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Animal Sound Poems

These Animal Sound poems are examples of Sound poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Sound Animal poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Et tu, Hunter - aka Back to Bambi
       To keep his mind off his father's woes

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Categories: sound, animal, fantasy, father son,

Premium Member Cheery Chirps
of wrens
are cheery.
You can hear them
as they croon their tune.
They compose a chorus
transcending the evening moon.
Singing rhythmic modulation,
joining with angels and golden harps,
they harmonize in...

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Categories: sound, animal, bird, celebration, environment,

Premium Member Sing A New Song

Psalms 96:1 (KJV) “O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.”

Seas of twittering,
Tweets, gentle as noon,
Melodious uprising from...

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Categories: sound, animal, bird, hope, music,

Premium Member Haiku XV
inquisitive bull
in corral snort's boredom's breath
his dull gaze meets mine...

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Categories: animal, sound,

Premium Member Pat
Rat-a-tat and pit-a-pat!
‘Pon my word!
Pit-a-pat and rat-a-tat!

It’s a bird –
A woodpecker knocking!
Loudest I’ve heard!

His noise shocking!.
Thrashing the habitat.
His visage mocking....

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Categories: sound, animal, bird, environment, nature,

Premium Member recognizing sound of a car door
I am feeling watched Goldie confided to Diamond Blue.
I don’t know about that, but the humans are long overdue.
The humans don’t worry me said Flash,...

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Categories: sound, animal,

Premium Member See its Tail Wag
  Even after a day of fun
    Sunday night can be a drag

  I’d like to see its tail wag


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Categories: animal, night, simile, sound,

Premium Member The Rustle of Bushes
   The rustle of bushes means what
     a squirrel in search of a nut --

   something more...

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Categories: animal, scary, sound,

The River Meets the Sea
From the deep soil 
of mountains and hills 
Flows down the rocks 
to mould its path 

So form the river
the source of life 
Fresh and...

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Categories: sound, animal, beach, beautiful, deep,

Premium Member The Snake Dances Past Them
The snake dances past them in the air
    Fear frozen in eyes of charming pair
  Hyenas cackle, vultures on high

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Categories: animal, fear, night, sound,

Premium Member 'dis Chord
A barnyard cacophony is a symphony of sorts, too...

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Categories: animal, music, sound,

Premium Member A Rhapsodic Delight
A rhapsodic delight in a carmine feathered coat,
a cardinal sits amid the verdigris limbs;
with breast puffed out
he croons lovely tones as
vibrations of harmony 
to my...

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Categories: sound, animal, bird, nature, poems,

Howling Winter Wolves
The day is a gray one and bitter cold
Wind slapping my face piercingly bold
The snow is icy white, the top layer is hard
My forced footsteps...

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Categories: sound, animal, howl, moon, poetry,

Premium Member - the Wings of Beauty -
a bird is perched high

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Categories: animal, beauty, sound,

The Doves
The beautiful morning dove,
the grey bird looks filled with love.
When the morning comes it sings,
then it opens its lovely wings.

From up above it's a sign,

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Categories: sound, animal, bird, growing up,

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