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Freezing Time

If we could freeze time,
I'd save you in a rhyme,
You're never alone,
In your space you own,
I send love to you winging,
My heart is still a'singing.

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Monthly Rhyme One

Tough to fight,
Difficult to write,
Hard to unscrew, it’s too tight,
Not coke its sprite,
Not tomorrow its tonight,
I am not obese am a couple of pounds light,
It’s dark, shine the light.
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My Secret Valentine

My  best friend is my secret valentine 
All through high school he was my only crush
It would be dream if I could make him mine 
Being in his presence gives such a rush
Telling how I feel must be genuine
But I can't, I need a glass of red wine

Contest: A Rhyme In 60
Sponsor: Laura Loo
Details | Romanticism |


My heart aches once more
For a lover who has gone
Giving their amour 
To another someone 
Whom takes a name but mine

My throat chokes again
As I begin 
To speak of your name 
But this you win
The trophy of my besotted silence 

My tears stream one last time
In order to forget 
The subject of my rhyme 
A lover, a memory, a regret 
And here I sigh.
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Lyric Man

Lyric Man oh sweet Lyric Man
Will you write a song with me?

I'm a mere beginner but your lyrics inspire me
I can write poems that rhyme till they come out of my ears
Writing stunning lyrics like yours would simply take me years

Maybe we can get together and have a little play
To write a song with ‘Lyric Man’ would really make my day!

Jan Allison
6th August 2014

Details | Free verse |


Two lumbers met as one
Held each other in both other hands
Slowly rubbing every inch 'til thins
That is how our love kicked in.

Creating fire, time after time
Gently brushing, producing a rhyme
This is a ballad I chant to you
The favorite thing I always do.

Two lumbers met as one
Through love and time, we got our desire
To warm our soul, out of control
That burned it all
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World's Afterlife

From streak and  blur of candle faint
Her  whispered breath gasps through dim hall--
That longing haunts without restraint
When a presence twirls come midnight:

Gently, gently she advances
Yet tapered wax fades…bleak the loft
And she aches for snuffled chances;
To meet him …in world’s afterlife.

Free Verse or Rhyme Contest of Eve Roper 
Pic #2
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Philosophize the Beat To My Heart

I’m going to comprehend my rhyme

Breakwater below your feet

Psalms I scream

For his brainless thoughts, are not his fault

So please absorb, guzzle or swallow, this free verse

For I speak to a ghost

Each second, I see your eyes

Philosophize the beat to my heart

Has I scream out your blood

Hoping you’ll disappear

Before I finish breaking water below your feet

And, no you may not have a seat

Delilah Ventura
Details | Rhyme |

Beauty Who Is Part of the Beast

Their is beauty in the beast, 
Their is beast in the beauty. 
They compliment each other beautifully. 
A well inter twined love story. 

Magic that goes beyond an enchanted rose,
And a mirror. 
He makes me see clearer, that what he wants from me is forever. 
Maybe he's my saviour. 

I'm scared though, I don't think he really knows. 
I don't want to be hurt and left in the dirt. 
I've been played to many times, I don't want this to be the same old rhyme.
Details | Limerick |

Words That Rhyme With Purple - For Richard Olson

My blueberry pancakes were purple So tasty, with pure maple surple I ate the whole pile and with a smug smile I produced an enormous burple I googled and ‘burple’ is a real word but my definition of it would be when your tummy gurgles and causes you to burp Poem came about as a result of a mail with Richard - I said there was no word to rhyme with purple and he told me about a song called "Dang Me." which was written and performed by Roger Miller and it contains the word 'surple' 10-16-17
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Cause of a Lovely Rhyme

your dimmed copper eye’s embrace,
the inner feelings i utterly chase.

to the lovely sparkle upon thy complexion
fuels my heart of your astonishing perfection.

reluctant skies of your cello’s strum,
caress the inner-voice you now hum.

rhymes of glee won’t ever recount,
the wonderful emotion you mount.

calling me to your divine pace,
you fill my lungs with your haste.

nothing can describe this contentment.
not even your mindless enchantment.

the inner feelings i utterly chase,
dim your copper eye’s embrace.
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The Magic of Your Arms

Lightning charges into the atmosphere. 
Thunder tosses his tantrums of passion.
Sway me to sleep in unwavering arms
with the fuzz of your body ever near
like a tough teddy bear, trusted from youth.
When my unsettled heart begins to fear,
hold me until the setting of the moon.
Whisper courageous words, my thoughts to steer
as my skin melts into your compassion.
In unwavering arms, sway me to sleep.
My dreams will be sweet for there you'll appear.

AbRacadabRa rhyme scheme
10 syllables per line
(Not for contest)
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Bandit Rap Rhyme

I am a cat
I sittin on a couch
I wear a mask
My names BANDIT
Ain't nothin wrong wit tat

I got it made
As I rest along side this plaid pillow
I'm a distinguished kitty with fan mail just chillin
Most can't handle it
Got my own Facebook account

Rub my belly and I'll "PuRR"
You'll find me on the couch or in the kitchen
I'll never go outside, I stay indoors
"Meow, meow" I know yall can't stand it
Cause I'm living the life of a BANDIT


FOR CONTEST:  Picture Prompt Contest Write Me Something Funny
Sponsored by:   Julie Leigh Rodeheaver
Details | Free verse |

Arcilles Heal

I saw you in my dream last night
Another time for learning
I guess it’s just my inner thoughts
That always keeps me yearning
My conscious mind goes day to day
Without no rhyme or reason
Not thinking of you any time
Except the nightly season
Awake I do not think of you
Although I do remember
The times ago when we would laugh
In class around December
A time when we were in our youth
In places we were daring
The fun and laughs that made us smile       
Young love that we were sharing
Now I say goodbye old friend
Those times I will still keep
If I never see you
Then I'll catch you in my sleep
Details | Couplet |

Child Play

Child Play

‘Where is your Daddy, Daddy?’
                                 ‘On the moon, how do he get there?’

‘You say with the ladder, he good, sleep, dream,    he play?’

Long pause,……………..serious face,……………decisive silence!!!

‘Sleep good, play is better and ladder,…I  want more bricks’.

‘Red Lego please, red no sleep, red play with moon, Daddy’.

3rd July 2017 written for contest 'Thoughts of 3 year olds'

Meant to be couplet. Well, many 3 year old may not be able to initiate rhyme that well. And can they always count to 2? So this is a couplet and it rhymes, to the best of a 3 year old child's ability...
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Twas the Night of a Date

Twas the night of an important date
decided to write while I wait.
Pen and paper, waiting to rhyme,
what will be my first line.
My mind blank, in a stare,
suddenly my words appeared.
Begin to write of love and life.
Knew my poem would come out right.
As I continued to sit in wait,
my lines were forming oh so great.
My mind still wondering as I wrote,
I thought about your note.
In it you said you would not be late,
here I sit thinking of our date.
I hope we grow fond of each other,
maybe we'll become lovers.
Who knows perhaps in life,
we'll become man and wife.
Suddenly you knock on the door,
I finally sit and wait no more.
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Always Will Believe

Descending sun vanished some
Wishes to retrieve
Once again too late to state
Sorrow from your leave
Though apologies in the past
Only brought about
Regretfulness, forgetfulness…
Leaving me in doubt.
Through silent nights and tonights
Petty words that rhyme
Guess I should be happy
For undivided time.
Close to God I have become
From your chosen leave
Now I know more than before
Always will believe.
Yet afraid, when you return
We simply will be past
For life it goes so quickly
Here it doesn’t last.
Hence I write to unite
As my love is free
Whilst blowing many kisses
To you across the sea.
Though you're late I do wait
For you to come to me...
Whilst dreaming many wishes
For only us to be.
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Tell Me a Story of the Untraceable You

Tell Me a Story of the Untraceable You

I’m in awe, of you, as I run my fingers down your petite body;
For within this view, I must insist honesty I love you madly;
I am embracing,;
Clutching your neck, ever so, so true;
You’re holding my face, my cheek, my ear;
Never letting go soft spoken words I hear;
Gazing downward at your pretty eyes;
It is at no speculation, no surprise;
Noses close, closing in for to touch;
Holding you I love you so, so much;
Eye to eye contact; I can smell your breath;
What’s left, I am embracing, the untraceable you;
Holding on to your warm beauty this I choose;
Caress me my darling, embrace me the untraceable you;


Tell Me a Story Poetry Contest
Rhyme poetry form only.
Sponsored by: Brenda Chiri
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8 Line Challenge For Eric Boddie

Please help me inspire us all

by:  All of Us

Eight lines at a time
I don't care if you do or do not rhyme
I just want to see your skill
That's just me keeping it real
I feel this selection will be epic
But it has us all, that was expected
So Please copy this and paste your hearts to it
It doesn't matter where you find it, please let's all just do it  (goodest aka eric l boddie)

Response by Jan Allison

I cannot spend the time
to sit and write in rhyme
I've so many words to say
Not enough hours in the day
Your humour makes me smile
I really love your style 
This challenge you have set 
I'm the first to take the bet



10th August 2015
Details | Ballad |

One In a Million

Man of my dreams: my pair, my love team
Where have you been? my SPECIFIC dream
Winner it seems, my God blessed scheme
One in a million, once in a lifetime

With turns and breaks: it's measurable
Easy or hard time, it has been bearable
Prayers to God: nothing is possible
One in a million, once in a lifetime

Soon I'll be thirty, wise guy walk by
Shooting me on bull's eye, also tongue tied
ATTAINABLE mind's eyes, I'll give the eye
One in a million, once in a lifetime

Uncaring what others say, I am optimistic
Match made in heaven, a could be realistic
Altruistic stars and moon on synergistic
One in a million, once in a lifetime

Perfect in time, bells ring on one rhyme
Head over heels love and  old as the hills
Our heart's commitment, sealed to still
One in a million, once in a lifetime

(c) Olive Eloisa
revised: May 18, 2014
11:14 pm
Details | Rhyme |

Cloud Nine

Our love began as a small little seed
Now it is in full bloom today, my love
I am on cloud nine, the stars did align
My darling man, you are such a rare breed
Your steadfast love melted my icy heart
You fulfilled a deep longing and pure need
Basking in your sweet nectar is pure bliss
Sweetheart I tend follow, you are the lead
You are a precious gift from up above
The stars did align, I am on cloud nine
I am so happy cause’ I embraced love’s creed

*Abracadabra Rhyme

Created by William Kekaula. The syllable count is your choice but must be the same for all eleven lines. abRacadabRa is the rhyme scheme, and the lines with the R's are reversed lines. All lines must be rhyming with the exception of lines 'c', and, 'd'. 

* This form was a challenge, but I decided to give it a go.

Alexis Y.
Details | Rhyme |

The Right Love at the Wrong Time

We had the right love, but at the wrong time,
Albeit chance or of fate, our paths entwined.
Soulmates converging and destinies aligned,
Still can’t turn back the cruel hands of time.

We met ’neath glistening stars on a velvet night,
The connection was strong, our future so bright.
But life’s melody, is so often a contrary chime,
We had the right love, just at the wrong time.

We had the right love, but at the wrong time,
Two hearts harmonizing, with one joyful rhyme.
Our passion burned hotter, than a quasar sun,
But love that burns brightest is too soon undone.

Seasons do change, opportunity comes to pass,
Love’s blossoms will wilt, or wither like grass.
A poignant chapter, a zealous, sensual crime,
To have the right love, but at the wrong time.

Down life’s road, our paths may cross again,
My hope will abide, no matter where or when.
The echoes of your love will linger in my mind,
We had the right love, just not the right time.

Details | Free verse |

If it wasnt for poetry

Poetry can be a critical liaison when words are fashioned,
that do not please the beholder's eyes.

I'm a poet without a pen, weaving woes on a digital canvas.
Forgive my rhyme-less heart, I've sinned in murky metaphors, 
lost in my own sea of thoughts, with 3am rants and riddles, 
composed in sleepless synonyms from this insomniac mind.

But if it wasn't for poetry, would I have felt his love and deep compassion? 
For within his sonnets, I've found my poetic savior, 
cathartically soothing these inner demons. 

He is now my muse, my reason to rise and write, becoming the lyrical antidote,
prompting my fingers to type beyond just tainted thoughts,
showing me a reality that tastes sweeter than the fruitiest cocktail. 

If it wasn't for poetry, I wouldn't have known,
that there's more to this life than diamonds and gold. 

I'm now an accidental poet beautifying pain with colors stolen,
from sunsets and moonrise, across his faultless skies. 
Details | Rhyme |

Your Countenance

To look upon your countenance is all that I desire

To sit with you and hold your hand by this red winter fire

But you are  now so far away,I do not recognise

Those features dear  to me and your deep blue eyes.

You had a merry cheerful soul and loved all your friends

You may have loved your enemies,to wit I'll not descend.

I heard your voice one morning late,I heard you clear your throat.

I hastened down the stairs  and found that old brown winter coat.

I put the coat near to me and felt salt tears  slip down

They ran across my face and dripped onto  that  old coat brown

The memories seem too few,my dear,though we had happy times.

And now I must be going and  I'll finish off this  rhyme.

So  many years  a part of me,the hole with sorrow filled.

I'll sit and gaze at these bare trees until my heart is stilled

Goodbye,goodbye , goodbye my love my dearest one.

I'll try to start my life again,accepting that you're gone.
Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

Games We Play

Would you tell me of this fling
 how many games do you play
 this tete-a-tete of cat and mouse display
taunting and teasing every heartstring?

It's a wash set out on the clothesline to dry
 fastidious blown gusts chilling the skin
 makes me wonder why this might begin
meandering of eyes on currents in the sky.

How well you play these games
 so like a tantalizing kiss or touch
 my loins and emotions fill with such lust,
have you or I, no modicum of shame?

It doesn't matter if you're black or white
 not even if you're young and old
 fortune and satisfaction favor the bold
there's a date waiting for you tonight.

E harmony, match and tinder call
 peruse the photos and find your prime
 someone not me, for a good time
romance is available for one and all.

So, keep playing your game
 I'll be here waiting when you're ready
 and in the end, I can be your only steady
not rich nor famous but your one true flame.

Emile Pinet's contest on Enclosed Rhyme 2/12/19

Book: Reflection on the Important Things