, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
When The Angels Sing
When you can hear the angels sing

When you hear the crying of a new born child
When the birds perch upon the sill for awhile 
When a hand reaches out in a time of need
When nothing but love and tranquility supersede...Read More
Categories: supersede, angel, appreciation, heart, hope, inspirational,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member An Bee Cailleach
“Éagmais croí a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla.
Faoi dhíon taobh istigh de na blianta seo.
Fanacht i bhfianaise, a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla.
Ós rud é go ndearnadh tú a chaitheamh.
Briseadh an tost seo”

"An Bee Cailleach"

She lives to wake to new days
and new...Read More
Categories: supersede, fantasy, imagery, joy, life, love, magic, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member It's a Mystery to Me
It's mystery, just fantasy,
That reader's "take" on any rhyme
Should supersede the poet's time,
The vision that he bleeds to pen,
Not set aside by mortal men,
That's hubris (without courtesy)!

A muse possesses phantom's depth!
Most haikus failures, beggar art,
Joke reader's thoughts play any part;
The...Read More
Categories: supersede, art, humanity, imagination, spiritual, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WEEDS
When you plant good seeds watch out for weeds. They will try to supersede and snuff out all good deeds.

Because weeds grow to impede and to do misdeeds. Once freed the weed will proceed to take the lead and have...Read More
Categories: supersede, conflict, dedication, engagement, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member REAL McCOY - Or IS She
Synthetic hyper realistic - eclectic not eccentric 
Android Humanoid - naturalistic totally orgasmic
Unnatural physicality this futuristic fem-bot fantasy  
Against all normality she is the ultimate sexpot ecstasy   

Soulless secretions a monster metallic
A copy completion approaching organic

Interacting to...Read More
Categories: supersede, desire, future, lust, technology,
Form: Light Verse
I don't believe this.....but off I let you go love bird
I treated you badly, furiously and aggitated I was
I a letting you go....enjoy sweet freedom love bird
Go out and feel happy again with your beloved.I never was one
I know how...Read More
Categories: supersede, anxiety, depression, discrimination, endurance, evil, love hurts,
Form: Lyric

it has transpired, my one true love.
I am possessed, writing poems,
words transcribed, my passion, my love.
Feelings for my wife, an omen,
that true peace, true love, can exist!

Extant life, lacks natural love.
Those that think it doesn't matter,
why look...Read More
Categories: supersede, fear, hope, true love,
Form: Free verse
Promised Land or Bolehland
Promised Land or Bolehland

Eons ago, Bolehland was one harmonious land...
She was world acclaimed as a model multi racial nation...
Super rich in natural resources as compared to Singapore.....
Even precious water, we export till this day to Singapore...
But as a generation, we...Read More
Categories: supersede, angst, anxiety, betrayal, bullying, community,
Form: Free verse
If every month’s a color
Then October has to be
The same orange as a pumpkin
And I think we’d all agree.

For as fall, in its ascendance,
Turns the leaves and ripens gourds,
Golds and oranges and ochres
Are the notes of autumn’s chords.

So I welcome...Read More
Categories: supersede, october,
Form: Rhyme
The Monster In The Machine
Mine is an existence binary and subsidiary.
My ode is to code.
I move only to algor-rhythms. 
I output from your input. 
I’m built to calculate, tabulate, correlate.

Never to predicate, adjudicate, pontificate, 
or demand that you abdicate. 

But the end, my master,...Read More
Categories: supersede, change, computer, future, science, science fiction, senses,
Form: Free verse
Love Of Our Life
LOVE Of Our Life

Life’s journey swim links 2 defined moments - birth & death.
To survive its stretch we swim different strokes,
Delivered inner strength combats heavy tides & puncture pokes,
Hidden forces compatibly energize different folks,
Fortifying for encounters shallow seas & ocean...Read More
Categories: supersede, desire, emotions, god, love, perspective, relationship, wisdom,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Wham Bam Slam i am not worthy
If I suffer from an affliction 
If I stutter
If my grammar is gutteral 
If the words I utter
Failed English at School
Sorry I am not cool
Pity me or the fool
Who uses education as tool
To dismiss what I write 
Because it is...Read More
Categories: supersede, abuse,
Form: Free verse
I Pen this Promise with a Diamond Tip
The best lines always evade me;
I can never say what must be said
to you, 
to her, 
to them...
to myself.

Mortality whispers in my ear.
Mortality dances about my seer
Allows it. Justly, for justice
folding up my life's essence,
putting it back into the prequel...Read More
Categories: supersede, absence, love, pain, surreal,
Form: Dramatic monologue