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Life Social Poems

These Life Social poems are examples of Social poems about Life. These are the best examples of Social Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Party Humidity

outside, it was raining
as it was inside 

drinks spilling onto the floor
from incessantly topped-up glasses held by 
forgetting, gesticulating hands
spittle flying from mouths...

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Categories: people, rain, satire, social,

The Vine
this poem was inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock's song, "Drinking of the  Wine."

saw a battle
way back when
politicians, workers,
friends and kin

life is for...

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Categories: social, society,

Back Road
Back Road

Down the deserted back road
Hand me another beer.
We plan to be free, you and me,
and bask in the blazing sun.

Is that a cop?
No, we...

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Categories: social, addiction, adventure, car, freedom,

Sinister Side Of Social Media Platforms
Though discriminatory asper discerning
legitimate information TIME
Magazine considered
a reliable trustworthy,
and valuable source to this rhyme
stir, who perused cover story, sans

January 28th, 2019 issue as prime
material to...

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Categories: social, abuse, betrayal, confusion, dark,

Premium Member Competition With Myself
I am in competition
with no one
with the exception of

Sometimes I think
life would be easier
if I were

if I were ugly
people would be

wish people
could see my

they might

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Categories: social, anxiety, beauty, culture, depression,

brainless zombies
we are all brainless zombies.
we live in a world that follows rules.
we are the same as each other, copies.
we work just as much as mules.


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Categories: emotions, life, social,

Premium Member Hive Mind
The hive is buzzing betwixt the midst of its queen,
Swirling around an admired mind whose undeserved rapport ripples to her oppressive wings.
Like victims to a...

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Categories: life, psychological, repetition, social,

Some People Think
Some people think that if your opinion is different than theirs that you have no right to exist and what you say has no value...

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Categories: introspection, life, political, social,

Lifes Not How I Was thought It Would Be
When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew
I thought that was the only way to be
As the days and years went by...

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Categories: deep, depression, social, society,

are we nothing more than someone's son,
the sum of our parts, an equation,
unbalanced inside of history,
lives on loan from those who came before,
the unfinished fate...

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© Luke Hobbs  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, life, motivation, perspective, relationship,

Premium Member Lil expensive box

Woken up angry
Woke up on the wrong side of bed
Couldn’t find the lil expensive box
I hold in my hand

It brings me music
It brings me sound

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Categories: social, addiction,

Anti-social Butterfly
A social butterfly she is not
Its certainly not you incase that's what you thought
The stress wheel is constantly turning
For inner peace her mind's constantly yearning

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Categories: social, anxiety, depression, emotions, solitude,

My selfie with words

My selfie with words
By alexia brinsley
How do We capture a moment when the flash doesn’t  work, and ideals can't be cropped in a...

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Categories: social, analogy, anxiety, beauty, bullying,

Life Course
At school they always told you:
to follow your dreams, 
but they never mentioned you:
how expensive they are, 
selling your soul to live in the devils...

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Categories: life, metaphor, social, society,

Premium Member THE EDGE OF NIGHT

Mom had six children
when she moved far from the nest
to a remote area without relatives or friends
Her lifestyle suddenly changed
from urban to rustic setting
Playing the...

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Categories: social, change, day, life, mother,

This Thought, This Time
This is the time. To put forth in writing the words that plague my mind. An inevitable forthcoming of thoughts internally suppressed,...

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Categories: deep, humanity, social, time,

Social media addiction
So many beautiful people online, but is  social media love real? 
Are you in love with the idea or is it genuinely how you...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, deep, discrimination, emotions, encouraging,

Like the sun, Like the sky
Eyes as blue as the cloudless sky,
Hair as dark as a starless night,
Jaw as sharp as a shining blade,
And face as smooth as the wet...

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Categories: social, boy, feelings, life, sad,

Someone Else's Home
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski

We've gone too far: from fields, meadows and forests,
from the source, from the roots - in the mad quest for money,
since one...

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Categories: life, sad, social, society,

Write as Rain
Nature, Nurture all sounds bliss
Disregard, Degrade, noisy people piss
The smell, the patter, just after a rain
The swell, its matters, that cleanses the pain,
It corruptly endures...

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Categories: social, future, imagery, inspirational, philosophy,