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Sunscreen Poems

Sunscreen Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sunscreen poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sunscreen.

New Poems

G'day Australia
Good morning Australia!
How are you...?  Gday!!!
It's our favourite day of the year
And a national public holiday!

The weather is fantastic
And the days fully packed
Lots of great things to do
And the eskies fully stacked

Important things to remember..
The old slip, slop and...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, birthday, celebration, community, culture, environment, fun, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme

God Gave Me Christmas
God Gave Us Christmas

God gave us Christmas to be perfect time,
To hear choir sing and church bells chime;
On Him depend,
Until the end,
In world without any sin and so sublime.

Christ has been here on Christmas Day;
For a while with us He...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The thing in the pool
I drown you in wine, the goddamn squatter 
who lives in me. Flow, Lethe, dark and deep!
But even through a drunken dreamless sleep,
like a nude drowned man in see-through water,
the memory is seen… That very sunny
day on the river, tender...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, death, fear, river,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Oldies' Summer
Temperature predicted: 38 degrees,
Pavement scorching before mid-morning,
Government-issued sunscreen warning,
But many people choose to ignore that.

Summer brings on the cockroaches,
Plus, needless to say, abundant flies,
As the sun's heat radiates from the skies -
We dread this time as it approaches.

Early food preparation...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, age, beach, cool, food, sports, summer,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Seek fortune teller asap haint no fable
Seek fortune teller asap (haint no fable)

Best nondescript literate jinxed
humble dug good feller ya e'er seen
amenable, a non biased opinion -
of course I mean mine mein
yours truly gets no lucky strike breaks
particularly never ending

surprising automotive repairs,
thus in sore need of...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, blessing,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member My Kind Of Day At The Beach
At the beach, digging beneath the pier
harvesting minute shells;
sharks teeth and all sorts of goodies; 
I make jewelry you see; Cowrie earrings paired
exclusively with brown Tiger-Eye; a tasty treasure, 
eye candy of a semi-precious nature.

Naticas, Tulips, Conch’s and Crown’s
paired with...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, appreciation, beach, nature, ocean, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Vanilla froth of the sea milk shakes 
Rising and falling with my jumps, in motion with the rest of the crowd 
All shimmering with sunscreen and that shiny, slick glow of freedom

Droplets shaken off a bikini land on my magazine...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, beach, beautiful, culture, happiness, holiday, jewish, october,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beach Day
Beach time is play time
Towels, hats, sunscreen, snacks
Blanket, books and toys
Sun shines down on us
Water invites cool

Build sandcastles
Watch it topple
Lie down in sand
Race to the shore

Splashes rain
Giggles bloom

Day ends

Home...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, beach, fun, giggle,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
Time's Unseen Glare - TY

Umpteen jilts demean life, mind can’t share
Soul’s sunscreen shields from time’s unseen glare

August 8, 2019
Rhyme checked on
Syllable count : 2/2/2/2/9/9
Checked on More
Categories: sunscreen, depression, time,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member S doo text me, where are you
I roar the lioness in dreams
sweet promise, sensual echo
my abode your heart
a constitution 
hope manifesting love
butterfly kisses, tongue licks
fireworks ignite the sky
the Disney, happy ever after ending
just before you wake, a twist
kismet dissociation
strange magic, weaves in the airrr
your favourite song
pleasant...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, dream, funny, silly,
Form: Free verse

Do the May days roll into one long bank holiday?
The linearity of time banishing winter blues away
Sunscreen, icecream, flip flops, shades out
As they say until Mays over we should neer cast a clout

Should we listen to proverbs as old as...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, appreciation, blessing, color, friendship love, giving,
Form: Light Verse
Ode To the Beach
The breeze
Smells of sunscreen
And salt

The salt 
Gives the air
An interesting flavor
That almost tastes like 
French fries

The blue
And sandy tones
Make an all too familiar
Of a natural beauty
That is sometimes
Clouded by a brightly colored
Beach umbrella

The sand 
Is warm
It is like running on...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, blue,
Form: Ode
Clusters of humanity cackle past,

their cocoons of cheap beer and sunscreen.

Afternoon inertia.


The scorching red of a languid sun.

They take a stroll among the flying shades

animated by an intruding breeze,

and the cigarettes that meet

their violent end.


The waves beat a...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, absence, beach, family, perspective, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Beach
Let me slip my toes
 naked into the cold wet sand,
let the sunscreen on my face, legs, and arms
 soak in the heat of the sun's rays,
let my eyes blink rapidly
 blinded by the foaming ocean waves,
let me breathe in...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, beach, sea, summer, sun,
Form: Blank verse
What to Bring
Clothes and PJ's, bathing suits,
Bug spray, sunscreen, plus
Toothpaste and the brushes, too;
Snacks so they don't fuss.

Pool shoes, goggles and, for each,
A comforting stuffed friend,
Jackets, tablets (charger, natch)
And all so they can blend...

The time away with Nana
With what helps to feel...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, granddaughter, grandson,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Skating On Montego Bay

Our sun's a nuclear furnace, keeps us warm every day
Sure hope so or we soon could go skating on Montego Bay
Imagine if it burned out
Sunscreen companies would pout
On top of that, our heating bill would cause much dismay

...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, sun,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member By the Water's Edge

Sunscreen could not save our skin,
as dressed in skimpy swimsuits, 
we splished and splashed that afternoon,
so happily slapping the water of the sun-kissed glistening sea,
splattering each other with its salty taste.

Afterward, we swam out into the swell of its waves,
surrendering...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, childhood,
Form: Alliteration
Science denies existence 
of a soul--
as if a body could weigh 
and hold their
flexible Time;

and speak, they, further
in Einsteinian-breath 
of multiple dimensions
beyond the known;
yet not one can allow for a
spirit: detour from 
their worshiped road-map, 
betrothed to Math;

Math—their road-map:
images they...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, humorous, philosophy, planet, prayer, religious, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Adieu To Mild Winter 2019
This last day of February two thousand nineteen
Southeastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
unlikely to be inundated with heavy snowy scene
methinks buds will burst early issuing royal green
carpeting landscape, sans expert architects queen

"Mother Nature" commences to baptize spilling
purity, sans cerulean bajillion year celestial...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, 12th grade, beauty, earth, environment, february, god,
Form: Pastoral
Positivity Sunscreen My Sunny Valentine
I wrote 


But never listen to the musings of myself

The World is not out get Me

I am

It's all in my Head 

I tell myself as much So

But what do you know 

If i could Give anyone 

1 or the...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sunny Hours
I only tell of sunny hours...
Sundial yeoman;
Suntanned sentinel 
Stand watch,
Shedding tears for unrequited love.
My cooling shadow stalks sun;
Caresses with timely sunscreen
Sweet sundial’s gilt Egyptian face.
Ask me time of day;
“Shadow knows,” I’ll say.
Shadow will not rest
‘Til sun does nest.
...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, love, sun, time,
Form: Personification

IF you pull a long-pained face
After tumbling down the Stairway
Do not the blame put on loose shoe-lace
The fault, pained-poet, may lie in gut-loose kidney

Now if you still pull that pained-look victim face
Watching...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, baptism, destiny, devotion, god, identity, race, religion,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Beautiful Moss
Unassuming beauty of emerald evergreen.
Verdure cool patches of sombre sunscreen.

Flowerless soft carpets of impasto  strokes.
The gorgeous mossy sponge .. vibrance evokes.

The gregarious green hosts.. fungi, frog, insect 
The bedecked forest floors.. symbiosis perfect.

Soft velvet cuddles close....the roots and trees...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, beauty, flower, green, grief, insect, light, rainforest,
Form: Couplet
Summer or Winter
I hate the humidity
I hate what it does
I hate wearing sunscreen
I hate all the bugs
I like the thirties
I like wearing gloves
But I also like the dirt leftover on my clubs
Mementos from courses I’ve hacked up with buds
And who doesn’t like...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, beauty, december, golf, snow, summer, weather, winter,
Form: Rhyme
When I look at you my eyes fill with joy 
Just like a kid looking at a new toy
But then I remember that this won’t last long
In your life is not where I belong
Only if you knew how much you...Read More
Categories: sunscreen, 9th grade, deep, drug, i love you,
Form: Free verse