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Short Heroine Poems

Short Heroine Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Heroine by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Heroine by length and keyword.

Heroine With A Heart
I will take on all of which you fear
And make all of it disappear....

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Categories: heroine, hero,
Form: Crystalline

You're my heroine
Even though you're full of it
Please--return to me...

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Categories: heroine, addiction,
Form: Haiku
Grace darling saviour
Monstrous waves you defeated 
Rejoice in lives saved...

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Categories: heroine, appreciation,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Fast And Curious
In the latest comic farce,
The heroine will wear a mask,
The action will be lightning fast,
Far beyond a child's grasp....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heroine, art, child, fun,
Form: Verse
It Happens
The tenor Sir Randy Longdong
Knew something was dreadfully wrong
When over his belt
A serpent would pelt
The heroine singing her song...

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Categories: heroine, humor,
Form: Limerick

Prefer To See Our Hero Win
In seventy six we saw our hero win
The decathlon; it wasn’t a narrow win
But now Bruce Jenner
Sings alto, not tenor
As he transformed into someone’s heroine


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Categories: heroine, hero, sad, sports,
Form: Limerick
Of The Fleur De Lis
Gentle woman of masculinity,
Her passion for the above never matched,
A war time hero leading down the path,
Fighting for the righting of all mans’ ways,
A heroine she was that Joan of Arc.

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Categories: heroine, faith, history, inspirational, people,
Form: Idyll (Idyl)
Premium Member first and foremost
The first absolute rule in making the world a better place, being a hero or heroine, making a significant contribution is to know what the hell one is talking about. Too many people do not. Heaven knows, or shall I say hell knows....

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Categories: heroine, adventure, africa, age, allah, anniversary, anti bullying,
Form: Blitz
dying love
you are like my favorite drugs a treat to my life, and like a cancer you are killing me slowly.... yet you make each moment with you one to always heroine i cant seem to get enough of you cos i never satisfied...

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© Rouna Kyle  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heroine, drug, lost, love hurts, passion, poems, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
Getting blacklisted by the feds 101
Bomb Bomb Bomb
die die die
bullet bullet 
kill or be killed
New world Order
white power
crack crack crack

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Categories: heroine, angst, history, on writing and words, science
Form: Free verse
Teenage Corner Blues
Microdots of mescaline,
Kilograms of heroine
and marijuana 
floating through my mind.
The dealers are everywhere
and dealing is their only care,
but the money,
that’s the hardest thing to find.

Written a long, long time ago......

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Categories: heroine, life, teen,
Form: Free verse
Harsh mistress
He was seeking rehabilitation from an addiction that due to heroine it had him a strangle hold and although we got him clean it still ended him, that's the price of heroine, a harsh mistress and unforgiving, which is how I lost my friend, who was just like my brother....

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Categories: heroine, addiction, brother, death of a friend, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
My Hero Poetess
Emily Dickinson

My Heroine
My Friend from the bogs
The one who writes about frogs

Emily nailed it.. short and sweet, but so vivid it makes you think..

I am nobody - who are you..!_who_are_you_41

PS Enjoy and seek her other poems out..



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Categories: heroine, writing,
Form: Free verse
Captain A-Marie-Ca Show
M-ake Saturday beacon
A-ble to brightly ascend; 
R-aindrops disappear, 
I-nclement clime and chill

D-awn twenty-first January
E-rases the twilight; 
L-onely night fades away
O-r nowhere in

R-elieve the tears and pain, 
E-liminating the sorrow; 
Y-our super heroine is here, 
E-yes on Captain A-marie-ca

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Categories: heroine, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Territory Invaded
My territory was invaded yesternigth
Rendering powerless an army of soldiers
Conquering doubts with her bulwark of beauty
Where do I go from here?
To whom shall I confide?
Who is this heroine?
Stooping to conquer my ego
Nurturing nature’s longings
Oh, do I anticipate?
Anticipate, anticipate?
Yes, I shall anticipate for pure satisfaction.

awoh awoh...

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Categories: heroine, love,
Form: I do not know?
The act of studying unknowingly;
Spiritually,emotionally and psychologically.
To reveal the fact about wisdom
Hoping to know more better.
It pass the brain knowledge
And outcome wisdom.
It involves comprehending
And assimilation of thought.
The hero read and the
Heroine pass successfully
Readers are leaders!
Don’t miss the opportunity?


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Categories: heroine, africa, age, books, career, class, devotion, discrimination,
Form: Blank verse
There's a star in me,
Flashing through my flesh.
There's a star in me,
Shining through my clothes.
It was always there,
Sparkling in the soil,
From which I rose,
And became a heroine.
I'm not made of grime,
But stardust, glitter,
Emitting light everywhere I go.
I stand out from the crowd,
Make my way to the top,
No matter where I am,
The flame in me burning strongly.

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Categories: heroine, self,
Form: Free verse
Saving me
forever isolated
from the world i've come to know
forever held back by a force that is unknown
forever held down by the fear of breaking free
forever locked up
waiting for someone to save me

i'm lost inside
there is no way out
i'm being held back
why is this happening?
why now?

forever i am waiting
for my heroine to break me free
to come to my side
and forever save me...

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Categories: heroine,
Form: I do not know?
An Angel In Disguise
Admirable heroine of
Beauty, power and fame
Can we dance by hymn? 
Acrylic heroine of
Crayons and filbert paints 
Both amiable not to stain 
Doth of your dressed love and satin 
Even in those unwakeable dreams
For you my lady in paint
Goddesses like lips of rose red
Hence, thee I love you from within
I called Athena's by name as I'm the painter of your
Jars and tambourines.


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© Amor Otong  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heroine, beautiful, dream,
Form: Abecedarian
Hate to Nurture
Have half to hang hand in hand
And harp the harmless hate
Then heap the hazardous haze of heartbreak 
And heave the ironic heroine 
Because the hollow horde that hovers over head 
Is now the narcissist on narcotics 
Creating nausea near the neglected one
While the network of nerves brings news 
Of the night nitrogen seemingly never-ending
So end the notorious nudge of nylon personality. 


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Categories: heroine, mother
Form: Alliteration
Little Red Riding Hood
And then we have Red Riding Hood
That girl was sure up to no good
For she laid a trail
Her granny to nail
By a wolf as she knew he would

Then this little girl had the nerve
From everything I could observe
To have him done in
Because of his grin
She didn’t get what she deserved

No, she got her very own story
A heroine in all her glory
Instead of thanked
She should have been spanked
For it was a story too gory 

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Categories: heroine, death, girl,
Form: Limerick
Are drugs good or bad
Drugs have no reason,
no souls, no conscience. Their
compound ingredients innocently
get into human hands from trees,
weeds, roots...only later to be joined
together like Frankenstein's body parts.
It is us humans who determine
whether we want to create crack,
sleeping pills, heroine, Actal,
Let's stop blaming the innocent drugs,
and instead blame ourselves for the drugs
we come up with.......

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Categories: heroine, creation, humanity, imagery, life, satire, science, drug,
Form: Narrative
Inside Out
When the prize
Seeks for the price,
Afraid of the cuts
It would cost

When the cub refuses to roar;
The lion in him crawls to soar
When the antidote shys from being used,
Her worth is only abused
When the heroine seat with arms fold;
The enemies stand with the morning on hold

Alas! Defeat has bitten so hard
Now ready to play the action card,
To be the arrow in the bow;
The seed of change I must sow.


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Categories: heroine, art,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Until the Black Dove Flies
ivory skin with ebony eyes, 
         you feel my silky skin; 
just hypnotize, don’t patronize, 
            find my darkness hidden within.

feed my hunger with your sin, 
           quench my thirst with those lies; 
don’t rescind, I’ll be your heroine-
                                      until the black dove flies...  
                                      until the black dove flies. 

May 30, 2017

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heroine, desire, love,
Form: Rhyme
Burning Me
He is haunting my dreams.
He is everywhere I go.
I keep thinking of him,
My dose of heroine.
Controlling my mind.
Pulling me further into darkness.
His black vines pulling me deeper.
Suffocating me. Destroying me completely.
My heart is burning.
Screaming for the pain to go away.
His deadly kiss electrocutes me.
I'm going crazy.
I crave him.
He is torturing me.
Feeding on me.
Killing me.
He is burning me inside......

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Categories: heroine, allusion, deep, desire, how i feel, lust,
Form: Free verse