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Hair Red Poems

These Hair Red poems are examples of Red poems about Hair. These are the best examples of Red Hair poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Ripple To Me 2
My fingers love to ripple down her long blonde curly hair

Date Written: 2/17/2023

2 Place

A Ripple To Me 2 Contest
Sponsored by: JCB Brul...

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Categories: red, beauty, love, wife,

Premium Member My Wave Of Fantasy
I am very small,                     ...

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Categories: red, butterfly, drink, fairy, fantasy,

Premium Member My Dream Date
I was only seventeen standing outside of the library,                ...

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Categories: red, boy, crush, girl, humor,

Premium Member Navigating Through Life's Highway
Life has many highways,                     ...

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Categories: red, fun, house, humor, life,

Premium Member I Was In Motion
I would fly down the cement sidewalk,                  ...

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Categories: red, dream, hair, humor, summer,

Fall Days
Smells like clean sweaters
and leaves all
crunched up
Cold, it doesn't hurt
It bites
Hair constantly windswept
Wool hats
Itchy ones
The sound of little
Gold and
Being shattered and pounded
Little crumbs...

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Categories: red, beauty, earth, environment, extended

Premium Member The Dress
It was the last year of high school and there was a lack of beaux,
But then I got an invite. Whew, that was close!
So now...

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Categories: red, 12th grade, dance, high

Hair as golden as leaves falling,
Wings as red as trees slowly dying....

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Categories: character, hero, red, science

Premium Member The Red Hair Girl At The Houston Station
The pretty red hair girl
at the Houston Station
gave me heart palpitation,
but she got all my revered admiration...
because she resembled a Barbie doll;
and I became so...

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Categories: red, beautiful, emotions, fate, girl,

love is in the air
The cool evening breeze 
sweeps across her moonlit hair 
laying bare her beauty 
by the gently air 
never have my eyes 
seen a maiden so...

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Categories: red, beautiful, beauty, desire, feelings,

Whar art thou dame of my dream
Whar art thou dame of my dream?

Eagerness readily overtakes me prior 
to succumbing to nightly slumber. 

Tis boot a blink when eyelids become relaxed 

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Categories: red, absence, addiction, allusion, angel,

Premium Member My Rose
My loving beautiful Rose, 
I love you from your head to your painted toes. 
I called her everyday until our love grew, 
I will dream of you...

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Categories: red, flower, fun, happy, how

Years before 13th birthday
Sun beckons me run play
In the street under golden ray
With neighborhood kids on hills of clay

Learning to ride bike and skate
Playing kickball...

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Categories: red, america, appreciation, basketball, black

Premium Member Grandpas Red Devil Box
Where is grandpa’s red devil box? 
Each grandchild asked this as we entered the home.
It was a box grandpa had teased us with since we...

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Categories: red, grandfather,

Premium Member BoneDeep Lonely
Imprisoning textures
and routine lectures
in loneliness,

"your own fault"
"not Other's loss"

dipolar co-arising

Loneliness effacing
cognitive/affective reason
and denying access
to more social future seasons

Including primal memories
of self-appreciation
communication resource-fullness,

And yet,

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Categories: red, green, health, loneliness, peace,