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Short Notwithstanding Poems

Short Notwithstanding Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Notwithstanding by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Notwithstanding by length and keyword.


Men changed over to machines

Our women standing washing machines!

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Categories: notwithstanding, change, clothes, conflict, culture,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member CLERIHEW lee
Stroud's Laurie Lee
known novels rather than poetry
Notwithstanding wrote sensuous verse
atmospheric succinct&so terse...

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Categories: notwithstanding, people, poetry,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member CLERIHEW connell
Imagist Skipwith Connell
an unusual forename as you can tell
No bios seem to exist
notwithstanding with his 'Nocturne' do persist...

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Categories: notwithstanding, people, poetry,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member CLERIHEW abakaus
Magadalene Abakaus be quite certain
lived life behind the Iron curtain
Notwithstanding& for her part
created her much beloved fibre art...

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Categories: notwithstanding, art, people,
Form: Clerihew
CDC Alert
Surgical reviews, 
relapses of cliche 
should be confined 
to private journals, 
read once, 
with delusional sighing, 
then burned to prevent 
the spread of infection. 


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Categories: notwithstanding, on writing and words,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Beyond Emotion
How many with lust some call love unite with the sunset
How many notwithstanding walk away not to survive the dawn
How many so confused love and sex numb beyond emotion.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   


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Categories: notwithstanding, confusion,
Form: Sijo
Ivo, I certainly do not find this poem to my liking;
Notwithstanding, I encourage you to keep on writing
Just because I don't like this one you don't have to be sad.
I do enjoy most of your writings, kid. Aren't you glad?...

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Categories: notwithstanding, career, education, friendship, work, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Stephen W Hawking 3
Goes On?

*Noosphere - the sphere of human thought, from Teilhard de Chardin

(In Honor of Dr. Stephen W. Hawking, 1942 - 2018)


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Categories: notwithstanding, endurance, faith, hero, hope, philosophy, science, truth,
Form: Acrostic
an acrostic in free verse

P  Peace
A   and contentment?
N   Not understood.
D   Demons were given
E    Earth.
M    Man's
O   Options
N  Notwithstanding;
I     I know Satanic 
U    Uproar has only a
M  Matter of time left. 

August 4, 2016

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Categories: notwithstanding, angst, earth, power, time, war,
Form: Acrostic
To Chance
You have to 
Leave that which 
Puissance couldn't hold 
To chance,
The rhythm 
To Dance 
Good corollary.
The falcon 
And spread
A flap—
The air 
The direction 
It through. 
To Chance 
Some things 
But with faith....

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Categories: notwithstanding, humanity, mystery, truth,
Form: Free verse
Nothing Anyway
Not that we might not
Have ever known if
Our leaders had not
Noted their official
Capacity for not telling
And said nothing anyway,
Then in the jargon of non-
Truth tellers, liars bestsaid,
Notwithstanding, and had they
Said something worth hearing,
Then no one  would have understood
What it was they did not say.

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Categories: notwithstanding, political,
Form: Blank verse
passions fate
do you get hot with a passion, with the right person, close at hand, the liquid state of subtle dampness, when love is in a sweet demand, when all is out of focus, tossed out the window, banned, thought of wanting, has command, consequences, notwithstanding, babies can be unplanned, fate can conquer all, the plan.:) Don Johnson

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Categories: notwithstanding, adventure, , fate,
Form: Rhyme

If if and and were pots or pans
There would be fewer conjunctions 

But when  because  or  some such word
Was changed  into utensil it became  absurd

For although since the demise of if and and
There have been no other losses grand

Nevertheless, heretofore, notwithstanding
The loss, we must retain our conjunctioning

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Categories: notwithstanding, on writing and words,
Form: Couplet
Declaration of repentance AP
                             Always believing creations divine,
                        each future generation hindsight intensifies.
     Just knowing lifes meaning, notwithstanding our past quarrels.
                      Redeeming societies trust, unifying values.
                        Welcoming xenodochy, yielding zealotry.

      10 / 31 / 2021....

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Categories: notwithstanding, destiny, trust, wisdom,
Form: Abecedarian
Peace in Purgatory
O the eternal bliss of peace!
Like a traitor to the cause of humanity,
you did not receive the impression of my dream
in peace, congealing into flesh, the enumeration of
my nightmare, giving evidence against your soul.
But, notwithstanding, have no delay;
you may yet effectuate this business of peace every day.
You may have slumbered here, 
but the vision did not disappear....

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Categories: notwithstanding, peace,
Form: Free verse
Vanished Egos
The clouds pass silently above On their way to infinity; Sojourners drifting in the sky; Compliantly acquiescent to whims of dominating winds. Our paths to perpetuity are like those hovering above: Short time stays in this dimension crammed with egregious egotism; Marvel at insignificance as though it were significant. Our egos pass, notwithstanding, into amnesic nothingness.

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Categories: notwithstanding, character,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Red-Rimmed Glasses

We conveyed a constant view of the world. That was not the correct way to bear it. Yet, just in the manner in which we desired. Through glasses that are red. Our fellowship grew and thrived. Our bodies and brains are intrinsically tied. Those who are acutely attuned to one another. Notwithstanding any hardship, we prevailed. All of this has vanished instantly. That is, in fact, your case.

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: notwithstanding, analogy, appreciation, bereavement,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Nation Divided
I see trouble on the near horizon-- A nation divided just is not couth, Unfortunately, reason is wizen Frivolous theories accepted as truth, Intentionally misguiding our youth Disgraceful political grandstanding, Foundation institutions crash-landing News media is shaping opinions, Honestly, journalism notwithstanding Common folks now political minions.
written August 13, 2021 ...

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Categories: notwithstanding, how i feel, perspective, political,
Form: Dizain
From the deep recesses of mind emerges a stimulation that necessitates a defined sudden, high-level invention. Once imagined its stay is brief and must be dealt with before lost to distraction. I would as lief act on its potential than toss it on an unheeding scrapheap. Each notion is temporary and must be exploited to reap whatever essence there might be notwithstanding it goes to seed or an idea that succeeds.

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Categories: notwithstanding, inspirational,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Envision Your Prowess

This is who I am; I achieve peace in simplicity. No petulance in my kind heart but faithfulness. This is who I am; I suppress sorrow from others. And smiled notwithstanding my gentle sadness. Also, love life, its sweetness, and its bitterness. The lovely sky is all I desire, for my relish fullness. And assign my life's rosy colors into poems. I intone alike rare birds and dream over prowess.

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: notwithstanding, analogy, character, courage, devotion, fate, fear, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
The Accidental Spouse
I accidentally let one loose...
cast a spell and turned her into moose.
Ha, was there ever a man free to choose,
who had lost his inspiration, his personal muse,
betwixt a drab wife and a sensual Irma la Douce?
Notwithstanding when offered rarely refuse
and crave to possess, yearn to pursue
an undaunted heart and wanton urges to subdue
ere chilled by the winter, bid the spring adieu!

~"I Accidentally..." contest by charles messina


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Categories: notwithstanding, conflict,
Form: Monorhyme
So They Say
Get over it
is what they say
ivory towers

Move on your way
in flippant reply
darkness is not a place
for you to abide

Be happy, my dear
you’ve so much here
to love and to do
and all those nice Jewish
boys looking for you

Little puppies, three in a row
to break my heart anew
as my little guy romps
with his daddy doodoo

Who are you to say what my heart
cannot feel?

It is mine.

Not yours.

Rhyme notwithstanding.


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Categories: notwithstanding, angst, loss,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Crossroads
I I I I am at an important crossroad in my life trying not to lose sight of who I am in this crazy world full of hate, fear and intense disdain for those who differ and who refuse to become like everyone else in the whole world notwithstanding the sameness which makes us all humanity gathered onto this planet and trying to make the best of it
FIRST PLACE WINNER written for "Crossroads" Poetry Contest sponsored by Kim Rodrigues ...

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Categories: notwithstanding, perspective, space,
Form: Shape
Variation Fantasies
Variation Fantasies (Senryu Suite) fantasy fairytale a lavender landscape patchwork jewel foliage dandelion sap juniper jubilation ancient sandalwood bumblebee nectar parading catwalk cartoon dragonfly greenhouse marzipan rainbow tasty nugget tangerine hickory pasture vegetation waltz air cactus zucchini juice utopia maize mammoth koala bear obsolete notwithstanding hair raising rabbit Erich J.Goller Copyright 8.2.2011

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Categories: notwithstanding, fantasy,
Form: Senryu