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Short Figure Of Speech Poems

Short Figure Of Speech Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Figure Of Speech by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Figure Of Speech by length and keyword.

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Short Figure Of Speech poem by MC MC| Details |

Figures of Speech

Many a Bible
make use of
the figure of speech
it's a fascinating tool
used to teach!

Copyright © MC MC | Year Posted 2008

Short Figure Of Speech poem by William Robinson| Details |


A whale on the beach,
A figure of speech,
A trouser seat snagged on a fence.        
A bird in the hand,
A castle of sand,     
A riddle that doesn't make sense

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2005

Short Figure Of Speech poem by John Monteblanco| Details |

Love story pt 3 ( only 98 more to go )

Why her of all people? Why'd I have to fall in love with her?
I'm losing my mind and it's not a figure of speech.
Tell me the truth, no tell me the lie do you love me too?
I'm under a different kind of pressure 'cause it looks like I'm falling deeper with you.
Was there a slip-up in life when I saw you two?
I hope you can understand that I'm just being me when I say, "I love you."

Copyright © John Monteblanco | Year Posted 2010

Short Figure Of Speech poem by Ed Morris| Details |

Cucumber Pie

Are cucumbers cool
As a general rule?
How fresh is a daisy?
Are loons always crazy?

How snug is a bug
When he’s not in a rug?
How gentle are lambs
If not happy as clams?

How clever’s a fox
That’s as dumb as an ox?
How fit is a fiddle
Not clean as a whistle?

Are doornails most dead,
Or are dodos instead?
Is it drier than toast
To say “deaf as a post”?

Such puzzles befuddle and much mystify
Till suddenly you see they’re as easy as pie!

Copyright © Ed Morris | Year Posted 2018