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Rock Bottom Poems

Rock Bottom Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rock bottom poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rock bottom.

New Poems

Premium Member Floating on Empty
'The storms are raging on the rollin' sea, and on the highway of regret'

It was surfers' paradise weather but he had only captured a dinghy

Made from lost dreams and drift wood collected in seasons of love

No shoreline in sight he...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, conflict, courage, solitude,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member oceans apart
gravity craves in the sky

weightless surrender -

comet reaches rock bottom

tides foam a lullaby

crested lengths wave -

ripples focus underneath

horizon lingers abreast

pain drenched capture -

currents expose lost hope

a life buoy tied to an anchor

flare soaked in life’s blood -

cess pool seizes cessation

atlantis...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
The Mind-Admonishment
A fountain where devious thought flow
A spring where goodness grow
Right or wrong it doesn't choose 
whatever conceived it will use

In it esteem is lost
Within it ego is just
The I am not good enough and unwanted
I can do better,am worth it...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, courage,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Boatswain
His life raft drifted helplessly in an ocean of tears and lost dreams

		In tangible finite and impermanent flow

He lost his compass and the needle festered in Tom’s purulent arm

		A portal to hot flushes of receding pain

Chasing sea dragons and hobgoblins...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, drink,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member If President Trump Knew Me
If President Trump knew me 
What would I be? 
A prince, pauper or just someone with a degree 
He the President may know me from a time when I was a little chukker 
During the time when the new Casinos...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, angel, appreciation, class, friend, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme Royal

There are only some things
You learn when you hit rock bottom.
There are only some thing you can learn From books.
There are only some things you can learn from the street 
There are only some things you can learn from real...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, future, leadership, life, school,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Masochist
I never saw it coming, but as people say you never do, I made the mistake of ignoring my heart, and fell in love with you
I tried to deny the way I felt, but you intrigued me with your pain,...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, heartbroken, hurt, i love you, loss, sad
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tangled in Sea Weed
Suffused by wisdom the Buddha reaches out for Atlantis

Blows bubbles in vain as they burst at the door of Nirvana

And yet he can hold his breeze of a breath for eternity

For those precious moment while permanence stays silent

When levitation is...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Poem about life
Life is hard and sometimes overwhelming,
Sometimes my life seems so depressing,
I’ve been dragged down to rock bottom,
Which seems all I do is keep on stressing,

I’ve through hell and back,
But somehow I found the strength to comeback,
But now I know my...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, inspirational,
Form: ABC
Premium Member FUN UNDONE
Where a little too much gin meets a little sin
One is left below five
Definitely less than halfway there
But not rock bottom 
With the texture of a scone with bits of bone
Something not nice 
Not quite right when day bites night...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, cheer up, fun, funny, imagery, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Translation of Mat POKORA's Je suis tombe by T Wignesan
Translation of Mathieu POKORA’s « Je suis tombé, tombé, tombé » by T Wignesan

(NOTE : I just thought I’d translate the lyrics (see the French original herebelow) of this lilting catchy tune not just because of its self-mocking candid insouciance...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, french, happiness, love, love hurts, romantic love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Last Train
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Four lusty seasons in Sodom
Smoke ’em if you got ‘em
Next stop Rock Bottom
...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, crazy, dark, depression, life,
Form: Verse
I had an epiphany today 
The first one in a long time
Such an interesting organ the brain
So many studies
Yet no one knows how consciousness really works
And if it even abides in the brain at all 
My brain has been broken
And...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, anger, betrayal, endurance, evil, games, horror, truth,
Form: Free verse
A Letter I Will Only Read
My baby is going away. I lay trapped in these over whelming sad thoughts. Of the one I've been so sure wouldn't hang me out to dry. Let me drown in my own pain. Would never leave my side. My...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, anxiety, betrayal, dark, deep, fear, grief, miss
Form: Free verse
The Depth and the Distance
        A story of Divorce

Because you would plumb only so deep					Final
Before returning, too soon, back to the top,
Breathing in air
And your preference to swim,
Skimming along the surface
Like a flat-edged...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, allegory,
Form: I do not know?
I feel myself slipping into the darkness of an abyss.
Drowning grasping at complete nothingness with a stinch of death and despair.
Mind racing of thoughts I normally can’t recall, viewing in my mind like a slideshow.
Continuing to fell myself fall,...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, dark, loss,
Form: Sonnet
when i hit rock bottom
when i hit rock bottom

when i hit rock bottom..

i was exalted

i didn't know what to expect

i was depressed and dejected


how could i possibly..

how unjust it is...

but i think i should accept it

hitting rock bottom


maybe in the near future

this...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, anxiety, career, depression, hope, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
I resign myself to this abyss
Poem Date - 16.08.19
Throwing down this vodka, as if there would be no tomorrow, Tears rolling down my cheeks, as I stand consumed by sorrow.
No one to make the small talk, they’re all out dancing, having fun…And once again, sat...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, depression, drink, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme
Rock bottom 
People talk about it like they know what it means
Have I been there 
I know I've been close
But I believe there is still farther to go down
But just how much farther 
Something tells me I just might find...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, confidence, future,
Form: Free verse
Rock Bottom
I have fallen down
My knees are scraped
My nails are torn
I lay there looking up at the night sky
Complete darkness
No stars to be seen
Without them I have no way to navigate
Where do I go from here
Laying on the ground
My blood pooling...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, allusion, anger, depression, hurt,
Form: Free verse
Rock Bottom Again
And once again it happened,
I took to long to make a choice,
Now I am back down on rock bottom,
I should've listened to that little voice,
The one that kept telling to let go,
Change yourself before it's to late,
But since I have...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, courage, deep, hope, how i feel,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The View From Here

   Hitting rock bottom
   is not always
   so hard

   There is moss
   in shades of green
   you have never seen


...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, roses are red,
Form: Light Verse
Love gives
Love gives

Love evokes memories long since forgotten.
Love lifts us up when life leaves us rock bottom.
Love gives us strength when we feel we have none.
Love shows us how we feel in a new or old song.

Love is just a word,...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, happiness, love, memory, power, words,
Form: I do not know?
My Darkest Hour
It's not just the falsely accused
That suffer
It's the children, the parents
The sister, the brother.

It's not just the horror
Of a person's false claim, 
It's the band-wagon jumpers
That blacken your name

It's not just suspicion 
That causes your hell
It's the following and hounding
That...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, forgiveness,
Form: Rhyme
Rock Bottom
Stand and flight, or fly and flee,
The two choices we face.

Stand unmoving,
Or fly above.

Trampled by the world,
Torn to pieces by your “friends,”
Your family.
Facing it in solitude,
Going through it alone.

Take to the sky,
Avoiding the stones and javelins.
Finding the strength to continue,
To...Read More
Categories: rock bottom, dark, death, grief, lonely, poems, poetry, solitude,
Form: Free verse