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Short Fatality poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details |

Fatality Of Fear

How fatal when we let fear win
We destroy what we could have been
God's plan no more for we're in sin
But Jesus is here and Love's gonna win!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Short Fatality poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |


to fatality,
he wanted to be away,
but they got their way,
and pulled out life's last ray.

Copyright © Shishir Gupta | Year Posted 2005

Short Fatality poem by Hope Ballard| Details |


The dreams i have
Rip the seems of my mind.
Blinding my vision of reality,
All that is left is fatality.
Cutting me open,
Then stitching me up,
I just can't seem to keep in touch,

Copyright © Hope Ballard | Year Posted 2010

Short Fatality poem by James Horn| Details |

New York Is Struggling

New York Is Struggling

New York now struggles with reality,
After learning about another fatality;
Were sadden by;
Wiped eyes dry,
And each death was done so callously.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by James Horn| Details |

Reality New Found Fragile Fatility

Reality New Found Fragile Fatility

Romped on Trump's terrible reality;
We again  became a fragile fatality;
Found in street;
Dead on feet;
Of his, we turned into another tally.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2018

Short Fatality poem by James Horn| Details |

Fatality To Equality

Fatality To Equality

We were supposed to believe in equality,
And we do want to find another fatality;
Study am trying,
But none buying;
Which class should we take in psychology.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2018

Short Fatality poem by Crystal Bellman| Details |


Brutality is Reality
Making your life a Fatality
Morality determines Mentality
Unrelenting Insanity
Vitality is a drive from Urbanity
Inanity perpetuates Profanity
Mundanity a fake posh Formality
Humanity is Volcanity

Copyright © Crystal Bellman | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

The Tombstone Carves Itself

The tombstone carves itself
When you are ready to embark
On an underground journey
Where your body fades
But your soul survives
Your name is being spelled out
In charming calligraphy
And as the gravestone crafts 2005
You are incapacitated with fatality

Copyright © Ashley Daly | Year Posted 2005

Short Fatality poem by James Horn| Details |

Mine Not Meant to Be

Mine Not Meant to Be

Face did bother me
The worst one it must be
Loved her toiletry.

Her face made me scream
One I found in a bad dream
Horrible did seem.

Found reality
Face was a fatality
Mine not meant to be.

Wow and a double wow.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

Short Fatality poem by Jabber Wocky| Details |

For Pippa

I can't tell you 
the joy
this cat has brought into my life.
She is curled up now,
curled up in my lap
dreaming of immortality...

We sit in the sun -
me looking through the binoculars
at an ambulance
rushing to some fatality...

  December 1988

Copyright © Jabber Wocky | Year Posted 2016

Short Fatality poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

Formula For Fatality

Formula for fatality
I open the book on numbers
Searching for a masterful method
A recipe for ruin runs through my thoughts
And I see a perfect procedure
An equation equal to the end
An addition of a gun
A multiplication of blood
A division of the soul
And a subtraction of a life

Copyright © Ashley Daly | Year Posted 2005

Short Fatality poem by Tara Shaw| Details |

Breakable Passwords

Hold on who goes there.
Is it my dreams?
My life,
My Strife.
No its just despair.
Given to me,
I see,
And plea.
Hone in the nightmare.
So I’m solitaire.
Afraid of lies,
Then dies.
They go anywhere.
In this the time,
Its fine,
I shine.

Copyright © Tara Shaw | Year Posted 2011

Short Fatality poem by JEAN MURRAY| Details |


The reality is insanity runs in my family.
Was it caused by the inanity of humanity?
The mentality of urbanity lacking morality?
The mundanity of brutality in inner cities?
Children lacking vitality reacting with volcanity?
Fatality simply a formality?
Lord help me not use profanity.
Which of us is insane?

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by Lee Ramage| Details |

A City's Personality

A personality, Ends in fatality, Witness a city alive, Pastry smells fill the air, Architecture you stare, Business, people make it thrive, Each city has its feel, Recession ends the steel, Can it possibly revive? Written by Lee Ramage September 30, 2011 For Dr. Ram Mehta’s contest Balassi Stanza won 6th Place

Copyright © Lee Ramage | Year Posted 2011

Short Fatality poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

But Mr John

But mr John Smith, you know old son, dreams are better than reality, the hotter dames, incite burning flames, more erotic than originality, the prune by hurricane strewn, gets erased digitalicky? monsoon mongone, become begone, might be forgone fatality.... Don Johnson
re John's prune by the hurricane strewn...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

Short Fatality poem by hell kat| Details |


Reality sacred and carefree
Fatality broken and fancy free
It hurts to be me
It hurts for you to see

all the pain I put myself through
Crawling through the disdain
and I still can't get to you
Even after all my pain

Bleed a thousand tears
Need to rid myself of these fears
It cannot bear
It cannot compare

To the pain I endure
Just to stay pure

Copyright © hell kat | Year Posted 2006

Short Fatality poem by Ir0nic ZiNk| Details |

Only After We Rehearse

Only after 
We rehearse insanity
The brutality that man found profanity
A man volcanity
Fatality in urbanity 
Medication mentality 
Humanity has inanity wrapped around trees
Posts of light
Cipher reality 
Reveal morality
Funky vitality is rather groovy 
I cannot feel my mundanity 
You can touch it.
We here can hear we
Only after
We rehearse formality. 


Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |

Harsh Reality

Wow I thought it was 2011

Not 1963 wow I came back up

And fed up with a harsh reality

That is sinful fatality

Faces turn red when the truth

Is fed. They are Rip Van Winkles

In a fast changing global society

Woe is them and me

God help me

People tell me

Harsh Reality

Awful as it can be

Truthful Rouge Face

Sour to The Taste

OMG OMG Global Society

Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2011

Short Fatality poem by Eve Roper| Details |

Straddle Shade Reality

Emerging early morn light, sated with vitality

Encumbered after a hard day's battling mundanity, 

mentality over humanity morality 

They look for signs and trusts yet straddle shade reality

unfailing urbanity, humour, and formality 

Inanity pranks, part volcanity profanity 

 unmistakable, undeniable, brutality

insanity resulting sometimes in fatality


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by HENRY W| Details |


We feast on Camembert and red wine
observing the pageantry of  incandescent stars
reflected through halo’s fervid laughter and love.

I drink merrily as thud of  whipped delirium
hammers excruciating pain  off  on, from my brain;
Veiling the limited instances of life’s ungodly time
That I cradle within--- this mute, unsaid goodbye.

Unsayable Contest hosted by Nette Onclaud
23 Nov  2017

Copyright © HENRY W | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by Jessica K| Details |

Tightrope Journey

Tightrope moment 
Narrow access
Balance is almost unimaginable
The left of the balance lays before 
me deception
And on the right, distraction
The gapping drop is hard to 
One misstep
And fatality swallows you whole

I want to make this journey across
But I keep diving in after a struggle 
or two
This road is harder to cross than 
once thought
But giving in has been my choice for 
too long

Copyright © Jessica K | Year Posted 2012

Short Fatality poem by BUB Bhat| Details |

Scribbled For Sanity

I am plagued by blinding insanity,
Living tortured and alone; cruel fatality,
Pushing against the walls of reality,
Looking for distraction in material vanity,
Finding no solace; only a mirror of anxiety,
Some seek the answer in desperate piety,
Others seek power and excellence financially,
Or seek it in arms of lover's fantasy,
I have yet to find that intangible bliss; happy,
This is why I scribble for sanity.

Copyright © BUB Bhat | Year Posted 2015

Short Fatality poem by Deborah Burch| Details |

With Love Comes Change

With Love Comes Change

Ingrained within humanity 
Lies blatant, crass profanity. 
A product of mundanity;
(That's smoldering volcanity,
With all of its inanity),
Is lacking in urbanity 
And borders on insanity!

What seems a mere formality,
Could lessen such brutality,
(Or hinder some fatality);
By changing ones mentality
Towards a new morality:
Of love inclined reality. 

1.26.2017©deborah burch 

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2017

Short Fatality poem by Satish Verma| Details |


A solitary moon rises
behind the seven veils
unattended by stars and clouds
between yes and no
desiring nothing
turns back through the centuries.

The religion to kill
refuses to stare at the tainted fatality
lying sprawled on the burdened earth
splattered red.
Criminal divinity of the blood
bares the undone creation.

Seed money comes again
into dead bubble.
Cup of sorrow is filled again.


Copyright © Satish Verma | Year Posted 2008

Short Fatality poem by Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble| Details |


November what have you done
Each day, each event I will remember
Cold winds, grey clouds,black tunnel.

Sound of pain
Loud screams, flying bodies,
November why did you have to speed.

Storm is brewing
News is breaking
Lives are decreasing.

Fatality all round
The world is changing
Strange events are occurring.

London crying
America celebrating
People fearing.

Times are surely changing

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2016