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Suffocates Poems

Suffocates Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suffocates poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suffocates.

New Poems

Corona virus

Corona virus sent to try us 
Unnerve  Confuse  deplete  divide us 
It comes to scare it comes to kill 
The vulnerable the old and ill
It spreads it’s panic it spreads it’s fear
It’s  harsh  unjust ...Read More
Categories: suffocates, death,
Form: Free verse


It feels like a movie it feels like a dream 
Locked down and scared I want to scream 
Fear of the doorbell fear of the street 
Fear of the people I once used to meet 
Fear for the loved ones...Read More
Categories: suffocates, dark, death, deep, emotions, fear, humanity, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Grief Cuts Deep
My emotions are running raw right now
Like an eggshell, cracked and ready to crumble
Good days are fewer now as sadness suffocates
Memories are like hot embers burning my hands
Beautiful ones, stinging my heart, my psyche 
I want to go back a...Read More
Categories: suffocates, emotions, grief, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Poetry Soup Ponderings
Popped in again here at the Soup
I'd spent too long out of the loop
I skimmed the blogs to find the scoop
of what's been dished among this troupe

Checked in to see a friend or two
Read lovely rhymes, on list of "new"
My...Read More
Categories: suffocates, community, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member - The Doubt Suffocates Me -

                                    the fear inside me

...Read More
Categories: suffocates, crazy, dark, fear, feelings,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member against the panes
it's somber this evening
this rain falls fast and hard
echoing like your words
against the panes of my soul

i struggle to breathe
with this weight
upon my chest
as it suffocates me

i feel lost
between this darkness
and my dreams
hopelessly trying
to find my way back

sleep doesn't come
within...Read More
Categories: suffocates, hurt, pain, rain, sad,
Form: Free verse
Holly Melancholy
Winter is a season that
for some is less than jolly-
despite bright sparkling Christmas lights
and halls bedecked with holly.

For some, it represents a void
that's dark, dreary and cold
an aching-empty, lonely space
of horrors quite untold.

Reminders of the merry times
before we were bereaved
in...Read More
Categories: suffocates, christmas, depression, emotions, feelings, perspective, seasons, solitude,
Form: Rhyme
Utter of words amidst through the rain
As you lay in bed feeling all the pain
You felt the betrayal flowing in your veins
Cause all the things you've done is now in vain

Looking back, emotions was just a concept of time
Where every...Read More
Categories: suffocates, change, death, deep, depression, emotions,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member A Storm is Brewing -----
A storm is brewing.
Heavy water laden clouds rise thickly,
the darkening sun plunges quickly
behind deep purple mountains,
hiding the gentle moonlight
that normally lights my erratic way.

I meander absentminded
around a maze of mountain paths,
suffering a terrible purgatory.
For the storm is raging outside and...Read More
Categories: suffocates, storm,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Searching for God
When in the darkness of soul
Hope suffocates 
And the mind is plumbing for 
A safe escape
A hand reaches out
To help you out 
From your depths of misery.
The hand may have a physical form
Or may be a voice on the phone
It...Read More
Categories: suffocates, allah, angel, christian, prayer, religion, spiritual, star,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Reversing Litmus
With you, life has given me an advantage
I've played with the switch and misused the voltage
I've made our connection susceptible to cancer
and created more questions, difficult to answer
I've landed us in a place of unpleasant temperatures
redemption then creates a schedule...Read More
Categories: suffocates, abuse, conflict, forgiveness, friend, friendship, i love
Form: Couplet
She lost her brain long ago
She lost her brain long ago
Sanity vanished along with the ghost of time
Calloused bones reach from the ground
No sound 
Just shallow breath
That breathes
And snarls a nasty smoke that suffocates my lungs
Oh how it used to tease
But now bleeds uncertainty
And that's...Read More
Categories: suffocates, angst, beauty, confidence, freedom, growth, slam, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Where Bumbles Bounce

To the wild overgrown garden
of my age crammed mind
I keep returning, thirsting for
the nectar of neglected nights,
when moonlight shone in vain,
searching for scattered words
among the shadows of silence
urging myself to catch a whiff 
of her fragrant sensual scent
where distant memories...Read More
Categories: suffocates, age, memory, old,
Form: Free verse
Paper bag seagulls
Paper bag seagulls
scrawl across the
dying day
Slivers of disappointed rain
hang within the air
Darkness slowly suffocates
as chill wraps his arms around
my broken shoulders
Crested puddles
seek refuge in my shoes
Clothes plastered to my limbs trying
to keep warm
As the new born night
steals the light of...Read More
Categories: suffocates, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Enough

Jonny likes to lie and cheat
Daisy’s had enough
Suffocates him while he sleeps 
Now he’s not so tough 

Bennys into gaslighting 
Susie grabs a knife 
She stabs him several hundred times 
before she could think twice 

Joey is an aggressive...Read More
Categories: suffocates, abuse, death, murder,
Form: I do not know?
Crows Abscence
Was the purpose of your absence an attempt at causing me pain? 
That crippling feeling, a spider spinning its web inside my mind. 
That arachnid, poisonous, jeers the word space like a handicap. 
That parasitic relationship forms a cloud covering...Read More
Categories: suffocates, abuse, allusion, anger, anxiety, art, beauty, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Nothing to see
Fantasy slowly suffocates memories
days gone by are by gone
Hope will not meet my gaze
Lemming dreams hover at the edge
and fall into the depths
to land upon their 
decomposing brethren
Dreams once had
are now seeked
Crumpled life
hinders my feet
used to chase the rainbow
now head...Read More
Categories: suffocates, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Display Case
It s hard being the center of attention for so many greedy eyes, when you only want one pair locked on you. Or when you want none. But if you put yourself in a box, it locks you away from...Read More
Categories: suffocates, anxiety, bullying, corruption, depression, desire, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Gossip makers
I glimsped back...
And caught you laughing upon me..
Is it some jokes you were making about me..
I peered at you perplexed...
For I just smiled to everyone and greeted you like a civilised being.
Didn't you notice?
I want to come to you and...Read More
Categories: suffocates, abuse, anti bullying, conflict,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
I love hope
wish i had some
hard to write words
with all the effort stopping my tears
nothing inspires
sadness slowly suffocates
unshared words
with your dead eyes
looking for salvation
at the touch of a key
loneliness hides beneath
the nothingness that shapes my being
and time smiles as it...Read More
Categories: suffocates, poetry,
Form: Free verse
nature's nonpareil
I find myself from gales and tundras freed
Til I am made to weather stormy folk
Whose blizzard presence suffocates my pleads-
Their fiery embers turn my trees to smoke.
Still other people strike me as so bland,
Our desert conversations leave me parched;
I long...Read More
Categories: suffocates, 11th grade, art, beautiful, beauty, first love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Postmodern Buddha
It’s evolution and for sure we’ve come some automatic way since
               Darwin marvelled at volcanoes in Galapagos and still
       ...Read More
Categories: suffocates, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Coming to Senses

Coming to Senses

Ten thousand fathoms deep of immeasurable pain in hand

Tim raises the anchor entwined with callus and sea shells

Back breaking ardour sends blisters straight to the heart

	Touches untouchable spikes from the corals

His tiny coracle was meant to navigate shallow...Read More
Categories: suffocates, journey,
Form: Free verse
Damn Love
It happens
When you least expect it
Its terrible
When you don’t get it
Its hard
When you want to leave it
And it suffocates
When you can’t get over it
And yes its all waste
If you choose to wait for him...Read More
Categories: suffocates, feelings, first love, i love you, lost
Form: Blank verse
Resonance of Separation

Dying on the inside,
withered tears falling on fallow hope
Bittersweet memories
rooted in moist pain of barren joy

Too many loving words left unsaid,
drowning silence
suffocates every wet pillow thought
Echoes of emptiness
from a weak heartbeat half-dead

Lonely fetal prone vibration
is the womb resonance of separation
Premature...Read More
Categories: suffocates, allusion, loneliness, loss, sad love,
Form: Dramatic Verse