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Rising Tide Poems

Rising Tide Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rising tide poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rising tide.

New Poems

Just A Bagatelle
If it lasts it must be good or is it  just a bagatelle? 
Mountain tops inspiring cryptic lines that  vanish in some moth infested haze,
Boulevards beloved of budding artists whose mocha fueled creations stray off point,
Mother Earth obsessives...Read More
Categories: rising tide, art, august, dedication, deep, destiny, devotion, imagery,
Form: Prose Poetry


When you turn your boat’s bow
To the morning sun
And the mizzen now is shaded
By yellow sails
Your face is to the rising tide
And into the breeze
Scattering the churned waves
And God’s sparkle surrounds you

15  December ...Read More
Categories: rising tide, beauty, spiritual,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Bigger than You Think
Bigger than YOU Think

The internet, 
is large... indeed. 
It starts here and never ends. 
It just starts over somewhere else. 

In the beginning AOL, 
time spent waiting to connect. 
Now we sail across the sea, 
and stream everything from More
Categories: rising tide, addiction, allah, america, angel, appreciation, assonance, august,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Old Poet, His Art And Why He Composes Til Death Sings
Old Poet, His Art And Why He Composes Til Death Sings

With pen and paper he writes as rushes a rising tide
his true heart wide open and sworn to nothing ever hide
always loyal to those humble, hard working, verses true
full of...Read More
Categories: rising tide, appreciation, art, blessing, character, inspirational, passion, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
What Might Have Been
It's said a rising tide will lift all ships
And from what I have seen I've found that true
But also comes the wind that blows and whips
And sometimes sinks only a ship or two

For ships are made to float atop the...Read More
Categories: rising tide, friendship, sad,
Form: Sonnet

Most kids ride the school bus twice a day
School buses don't often have wood stoves
or beds you can sleep the night away
Ours did though

More than once I lived in one 
Some painted like a forest some with a double bunk
I...Read More
Categories: rising tide, 1st grade, childhood,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Beach
Along the water's edge, the grey waves
Break noisily in a white foam spray,
Curling carefully like well-permed hair.
Driftwood carried on to the shingle
Envelops the wind-blown plastic and
Frames torn pictures from worn magazines.
Gifts such as these on the rising tide,
Heaps and tangles...Read More
Categories: rising tide, beach, sea, winter,
Form: ABC
Our impulses does civilisation set out to control
Regulation rules.
Let slip society's commandments
And the feral runs riot.

Between the rational and the visceral 
There is a constant struggle
Identified so starkly in The Heart Of Darkness
Where unmoored from the diktats of custom
Kurtz ...Read More
Categories: rising tide, evil, god, religion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To See Sea Sheep
Once wading through a rising tide
Against a bloody red suns glare
What should I see grazing on algae 
But several sea sheep were there!

I'm not sure how many there were
Not that the water was too deep
But when I tried to count...Read More
Categories: rising tide, fantasy, nature, poetry,
Form: Quatrain
In its unpredictable fury
It relentlessly returns
Crashing just to plea
That you never cease to yearn

Yearn outside the square
That the world has neatly drawn
An irresistible dare
Un orchestrated song

Song to energize
The saddest of all hearts
Promising a prize
If only one could start 
Keep...Read More
Categories: rising tide, endurance, perspective, strength, work,
Form: Rhyme
A journey of discipline
There exists an object with three arms
That signals the seconds we have that remains
Racing with the sun, moon and many stars.
A constant relay that turns all things grey.

There comes fun and lures along the same.
Making hearts merry and flat feet...Read More
Categories: rising tide, dedication, dream, endurance, future, life, motivation,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Love Off-Sprung
  futures cavort below the horizon
  an expectant dawn glows, duly announcing the first born arrival
  tomorrow then forward smiles, feeling good
  half planned momentous moment, ordering fate, shaping survival

  surf wave crests on a...Read More
Categories: rising tide, children, family, love, tribute,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Angry Rising Tide
One school shooting in Alabama
  And another in Louisiana

Here's a protest in the park
  That's gone on and on past dark

There's an angry rising tide 
  Demanding gun-violence to subside  

Courage and Change ~ Where Are...Read More
Categories: rising tide, america, change, courage, culture, violence,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member a last breath dream

and for the dying days
a last breath dream 
if to survive
the rising tide
the fire inside
and all the words
held to recite
if only that moment
should come to rise
to hear the words
my love my life

...Read More
Categories: rising tide, birth, flower, love, pain,
Form: Free verse
Birds of Flight
Wounded soul, I see you, I tell you you’re in the light,
As you writhe in unknown torment and live in fright of the night,
I see you feeling lost and discarded, as though no one sheds a tear,
As they see you...Read More
Categories: rising tide, beautiful, beauty, bible, faith, graduation,
Form: Rhyme
Of The Dreaded Scourge Currently Afflicting The Municipality And Environ Of My Nativity And Youth
This dread disease that has afflicted my home, 
This malady, this plague on my house;
This making convertible the former quaintness and provincialism thereof 
Into something wholly despicable and disgustingly homogeneous,
Yclept "cosmopolitanism," and "worldliness," and "globalization," 
(Or, perhaps "globalism");
That force of...Read More
Categories: rising tide, adventure, allegory, allusion, anger, anxiety, beautiful, betrayal,
Form: I do not know?
Misty day
Today the mist rules, stolen horizon
in a merge of sea and dank air, sky
confiscated, parcelled in a grey 
patination like macular degrade.

Fields and village prematurely aged
to lie in a state of transience,
shrouded in mourning funereal garb
fashioning weighted reverend silence.

Even the...Read More
Categories: rising tide, autumn, ocean, , Lullaby,
Form: Free verse
Kindred Kind
Rick Folker

We need prophets and poets
Poor people, lost people
Raising their voices
In Rage

We need Feminists
Fearless Gays, Forces of Freedom
Ready to

We need Blacks
We need Browns
Burning with your 

We need the Unsung Young
And the Yellow-Red tongue
Yelling down
The rising tide of

We need...Read More
Categories: rising tide, motivation, political,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Verdandi's Plan

What’s to be?  You and me, 
brought together by goddess of fate, Verdandi..
Reverie ...our first night; 
your voice caressed me in a rose petal red cascade,
nuances of your soul 
as intoxicating as eau de vie brandy
as you sensuously swept...Read More
Categories: rising tide, betrayal, fate, love, lust, marriage, relationship, sensual,
Form: Rhyme
After The Glitter Fades
See how the green vine it grows.
Evening dew, moving so slow
I can't begin to keep the pace.

Open petals close, 
to rest against the open slopes.

I feel oppressed, as I undress
in Florida's, moist warm humid heat.

This is where I turn to...Read More
Categories: rising tide, art, poetry,
Form: Ballad
The Garden Of Our Year's
To day before tomorrow when it comes
As Irma, threatens U.S.
Year's have passed most by and in living
Dying have.

Cloud's that cross the sky have not arrived
And few will dance outside.
From the surge and rising tide that from the wind
One cannot hide.

So...Read More
Categories: rising tide, art, poetry,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Crestfallen Smile

Like lightning falling from heaven,
your last fling ended without warning
Bewitching Boston Creole buxom beauty,
your crestfallen smile told a tragic love story
Superhuman strength from an unknown source
moved you on your curvaceous Amazon course
I watched from a low hanging urban perch
as you...Read More
Categories: rising tide, beauty, love, smile, woman,
Form: Sonnet
And Yet
Thinking makes it so
That’s what we all know
The way we want to go;
And yet, somehow, it isn’t

History has a side
A clear-cut rising tide
We’re caught up in the ride;
And yet, somehow, it doesn’t.

A correct way to live
With no need to forgive
Our...Read More
Categories: rising tide, age, humanity, introspection, life, society, world,
Form: Rhyme
Teddy Bears Boat Trip
Teddy Bears Boat Trip

The bears today have gone online
To check their Bank Account
It seems that now the book has sold
They have a large amount.

Deciding what to spend it on
A very anguished choice.
A car-a house-a plane- a ship
Decision made—Rejoice.

Off to the...Read More
Categories: rising tide, child, childhood, kid,
Form: Quatrain
Fossil Fool
Our freedoms imprison us.
Even now we want more than we need,
tho' we do not yet know what we want.
We do without knowing,
we know without doing.

We do without nothing.

Scaremonger the tip of our iceberg hearts.
This is this race of a thousand...Read More
Categories: rising tide, earth, environment,
Form: Free verse