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Food Shape Poems

These Food Shape poems are examples of Shape poems about Food. These are the best examples of Shape Food poems written by international poets.

Premium Member emagi THACKERAY bouilabaise


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Categories: fish, food, poems,

Premium Member emagi WEBB wild honey
Frances Webb 'WILD HONEY' .b
     b               ...

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Categories: food, insect, poems,

Premium Member emagi ROGERS italy
Samuel Rogers 'ITALY'
   ___   ___
  |   |    |   |
  |   |    |   |      piacevole
  |   |    |   |

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Categories: food, poems, words,

Premium Member emagi ROLLS sheaf

       ^ ^^ ^^
   ^^^ ^^  ^^^
^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^
  ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^
      /||||| ||\
     // ||||||\\


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Categories: food, poems,

Premium Member Screen of Awareness
Like an shiny apple's rind, 
my outer body all can see.  
Like an apple's fruit,  
I hold many secrets.  
Seeds and beliefs...

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Categories: shape, fruit, joy, life, self,

Premium Member yellow
"Smiles are free so give them away."  By Poet

That weekend started with a simple,            ...

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Categories: shape, hello, humor, smile, together,

Premium Member - Grab A Carrot -


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Categories: food, health,

Premium Member For A Writer
Quote By Poet  "Writing takes us to another world in our heads." 
For a writer, 
thoughts turn into words. 
Each word, 
is made up from a...

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Categories: shape, poetry, words, world, write,

Premium Member Today
I love you.
I hate you.  
This week,  
I love you,  
This week,  
I hate you.  
Can this go...

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Categories: shape, hate, humor, love, relationship,

Premium Member To My Loving Dear
Mother's Day is almost here,  
this is for my wonderful ~ loving dear.  
You work from sun up ~ sun down,  
as we act like a clown.  
You deserve...

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Categories: shape, celebration, fun, love, mother,

Premium Member Empty Nest
Today I was out side,                    ...

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Categories: shape, bird, child, happy, life,

Premium Member emagi FORRESTER bill of fare
C R Forrester 'BILL of FARE'


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Categories: food, poetry,

Premium Member Xmas
"A King deserves His full name~Christmas. Xmas is not good enough." By Poet

Can you smell the home-baked cookies,
all the wonderful goodies.
The tree is all decorated,

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Categories: shape, business, celebration, christmas, food,

Premium Member I Let It Slip Away
I let it slip away,                    ...

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Categories: shape, friend, pain, prayer, sky,

Premium Member Character Traits
"Be an angel and be kind." Quote By Poet  
As a child I was told to never judge a person or a book,...

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Categories: shape, books, child, hurt, life,