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Short Dowry Poems

Short Dowry Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Dowry by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Dowry by length and keyword.

Costruction Blime
balloon gale harvest
dowry claw
wasp estuary jam...

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Categories: dowry, words,
Form: Haiku

moon is male
sun as his dowry
he abandons the bride earth -
Indian bridegroom

07 August 2021

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Categories: dowry, moon, satire,
Form: Haiku
I treasure you baby girl
My dear don't worry,
You are my fairy!

I don't ask your daddy dowry,
Let me shower our way with cherry.

Hold my hand , Accept me before I get buried ....

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Categories: dowry, for her, love,
Form: Verse
Stop Dowry
Marriages are made in heaven,
but dowry has made it a business transaction,
Tears roll down from my eyes,
When i think about the burning brides,
Stop dowry,stop dowry......

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Categories: dowry, marriage, sad, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Three Bottles of Dowry
I bought you 
Three bottles of dowry
The Barman is my witness
Then you staggered away
Leaving me on bended knee
You called out Mama and fled
Clutching on the chronicles
On a Sunday midnight 
when we roam
What brought you to the bar
I bought you three!...

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Categories: dowry, crazy, imagery,
Form: Blank verse

Eighteenth Century Love
Treatise of love suborn
Of feelings, desires shorn
With parochial aspirations born
On ritual wings bourne
Romance brokered forlorn
On christening morn, personal 
license torn
Deeded by title; underwritten 
with scorn
Parceled with dowry; with 
annuities adorn
Liabilities, a fitted mantle 
charitably worn...

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Categories: dowry, love
Form: Rhyme
Blushing Bride
My wilted, rotten, Rose bouquet –My veil, a crown of thorns.
As dowry to me Master gave a tail to match my horns… 
and promised me the one to rule would be but my firstborn.
So something borrowed, something blue my broken Heart becomes.
Now I with sorrow say ‘I do’ to love but only one… 
the one of which I stand before with Dreading Dress undone.

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Categories: dowry, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Is your soul blood red
A dowry of bitter wine
Spilling mortality
Staining the divine

Is eternity a prison
The rusty knife of time
Carving your senses
Caging your mind

Is flesh a pardon
A tactile bribe
Begging the question
What is alive

Is there a reason
In this chalice of mine
To sip my faith
And fear no demise

Is there a forever
In your crying eye
A word to grasp
When your child has died

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Categories: dowry, death, faith, introspection, life, loss, sad,
Form: Quatrain
Bricks and Stones

Does the servant polish silver; to enhance its lovely hue?
And to the tables be delivered; for the rich and gifted few;
   Are your words so rich and flowery; do your colors shine like gold;
   Is your talent like a dowry; that might buy your perfect mold?
God grant us reservations; let us pray our house won’t fall;
And to those who are the Masons; please build it safe for all.


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Categories: dowry, on writing and words
Form: I do not know?
The Right
This conjugal thing
Blissful before his arrival
Brief I thought, then loaned
In hope to wean our baby

The father’s allowed property
To take the right in dowry 
Who truly owns her mammary?
The child or the payer of the dowry?

Suck not to dryness these oranges
My favourite little ornaments
To me her parents granted
The rights to suck and caress

Weak the soul of the mighty
Like a candle to the fire
Weak the heart of a warrior
When child borrowed his woman

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Categories: dowry, baby, care, children, emotions, funny, humor, marriage,
Form: Light Verse
the pirates life for me
yo ho yo ho into the horizon i go 
the wind at my back the wood under my feet 
a  treasure awaits calling my name 
the black flag ive raised warn those who see 
this beautiful dowry i call home 
a bounty still stands a price on my head 
they wont have a trial just shoot me instead 
ill plunge and ill plunder till the gallows call me home 
the pleasure it gives me sends chills through the bone 
i love this life gliding across the sea 
yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me...

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Categories: dowry, boat,
Form: Free verse