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Short Quinceanera Poems

Short Quinceanera Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Quinceanera poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search short Quinceanera poetry by poem length and keyword.

Haiku for the Butter Machine
You let me down friend,
as your spring sprung and my life
flashed before my eyes.

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Categories: earth, emotions, heartbreak, money, quinceanera, sympathy, woman,
Form: Haiku

Narcissism's a traction
for doing what I do.
And making others think I'm right
from other points of view.

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Categories: abuse, analogy, bullying, meaningful, philosophy, psychological, quinceanera,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member A Quandary

Which came first, the chicken or the egg Brain's in a quandary, I'm on my last legs The world is flat And stuff like that Think something upstairs has come unpegged

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Categories: quinceanera,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member If We Run Out Of Gas

If we run out of gas, can we fill up somewhere A station for such and to drop off our old foul air Might have trouble hiring Coz of the hazy o-ring Something to consider as we age, c'est la guerre!

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Categories: allusion, quinceanera, wisdom,
Form: Limerick
Shattered Matters
Pick it 
Up that 
There in

Front of 
You then
Throw it


You where you
Once were

When you 
Stepped out 
Your door and


People's glass
Houses all the while
Smiling knowing that you

Threw the first
Stone at



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Categories: adventure, dog, fishing, funny love, quinceanera, science
Form: Vogon Poetry


I want to be synthesis,
be thesis...
I want to feel a lot
a sum, but being one...
Being of the ground and the air
be from the sky and be from the sea
to be, crazy higid... mentally sane
corpore sano
lex sed lexis...
be a dreamed metaphor,
live pleonasm,
active particle of the universe,
towards the infinity of God...
be of love forever
To be a totally spiritual being... !

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Categories: allegory, appreciation, dream, extended metaphor, imagination, quinceanera,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Dancer and the Duende, Poems that Paint a Picture 3
The Dancer and the Duende

Red skirt! Lithe body! She dances!
Flagging voluminous curtains of crimson, 
daring the Duende to charge ---
she catches
his face, 
his beard,
his breath;
stealing its petals with her teeth, she spins!
Dared to take it back,
he comes,
seizing the dusk with both hands,
for tomorrow, 

the hibiscus in her hair will be dead.

Poems that Paint a Picture 3, contest

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Categories: quinceanera, beautiful, beauty, dance, lust, music, passion, psychological,
Form: Free verse
common sense
Choosing a course of action that you have
Options may be abound but are they right
Making the right decission should be easy
Maybe you should just stop to think about
Once you take that course of action do you
Need to think it through before you take it

Some people take actions without thinking
Even when they know that's the wrong one
Never stopping to realise the consequence
Sometime people actually lives to regret it
Every actions will always have reactions to...

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Categories: life, quinceanera,
Form: Acrostic
Hang on one second
there's the phone
Wait for me
we'll chat alone

Don't hang up
I'm almost there
Mark my words
I'll come to bare

Hold your horses
I'm not quite done
Almost through
not having fun

One more minute
Should be quick
I'll catch you up
should thing's get thick

Hold that thought
Wait for it
What'd you wager
he'd be twit

Almost done
Not much further
Can't quite make
much of dearther

Hope for time
Not too happy
What'd you say
I call back later?...

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Categories: analogy, business, crazy, culture, introspection, nonsense, quinceanera,
Form: Quatrain