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Christian Social Poems

These Christian Social poems are examples of Social poems about Christian. These are the best examples of Social Christian poems written by international poets.

Dark Blue
Lonely and hating what her friend has become.
Seems like no more friendship to believe in,
Art the only place to breathe in.

Meeting new people who are...

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Categories: christian, social,

Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety
Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety,...
Now Mostly Purged

Decades removed when body electric
felt tortured reverberated, and quaked
with MegaDeath repercussions tattooing, 
piercing, foisting, ensnaring, drubbing
drum beat indelibly...

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Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Social Justice

Social justice is the fair and just relation between the individual and society. 
I am an American
I just want fair and just treatment
wanting my...

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Categories: social, america, appreciation, assonance, bereavement,

Social Media Relationship
Nowadays people have social media relationships 
Where when a girl receives a gift
She automatically has to post it
It's like we feel better knowing other people...

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Categories: social, deep, friendship love, relationship,

Premium Member Psychosomatic
Degree work again! With Aberdeen University, 
Long distance, so not in strange surroundings, 
This time in the subject of my choice and tenacity,
For posterity, so...

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Categories: social, bible, education, happiness, parents,

Premium Member Social and AntiSocial Capital
like a good creole stew,
are amazingly viral cooperators,
competitively so,
reacclimating tastes toward richer anticipations.

We have all heard of social capital
and natural capital,
of social democrats as antisocial...

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Categories: social, culture, earth, health, language,

Poet's therapy
Why am I treated so differently
It feels like every action I make no matter what it may be
Results in me being criticized by those around...

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Categories: social, anger, anxiety, bullying, christian,

Premium Member Which Group
Which Group?

Just because i believe that Jesus lived, 
And was crucified by the government, 
Doesn’t mean I’m a Christian stone eyed, 
Since the incarnation is...

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Categories: social, christian, community, god, jesus,

Premium Member Look, No Stone
Since there was no stone to close Jesus’ death tomb
According to modern Christian myth, it had vanished,
But as of the Gospel version of this story,...

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Categories: social, culture, easter, emo, faith,

Premium Member Jesus Came Riding On A Donkey
Donkey’s in the land of Israel in the 1st century, 
Were used to carry goods about the country, 
But could also carry women, children and...

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Categories: social, animal, business, christian, easter,

Premium Member Doctrine Is A Soft Foundation
Doctrine detaches your mind, 
Away from rational thinking,
Makes you obstinate and rude,
Unable to be understood.

It proceeds your choices,
Causes insecurity and disgust,
About your normal feelings,
As it...

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Categories: social, christian, desire, faith, feelings,

Premium Member Chasing the Wind
Dating nowadays is like chasing the wind,
Looking for that one special friend.
They are young and they are old, and most like to yack.
But for the...

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Categories: social, divorce, fun, relationship, romance,

Premium Member A Visit From a Social Worker
His hand reached out to mine, open, 
Holding it, I smiled, our eyes danced with understanding, 
Form and blush outlined his expectations, 
But I could...

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Categories: social, bible, care, career, christian,

Premium Member The Social Issue
Healing, making well, curing, relating to a paralytic, exorcising demons
MLK laid the path for black rights and equality  
Was Jesus social issue not the...

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Categories: social, bible, black african american,

Premium Member A Good Man
He healed, changed individual persons,
But Guttmann caused, beckoned legislation,
His remembrance went towards our fitness, warmth;
He behaved in the name of love, meaning,
For his neighbours, country...

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Categories: social, bible, christian, gospel, history,

The Flag
Hoisted high above the ground
Floating in the gentle breeze
Colors and symbols depict a message
That some reject, but others please

Be it local or in a foreign...

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Categories: bible, inspiration, patriotic, social,

That's all we seem to do.
Wait for Santa Claus,
Wait for the Tooth Fairy,
Wait for the Easter Bunny,
Wait for Christ. 

Each delusion slips away as...

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Categories: social, bible, christian, faith, myth,

Hell Is Real Whether You Believe It Or Not
Hell Is Real!  Whether One Believes It or Not!
I heard from someone who consistently persisted.
On trying to somehow “prove” hell never existed.

I talked about...

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Categories: social, bible, christian, faith, god,

A Can Of Coffee
A Can Of Coffee
By Curtis Johnson

I do not remember telling him how his kindness to me made a major impression on my life, but I...

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Categories: social, blessing, care, christian, feelings,

Greater is He who is in me
Greater is He who is in me the Lord Jesus Christ 
Greater is the gifts He's given to me His love and the breath of...

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Categories: social, abuse, black african american,