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Short Tanzania Poems

Short Tanzania Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Tanzania by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Tanzania by length and keyword.

Twins Moons In Tanzania
The quiet 
Tanzanian Village
Rest between
Twin moons, but
We split this sky...

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Categories: tanzania, introspection
Form: Free verse

House Mother
I will never forget
when Mama Lillian said:
In Tanzania we feel joy
to share everything with one another,
even if what we are sharing
is simply our poverty.

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Categories: tanzania, people,
Form: Free verse
father, brother, friend, counselor
Brother of late Gabriel, Mary, Pokedia, Salome and Elizabeth
Lover of poetry, Volleyball, and basketball
Who feels love, pain and sympathy
Who fears disappointment, disagreement and hate
Who would like to see Athens, Brazil and Palestine
Resident of Mwanza, Tanzania

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Categories: tanzania, me,
Form: Bio
Tanzania my Butterfly
anticipated with numeral directions
nominated with loved colors in your worth
zigzag you have no true way; a vission in education
as you produce, as you use not, as they depend
normally you clear them with the powerfull ideas
i tear a drop of my blood to the innocent death
a republic country of my own united flies....

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Categories: tanzania, life,
Form: Free verse
A New Wind

A new wind blows from Korea to Tanzania,
     the same wind blew from Antioch to Berea
A fresh breeze grace the Peruvian air,
     that same fragrance wafted
through ancient Rome's main thoroughfare
Oh my Lord,
the sweet smell of the gospel is everywhere
In every generation, 
its wonderful aroma abides there
That lifesaving scent is heavenly to inhale;
breathe it in deeply,
it'll make your soul recover well...

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Categories: tanzania, christian, gospel, love, spiritual,
Form: Lyric

God bless Tanzania,God bless Africa
oh! my beutifull nation,
i cant end-list your potentials,
and your lovely peace provision.

my sweet adorable Tanzania,
my love for you is not just an affair,
my staying here makes my life easier.

Ngorongoro, mikumi even serengeti
The national parks,that are the most amazing,
i dont even know where to start explaining their beuty.

God bless Tanzania,God bless Africa,
Is the prayer antherm I will forever alter,
For I believe my nation is a blessed one!!!...

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Categories: tanzania, dedication, prayer,
Form: Verse
Rarest Gem - The Souls Mate
T - Trichroism strongly exhibited this rarest gemstone
A - According to orientation will display violets blues or greens 
N - Native to Tanzania
Z - Zoisite relative one of the most powerful stones for psychic abilty
A - A good stone for protection, clearing karma and bringing balance
N - Naturally possesses orthorhombic crystal structure 
I -  It is a good stone for manifesting desires through vision and will
T - Tones connect 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras
E - Energy balanced with the moon...

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Categories: tanzania, beauty, identity, moon, nature, peace, political,
Form: Acrostic