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Death Spiritual Poems

These Death Spiritual poems are examples of Spiritual poems about Death. These are the best examples of Spiritual Death poems written by international poets.

When Darkness Died
I was asleep 
when darkness died
Radiant joy lit up my fertile dreams,
the famine tears 
all were purity dried

My corona eyes opened wide
within the quiet void

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Categories: death, inspirational, life, spiritual,

Jesus The Great Riser
A lot of us are not great risers
many a morning we hate that alarm
wish we could throw it out the window
but there was one with...

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Categories: christian, jesus, spiritual,

Coronavirus, as all we`ll  cope:
With fever, cough, shortness breath,
Zoonotic SARS-CoV,  without scope:
Chaotic moments turn to death.

Bring heat or frost above the sands!
With time,...

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Categories: analogy, endurance, hope, spiritual,

Premium Member Bodies Die Every Day
Bodies die every day. Crashes, smashes, or in their sleep.
But the soul lives on, for it cannot be killed. It is invincible.
People who grieve the...

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Categories: death, spiritual,

Premium Member THOUSAND SUNS
Our life a dazzling dream and the death a new arrival,

there is no end and never was a begginning.

Thousand centuries will gone

and will leave faint...

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Categories: spiritual, dream, humanity, love, peace,

Turned Around
The wheel of life,
the wheel of death,
Involution breaks their hold

To turn our 
consciousness inward
—and directly know the Soul

(Dreamsleep: March, 2020)

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Categories: spiritual,

Afflicted grievously
my whole being was invaded 
with loathsome sin-cancer cells
I was conquered by fatal pride's virus
verily smitten…
yes, spiritually sick was I…

Forsaking hypocrisy-denial’s stink, 
I yielded...

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Categories: spiritual, blessing, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy

It's when you grow wings like a Phoenix 
and are one with the flames
when you rise through the ashes fueled by lifes pains,
It's when...

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Categories: spiritual, inspirational, motivation,

The Inner Struggle
Across the row, across the aisle
I look at you, you look at me
Unspoken, yet I can’t deny
It’s there but should not be

Oh what a silly...

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Categories: spiritual, conflict, faith, jesus, sin,

The Spiritual Warrior
The spiritual warrior can free the world of fear.  Standing bravely, meeting death eye to eye, as if it were an illusion.  The...

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© meru groen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spiritual, love,

Tortured by iniquities’ guilt
My soul was condemned toward everlasting wrath…
Defenseless against penalty of sin.

Gripped with hypocrisy in the guise of meekness
My self-righteousness dominantly towered…
Defensive in...

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Categories: spiritual, blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Lean Harvests
Lean Harvests
by Michael R. Burch

for T.M.

the trees are shedding their leaves again:
another summer is over.
the Christians are praising their Maker again,
but not the disconsolate plover:

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Categories: spiritual, atheist, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member Long Distance
Year 1968
2:00 AM
Very late
Ring Ring
It was the phone
I hesitate
Maybe it would stop
Ring Ring
I guess not
Leaving the bed
Shuffling to the living room
I answered...

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Categories: spiritual, death, heaven, life, onomatopoeia,

Gethsemane in Every Breath
Gethsemane in Every Breath
by Michael R. Burch
Did heaven ever seem so far? 
Remember?we are as You were, 

but all our lives, from birth to...

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Categories: spiritual, bible, christian, death, god,

Like Children
Like Children

How dear and precious is a child to me,
A lesson for this oft' proud heart to learn,
Of beauty that is simple—trusting—free,
O'er which a multitude...

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© C R Lord  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spiritual, childhood, children, heart, love,


                 To achieve enlightenment,

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Categories: spiritual, allegory, allusion, creation, life,

Her Friend
Her Friend
by Dylan Williamson

She tells of her friend
A girl that wore
Green that could contend
To be the most dazzling thing in her drawer
They played together
In their...

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Categories: angst, dark, death, spiritual,

Premium Member Four
Like an allspice insenced quartet chorus,
the spirit of the living Word unveils before us.
Holy foundational page corners turn
in cardinal winds as red letters churn,

proclamating the...

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Categories: spiritual, bible, creation, deep, earth,

Premium Member The Calling
The Calling

Hear the angels sing!
(Glorious trumpets...
start low in the distance, 
and gain in ever-increasing volumes... 
souls, voices...)

Here the angels sing! 
(Racing across the heavens...
in and...

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Categories: spiritual, abortion, allah, america, bible,

Madonna's Legacy
Heavenly Mother,
How could you bear to lose your son?
I weep reliving your agony.
Born from anxiety and despair, beneath
My stomach the babe which the State
Will judge...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, faith, fear, mother