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Red Herring Poems

Red Herring Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of red herring poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for red herring.

New Poems

Daffodils In Bloom
Daffodils in bloom
We all did assume
But if they did die
We all know why
The sun is murder
Pushed ever further
By the uncaring
And religion is a red herring
For profit is their king
And his praises they sing
A path to green paved with bones
And a...Read More
Categories: red herring, earth, how i feel, political,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Red Herring of Lapsing Time

Fall’s felicitous red herring —
the mystery of leaves morphing.
The autumnal applause fairing.
Verdant heat and daylight dwarfing.

The horologic ticker chimes,
as lines are drawn on pumpkins patched.
Gramps, it’s apple picking time. 
The scarecrow’s wise with balding thatch.

Forensic crisp of maple leaves —
children...Read More
Categories: red herring, age, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: Strangelove

"50 Words for Poe: Strangelove"

Strangelove was waiting  
in Holdnerness
He was anticipating 
with a certain glee 
The “Arrival” of 
Ms Bon Vivant, her sharpness
and sharing conversation 
over Kumquat Jam, Scones and 
clotted cream at High Tea, 
near the High Flyers’...Read More
Categories: red herring, adventure, freedom, fun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Carnival of Cannibals and Crabs
Life's a carnival ride, a bag of barkers and crabs
pinching the mind with pink toys and shiny swag
stuffing your mind with sweet soft fuzzy things
wraps you in heavy chains and a cold nose ring,
leads you to a fiery, Ferris wheel...Read More
Categories: red herring, abuse, dark, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Innocence
Long ago
a year or so
I received accolades a plenty
I won this, and I won that
I was on top of it all
I was almost the whole shebang
I was important
I was all about me
I pandered and pounded
I wanted attention and I won
I...Read More
Categories: red herring, 3rd grade, character, child, humor, humorous, introspection,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Lewis Trap
“The Lewis Trap”

Well, of course he's misanthropic
He’s a Misanthropic Man
The Devil’s in the details
Buried deep under the covers
Of bedtime stories, slithers ‘neath loose sand

A Liddell bit of cake
A Liddell bit of julip
Sweets for a sweet pretty thing
Brings her closer, his...Read More
Categories: red herring, abuse, addiction, child abuse, imagery, judgement, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What a wonderful World
Blink if the title drew your eyes in

See, the breadth of our human functionality
Sparks interest

Thankfully, no evil kitty cats were killed because of it.

But, humanity continues its descent.

We live in a world of blasphemous sacrifices
Judgmental stares
And vicarious living

A world where...Read More
Categories: red herring, life, people, perspective,
Form: Free verse
please return to sender
a set of ten thousand eyes in which each individual carefully watches the sky.
the craft of winter is easy enough to master, thus easy enough to recognize. 

during life, people get used to the harbingers of autumn falling into winter;...Read More
Categories: red herring, change, introspection, symbolism, winter,
Form: Free verse
Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat
    It was way after eight, at the Cat in the Hat.
    The whole plaice was swimming, quoth the mackrel to sprat.
    Though the milk was upset, she still...Read More
Categories: red herring, imagination, nonsense,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member the elderly man's made a pass at her
the elderly man's made a pass at her

i witnessed the saddest thing I've ever seen
in a long time
i hope it's not a premonition
my life playing out before my eyes
there's a couple sitting across each other
eating breakfast at a jack-n-box
another normal...Read More
Categories: red herring, life, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Paradox not, Fulcrum and hammer
 What would men do, finding a rock they cannot lift?                             ...Read More
Categories: red herring, appreciation, bible, irony, jesus, judgement, power, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I opened Paris' letter and cry
I opened Paris' letter and cry

my heart dropped
my fingers trembled
I opened Paris' letter
mama it's been three days ...
then the dam burst, 
not the happy kind
the kind that spells gloom
sobs of tears roll down my face
I see in my daughter...Read More
Categories: red herring, confusion, daughter, growing up, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
Tinted Glasses
I look at the world through dark-tinted glasses these days.
My eyes seek out the dreary and lost,
My shaking words ghosting comfort over the broken and betrayed.

I can't be blamed for the lonely way I gaze at life.
At such a young...Read More
Categories: red herring, hope, hurt, youth,
Form: Free verse

                                  Freddie a fury to the red...Read More
Categories: red herring, cat, dog, fish, fun, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Poems are chickens
They are early risers
The rooster is your masterpiece

Sandra was not the wife of Botticelli
Neither Sarah, Liz or Cherry
Who gave birth to Venus?

Words are fickle
Go to the north
They will kick on your ass from the south

A brain fever bird...Read More
Categories: red herring, fun, nonsense,
Form: I do not know?
The scent of Your Soul
Wafting in the air,sweet scent of your soul,
Like a garden of lilac shrub and sweet pea;
Exuding my path, deodorant of your whole,
Like the path of African civet cat or hill
Of scent-born-beetles. You are not afar,
Your beacon,your sweet aroma is distinct;
Yours...Read More
Categories: red herring, addiction, identity, love,
Form: Verse
The ambiguous red herring
Fished all day not a red herring on the line                              ...Read More
Categories: red herring, fish, fishing, funny, irony, metaphor, words, writing,
Form: Grook
First Slamwork, I'm REALLY Nervous
It feels as if this should be wrong 
But after today I don’t think that there is such a thing as wrong or right
Because what if 
What if 
What if I have been going about my life with non-existent parallels,...Read More
Categories: red herring, life, me,
Form: Prose Poetry
Good riddance Mr Cain
The most prolific animal in our Kingdom is the Red Herring.
You don't need to be a "Sherlock Holmes" to figure that out

A Red Herring is a deliberate attempt to divert attention..................."look over there"

Please help control the Red Herring population today.....You...Read More
Categories: red herring, visionary, red, red,
Form: Free verse
Kirsty (one)
Even now I sit, slump, shuddering,
Stale walls echoing lamenting calls,
their house...
A nightmare flickered in the red herring of betrayal.
Stumbling hormones, skinless evil.
it breathed...
Blood red lips snarling, capturing someone else essence, bone dry.
A nightmare...
Deliberately slithering up my calf, I grasped a...Read More
Categories: red herring, death, family, red,
Form: I do not know?
Mischievous thoughts? 
She does not bulge,
Lip marks in red, 
On the white shirt;

True she could be?
A red herring,
Takes me now,
For a wild ride;

Naughty betrayal?
Loose collar free,
In  the playful,
Night aroma;

Indulgent miss?
Slaughters desire,
"Touch me not" streak,
Spells disaster; 

Pumpkin eater?
"My foot" to...Read More
Categories: red herring, loveme,
Form: Free verse
Enchantress (Let me chisel talk you) Part two
(Continued from part one.)

Afire not his thoughts, the Devil sees,
He soars and roars, in his physical might.
His bears’ hug, his warmth, could melt you;
Into joys and tears, in willing submission.

Treat him not, to your portions of love.
He grows cold, is...Read More
Categories: red herring, lifecare, sea, care, love, sea,
Form: Free verse