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Short Let Bygones Be Bygones Poems

Short Let Bygones Be Bygones Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Let Bygones Be Bygones by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Let Bygones Be Bygones by length and keyword.

Let Bygones Be Bygones
dwelling on the past
can offer us no repast
share that peace pipe, fast 

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, forgiveness
Form: Haiku

My father
As the time flies by and life goes on Many places and faces have come and gone I will let bygones be bygones While waiting for my name to be called upon My love for God will never be withdrawn And his love for me will never be woebegone Forever he will be my father and I his son 4/5/2017

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, father, god, life, love, true love, words,
Form: Rhyme
Anything but Good Bye
Forgive me, forgive me
And I'll kiss your tears away.
You're the first thing and the last,
I think ofevery day
Let bygones be bygones,
And be willing to forgive.
And i will love you only
Every moment i live.
I love you and I need you,
It's a fact and not a lie,
So if you are planning to punish me,
Say anything, but good bye....

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost love, romance, love,
Form: Rhyme
Unsinkable Friendship
However far we go our bond 
won’t break for it is strong
no place or time too go beyond 
will make our bond be gone

If friends need me I’m in for it
they show it back we’re infinite
forever will our flame be lit
for nothing can extinguish it

Let bygones be bygones 
goodbyes don’t mean gone
tied strong is our bond
forever and beyond...

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, best friend,
Form: Rhyme
Happy New Year, Baby!
Happy New Year, baby!
It’s a good time to say “Goodbye!” 
I am a little sad, maybe,
In spite of the show in the sky.

Yet I don’t cry and don’t regret
The days full of promise and dreams.
Now we have a few seconds yet
Before the midnight rocket gleams.

So let bygones be bygones please,
No hard feelings and no tears!
We find our greetings with ease,
So many Happy New Years!

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, friendship, life, lost love, sorry, new years
Form: Rhyme

Wake Your Weapons

Wake your weapons
When the weary wind fills the way;
Poor pilgrim 
Pray and report all your petitions
To the pure and powerful God.

While the sky waters the wide world 
And while death’s dew dwells on kings
Bear each other’s burdens,
Bring all the hardships 
And let them not break your broken hearts again.
Let not the past ruin your future,
Let bygones be bygones.


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Categories: let bygones be bygones, assonance,
Form: Alliteration
its my turn, 

its your turn


is on the run

 "am the don".....

"am next to none"

 the sun long gone...

the fun is hung

 houses - they burn

families - they mourn

curfews - dusk till dawn,

 gloomy on the "morn"

 less ado 'bout the battles we've won

 and the war cloths we've worn

 let bygones be bygones

 we really don't have to buy guns...

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, violence,
Form: ABC
Blood and water
since wrong is wrong,
and right is the only escape route;
can't we just forgive?
let bygones be bygones,
and love afresh renew.

Hold me tight like I was your own;
feed me not with crumbs,
oh brother of my father.
give me the jolly life as a man of caliber.

Do not sideline me
in the merriment of life.
blood is thicker
and water lighter…
let it not vanish;
these bonds we share,
oh brothers of my father....

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, family, grief, life, society,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Let bygones be bygones
I feel bad because I made a mistake
That is just awful
How could I do that?
I shouldn’t have done that
I should have said something
Or written something
But there is no time
And it’s too late now
I hope that person forgives me
It just like what someone would say to himself, herself
So if someone offends you
Know that that person may be sorry right now
But just did not say the right thing
Or do the right way
So let bygones be bygones
You have other things to think about

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Categories: let bygones be bygones, faith,
Form: Free verse