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Funny Sometimes Poems

These Funny Sometimes poems are examples of Sometimes poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Sometimes Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sometimes
Sometimes my poems are funny
Sometimes my poems make you think
Sometimes my poems leave you puzzled
And sometimes my poems… well they just stink...

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Categories: sometimes, fun, happiness, humor, humorous,

Sometimes Being Called Names Aint That Bad At All
When it comes to being
called other name's by 

Sometimes they ain't all that 
half bad at all and can even
leave one feeling rather glad

Like when...

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Categories: sometimes, funny love,

Premium Member Lost It
I thought about it, but don't remember what it was I thought about!

Let me take a step back.
I was going to bake a cake.
Oh yes,...

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Categories: sometimes, confusion, funny, memory, remember,

Premium Member The Lion and Courage
When you think-Courage,                      ...

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Categories: sometimes, courage, day, power, prayer,

Premium Member Opinions We All Have Some
We all have them good and bad, 
sometimes happy or sad. 
They could be right or they could be wrong, 
we may even sound like...

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Categories: sometimes, drink, happy, humorous, sad,

Premium Member Sometimes I Think
Sometimes I Think

Alas, poor York,
I knew him well? 
That is foolish, 
and crazy. 
Dressed up for a party, 
at the edge of the world,...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, abuse, angel, atheist, brother,

Premium Member Born In a Taxi
There once was a newborn named Maxi,

Who forewent a stork for a taxi,

But as he could not yet walk,

And bubble-babbling was his talk,

Driver gave him...

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Categories: sometimes, birth, funny, humor, parents,

Sometimes I Feel Myself Extremely Cruel
Sometimes I feel   extremely cruel,
And  want to kill someone just with a stool.
My wife sent me to a psychiatrist for a visit.

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Categories: sometimes, funny,

Sometimes I
Sometimes I...sometimes I wish I could combust
burst into flames, spontaneously erupt; magma
Sometimes I...
sometimes I just wish emptily, heavily
I was someone else, something better
but all the...

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Categories: sometimes, imagery, lost, sorrow, ,

Premium Member Never, Always, Sometimes
I never ate a dinosaur,
Though I have always felt the call.
Sometimes I crave that giant beast
Like some wild Neanderthal.

I never yet have had false teeth.

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Categories: sometimes, adventure, funny, heart,

Cutlery's Jelly Good Sometimes
I put some jelly on my fork, intended for my mouth,
I then had visions of it, sliding way down south,
But this implement's not for jelly,...

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Categories: sometimes, funny,

sometimes i just miss you
sometimes when i'm alone
sometimes where time 
meets with memory
and feeling regret that your gone
sometimes i just recall you
to your empty space...

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Categories: sometimes, absence,

And Sometimes Why
I hoped to be with you today 
That once again we two might play
True friends forever we will stay
One thing that will not go away


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Categories: sometimes, care, childhood, confusion, family,

Even More Sometimes Rather Insulting Foolish Footles and Somebody Please Help Me I Can'T Stop -
Lose the straggly beard:

Apparantly, Mr. Ellison fell off the goofy tree and hit every branch on the way down..Grow up!:

Ms Wong, as per your recent...

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Categories: sometimes, funny,

Premium Member Blue Skies - and How My Poems Sometimes Evolve
I contemplate the deep blue sky
While lying in the sun baked grass
And wonder what it is about the summer
That makes me such a lazy ...


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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sometimes, funny, imaginationme, rain, blue,