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Short Oh Brother Poems

Short Oh Brother Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Oh Brother by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Oh Brother by length and keyword.

Help or Helpless?!
Jeanice and I helping each other
But sometimes it is like "Oh brother!"
Work and work and work and work
Pray to God I don't go berserk!...

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Categories: oh brother, confusionwork, work,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member OH BROTHER
OH BROTHER mom mends over skirt pratfall split in Bob’s britches Betty’s witty finger 5/7/2017 Senryu

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Categories: oh brother, brother, sister,
Form: Senryu
That's What Mothers Are For
Will you choose your mother or me
Asked wife who would not let it be
As I said oh brother
Sought help from another
And I called her mother to see

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Categories: oh brother, funny, humor, mother, wife,
Form: Limerick
Oh Brother
I once had a brother in prison.
He knew what in life he was missin"
So he spent out his days
in profitable ways
and learned because he could listen....

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Categories: oh brother, appreciation, blessing, brother, character, education, inspirational, prison,
Form: Limerick
To you brother Eduardo
Cheers to the boy whom found love
In her name he writes
Art to color
Poet to pen
My heart 
For her..
I see all
My love
Will you 
Hold me
For I ever
In your arm
And I complete
Let time be still
For iin you I see
Oh brother plea


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Categories: oh brother,
Form: Free verse

Oh brother jim
Oh brother
You are my caring brother by the way
So near and dear
So good to have you back close again
After all these years
I can rely on you for sound advice
Now I finally think you are smarter than me
You are an army brat
You always use your GPS
I am so honored to be your sister...

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Categories: oh brother, appreciation, brother, career,
Form: Free verse
Economics 101
One to the next is its mother
Each fiscal cliff breeds another
There's no golden goose
Oh brother, this chain noose
Causes all commerce to smother

Kick debt ceiling blues in the groin
With Ponzi whose scheme we should join
He's someone now dead
For the platinum head
Of a trillion buck magic act coin...

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Categories: oh brother, funny, tribute,
Form: Limerick
Vanishing Brother
Dear friend of mine,
You were divine,
And yet I never knew.
A view of you,
So true- it grew,
Did not quite pass my mind.

If I could but,
Just tell you what,
Your words have meant to me,
I would take these lines of gold in worth,
And place them round your neck.

I was fond of you-
Oh brother of mine-
As only time could tell.
If clocks rewound,
I would paint a tale,
Where friends did never bail....

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Categories: oh brother, brother, loss,
Form: Free verse
Show Me
You’ve shown me What it’s like to be In love with a wonderful dove. I hold you near To my heart, my dear. I once thought My heart was wrought With love for another. Oh, brother, What a fool I once was, And now because of your love My wonderful dove I see it is you To whom my love is true. Thank you for loving me And for showing me it is thee That I love My wonderful dove.

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Categories: oh brother, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, teenlove,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers VI: My Family At Christmas
Dad, dad, dad What is making me so glad? Mum, mum, mum I’ll scream till I’m numb Brother oh brother My mood is from the weather Sister oh sister Dancing makes me lighter Aunt, aunt, aunt My new dress, I flaunt Uncle, oh uncle You complete the family circle Me, me, me Long ago……………. Someone has paid my fee With gladness and screaming Shouting and dancing I say merry christmas!

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Categories: oh brother, childhood, children, christian, christmas, family, jesus, religion,
Form: Free verse
Oh, Why?
Oh why, oh brother, did you leave?
Did you really mean to go?
Was there something you were searching for?
What was it you needed to know?
And how, dear brother, will the children bear
the burden of what is true?
What will they think and what will they feel
and how shall I talk of you?
So, help me brother, on my way,
to help them with their strife.
And tell me brother why you chose
to take your very life.

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Categories: oh brother, death, family, sad, me,
Form: Quatrain
Blood and water
since wrong is wrong,
and right is the only escape route;
can't we just forgive?
let bygones be bygones,
and love afresh renew.

Hold me tight like I was your own;
feed me not with crumbs,
oh brother of my father.
give me the jolly life as a man of caliber.

Do not sideline me
in the merriment of life.
blood is thicker
and water lighter…
let it not vanish;
these bonds we share,
oh brothers of my father....

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Categories: oh brother, family, grief, life, society,
Form: Blank verse
PARTY IMITATION boy watches birthday video oh spouse! oh brother! two bro-in-laws, and dear old dad, a full living color gift dance to the tune: YMCA i know y’all can hear it in your head. their hands form each letter “Y” “M” “C” “A” shirts shimmy up the tummy red-headed rapscallion two year old toddler smirks from the other side of the camera up goes his shirt 5/19/2017

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Categories: oh brother, birthday, grandson, humor,
Form: Free verse
A Monk surprised
A monk is kissed by a woman

Can you remember?
Can you feel?
remember her lips
The gentle cusp of her cheek
Her pretty eyes
God be thanked for the vision of women
are you happy?
feel contented?
are you flattered?
But all she did was to kiss you
And she a stranger out of the blue

Was there a message?
A point?
A call for help perhaps
Was she a person of the night?
Sent to tempt you into sin
Oh Brother be steadfast
And stay content
You are God’s anointed 
Sworn to service only him


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Categories: oh brother, life,
Form: Free verse
My honey has a sweet-tooth
For candy, cookies, cake.
To have  just one more midnight snack,
All night she'll stay awake.
She gobbles  down the goodies
As if to beat the band.
The wondrous thing about it is
She eats with either hand.
She starts out with her right one,
Then switches to the other.
Her diet is no lite one,
But super-sweet? Oh, brother!
And though she ought to weigh a ton,
She's just one hundred pounds of fun.
The only girl I truly love:
My ambi-dextrose turtledove.

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Categories: oh brother, funny, love,
Form: I do not know?