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A Rengay is a type of poem that is a six verse form of linked poetry; collaborative poetry usually written by two to three poets. This style of poetry is a linked form of haiku, with each link able to stand on its own. Rengay poetry is linked, though each link is about a unifying theme. However, while the links are of a unifying topic, each absolutely should be able to stand independently as well.

This style of poem may be written about any one subject which the poets agree upon. To be considered a rengay poem, the piece should be six verse, linked, and should be written by a minimum of two poets. Any deviation from these standard rules would disqualify the poem from being considered as such. Many poets use this form of poetry to convey something about humanity, such as the different aspects of love or death. Because of this, this style of poetry makes wonderful study material, as well as reading material. 

Rengay is a contemporary six-verse form of linked haiku based on a unifying theme. Written by 2-3 partners, each link should be able to stand on its own. Derived from renku, but much different, theme development is the key element of rengay. Rengay incorporates the "link and shift" idea of renku, but its brevity makes it easier to read (and publish). Because it is thematic, it is more accessible. Rengay was developed in 1992 by Garry Gay, co-founder of the Haiku Poets of Northern California, and the organization's first president from 1989-1990. In 1991, he was elected president of the Haiku Society of America.

Ren ("linked"), the syllable at the start of renga ("linked verse") and renku (originally "linked verse" in China; now a modern term for renga). Gay, the last name of its inventor, poet Garry Gay. Also signifies the relatively light-hearted approach.


How to Rengay

2 partners (A & B) - Template pattern of alteration between 3 and 2 line links:

A-3 · B-2 · A-3 · B-3 · A-2 · B-3

3 partners (A & B & C) -Template pattern of alteration between 3 and 2 line links:

A-3 · B-2 · C-3 · A-2 · B-3 · C-2


june sky

an'ya petrovich
hortensia anderson

lotus pond --
rings of blue petals
open to morning

the dive ino a pool -
cool liquid aquamarine

looking glass . . .
a girlchild's eye color
pales the june sky

after the end
of Gemini -
second full moon

finish line --
a 1st place ribbon

corner saloon --
deepening shadows turn


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