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Short Kenny Poems

Short Kenny Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Kenny by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Kenny by length and keyword.

Premium Member Kenny
so this kid Kenny
without or with lenny
breathes in
and out every day
and so what
hes not drinking

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© cs parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kenny, abuse, addiction, america,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A poem for kenny
Skully cap
And full
Of crap
But he’s my friend
And I love him
Maybe someday
He’ll have money
But who knows
When it’ll be

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Categories: kenny, age, america, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kenny and Co
Kenny loved sandwiches of spam
His Mother would rather eat ham
His Dad loved salami
His sister was barmy
And only ate bread butter and jam...

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Categories: kenny, 10th grade,
Form: Limerick
A Cheap Night Out
Tomorrow's my night out with Kenny
but he didn't invite our friend Jenny
He said "between me and you
she'll not like the venue
'cause I'll only be spending a penny"


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Categories: kenny, funny
Form: Limerick
Depend on God-TAILS
Your mum gone,
Your dad gone,
Who do you depend on?
Bobby,Kenny or me?
No!depend on God;
For you need God by you.

Why do you frown?
Be of good cheer,
For we overcome demon
by due power of God.
Wherever you go,remember God.

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Categories: kenny, faith, life, mum,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Kenny Rogers

My man Kenny breezed through five marriages Certainly not unscathed but with a few blemishes They certainly cost him Much to his chagrin But to me he's still a big star with lots to cherish

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Categories: kenny, star,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member An Ode to Kenny
Farewell Kenny Rodgers.
Grew up around the time Jackie played for the Dodgers.
He had many hit record labels.
He reminded us never to count our money, when sitting at the table.
He's really gone, it isn't a dream.
He's somewhere on an Island in the stream.

RIP: Kenny Rodgers 1938-2020...

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Categories: kenny, tribute,
Form: Ode
Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
(This is a fictional poem)

I loved watching South Park on weekday nights.
But my cousin caused me not to be able to watch it and we got in a fight.
He smashed the TV screen and I had to pick up the glass.
When I got done, I kicked his ass.
I liked watching Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle.
My cousin will be in the hospital for awhile....

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Categories: kenny, childhood, funny, happiness, cousin,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Eight-Year-Old Logic
(Learning prudence at a young age.)

Granddaughter is back 
for another weekend visit. 
She's a voracious talker.

"Mom and Kenny,"
she says. "argue about
who gets to do the dishes.
Mom says, I will do them.
Then Kenny says, No,
 It's my turn."

"That will soon be resolved,”
I say. “Your mom will decide 
Kenny gets the job." 

"I said that in my mind,”
she quips. 
“But not out loud.” 


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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kenny, childhood, children, granddaughter, home, humor,
Form: Narrative
Contentment: Kenny G blowing
“The Moment” in my ears while I
Sit in front of my monitor
Typing these verses, stopping once
In awhile to sip a diet tea
And read an interesting short
Piece from my monthly magazine
Scientific American
Ricocheting sleet off the pane
Made me aware of the weather
Only for a moment, mind you,
Then back again to poking keys.
“The Moment” has timely ended
And so too has my contentment.

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Categories: kenny, peace
Form: Verse
An Life Goes On
He Has Fifty Years of Poetic Art
Forty Years, with a Broken Heart
Thirty-five Years “Culinary Arts” 

To Be Continued
Dedicated To Chef : Known to You as  -  HG ~ Harry ~ Liege

Poet's Note  : OK this is only my third Poem, so Please
give Your Advise it is muchly Appreciated I want to know;
I'm going to put this under the Form : Rhyme : My second
choice was Free Verse; Respectfully, kenny , A Fledgling POET


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Categories: kenny, family, father, love,
Form: Rhyme
Romantic Dining

As the evening draws to night, 
with candles being our guiding 
light, orchids hand pick just for 
you. Table's set just for two. 
Kenny G's interlude, an alto sax 
ripping tunes. Now your wine is 
poured for you, chair are drawn 
waiting for two. Dine with me 
tonight I pray, for tonight let's 
celebrate. After we can hit the 
stage, to dance our private night
 away. Romantic dining just for 
two, let tonight be me and you....

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Categories: kenny, love,
Form: Romanticism
Who killed Kenny
We stare into the pit as
the pendulum slices
another bit
and there's less of you
than there ever was.

Oz isn't real 
if you believed all the spiel
that it was,


medals for trying
but lots for the dead
are you dying to join them?
somebody said,
"it's a man's life"
my wife
doesn't think so and
she lets me know so.

and everything goes slow.
I hibernate and wait out the winter,...

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Categories: kenny, betrayal, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Valentine's Day Birthday
My sweet Ruby's birthday,
Naturally on Valentine's day,
In her honor, the NY city of Beacon
Will close their schools!
Ain't that a kick?
Though, sadly, 
She seems to be "missing in action" lately,
Many wonder why,
She is so loved on this site,
Many of us cry....
So come back home,
To the five and dime,
We'll even through in some 
Jimmy Dean sausages!!!

Or, as Kenny Roger's first song went,
"Ruby, don't take your poems to town!"...

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kenny, angst, confusion, depression, family, friendship, loss, mystery,
Form: Prose Poetry
An Angel Named Kenny
Kenny I don't know why I get so crazed
sometimes some things just become a haze
I wish I could see myself the way you see me
then all my insecurities could be set free
your my angel sent from my heavens above
that I cherish so dearly like an eagle or dove
your passion released me of all my chains
and gave me love to where ones heart would never strain
I just want you to know that I will love you forever
through all the pain and stormy weather!...

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Categories: kenny, devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, husband, life,
Form: Rhyme
The Gambler and Lucille
Kenny had a God given talent and he was bound to succeed.
His death has pricked people like a thorn and they will bleed.
He was both a singer and an actor who had skill.
People loved to hear him sing The Gambler and Lucille.

The world is sad to lose Kenny.
He was a Leo just like me.
All of his fans are heart broken because of this ordeal.
People loved to hear him sing The Gambler and Lucille.

[Dedicated to Kenny Rogers (1938-2020) who died on March 20, 2020.]...

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Categories: kenny, celebrity, death, memorial,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member R I P
I’m sorry Mr. Johnson
The tumor is malignant
There is nothing I can do
In fear I Awoke

Time to go to the Doctor’s
Kenny is Always on time
“I’ll wait for You in the car”
I fear, leaving Home

Your very Quiet Today
This is just a check up, Right?
Chef, it’s just a check up, Right??
I fear the Future

Inspired By the Contest : “ Crystal Ball “
Sponsored by the “Sweetheart of POETRYSOUP” (and Me)

By HGarvey Daniel Esquire

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Categories: kenny, health, sad, fear,
Form: Dodoitsu


There once was a boy, named Eric Cartman.
A roly-poly little brat, sorely in need of a diet!
His friend Kenny had the just the answer:
"Just date a belly dancer, eat lots of candy canes,
And soon you'll be thin and svelte as Santa's reindeer, Prancer."

                December 24, 2019

Note: Based on the television USA adult, animated comedy series,
"South Park."
{Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.}

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Categories: kenny, boy, fun, holiday, humor,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The loss of a friend The potential loss of another
The loss of a friend
- Kenny - 58 years.

May the blue skies
and your brown eyes
be filled not – with a tear,
only memories of everything dear !

The potential loss of another
- John -  48 years

It has been many a year,
John, since from you, I did hear.
And now, to learn, my man,
fate has played it’s pat hand.
Cruel as it is John, I guess it will stand.
I can only hope and pray John, that you
may get to play another hand or two.

B. J. “A” 2
March 9th 2005

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Categories: kenny, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Country Poetry
I write about good times underneath shady trees 
Dreaming of love and good whisky   
Old Yeller sleeping on the front porch 
Catching fireflies in a mason jar 
And Singing country poetry 

Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson are blaring from my car radio
Making sweet love under the hot summer sun on a bed of dandelions 
I’ll asks you to be my darlin if you don’t mind that I’m country 
Because I don’t know much about love or god 
But I know that I will be singing country poetry till I die...

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Categories: kenny, childhood, cowboy-western, lovelove, poetry, , sweet love,
Form: Blank verse