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Is This a Recipe for Happy Soup
I am so unsure what to do
Because I don't really know you
But my heart says find a way
As my words are not child's play

There must therefore be time for us to both discover
If we are maybe right for each other
And...Read More
Categories: recipe, fantasy, how i feel, together, true love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Poetic Recipe

Poetry is made up of nouns, verbs and other types delicious ingredients that may inspire you..
A dash of rhyme, a spoonful of sonnet, a cup of verse, a hint of haiku or a drop of limerick too!
Mixing up letters, chopping...Read More
Categories: recipe, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member LOVE POTION

Who hasn’t heard of the notion
The secret recipe for love potion
Can detonate a frenzied explosion
While stirring carnal emotion
Wild winds setting in motion
The sails ablaze on blue ocean
Stars above burn in devotion
Igniting the spark of implosion
Catapulting a heart in commotion

Submitted on...Read More
Categories: recipe, devotion, fantasy, imagination, longing, love, magic, passion,
Form: Monorhyme
I come to Pos' ey Soup' ers Rec' ip' e Res' cue
 ( Looking at the poems of the day or year or whatever it was- saw a poem . . . A poem? Actually called a recipe. Gave me the idea- transmutilate a recipe into a fungal posery. The PoserSoup...Read More
Categories: recipe, 2nd grade, baby, bangla, baptism, baseball, beach,
Form: Didactic
Fried Chicken, Made of Awesome
I think it is time that I take a stance
on an issue of supreme importance,
I’ve stayed quiet on it for far too long,
to keep living a lie feels so wrong,
I hope this doesn’t sound hokey or trite,
I expect much flak...Read More
Categories: recipe, appreciation, bird, celebration, food, fun, humorous, truth,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Celebrating October
The frost has arrived on grass that has grayed,
          emerald turned crimson with comfort and ease-
barren branches withered as they swayed,
          as...Read More
Categories: recipe, autumn, october,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Actaeon's ruins
Actaeon’s ruins
   (A pagan spiritual translated into the English)

Do not go with the boy with the beaver teeth.
Do not go into that goodnight
Do not go into the suburbs of social good graces
   of creeping affluence where...Read More
Categories: recipe, courage, faith, gospel, longing, love, myth, romance,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Idling


Cool cold froth
slides across their pages
they whirl their congratulatory comments
like pucks across ice crystal cut sharp and precise 
waiting for return compliments
basting their words with oily accomplishment
slick and to strict recipe
baking like fat turkeys 
with temperatures
mild and appetites easily 

How...Read More
Categories: recipe, imagery, muse, psychological, symbolism, wisdom, word play,
Form: Free verse
When We Pray
Jesus taught us to pray, "Deliver us from evil".  We are often confronted
With a choice of evils in which we do not have the luxury of ignoring but
Rather a challenge to engage both the secular and Christian culture. ...Read More
Categories: recipe, america, christian, culture, god,
Form: Prose
Always remember
To never say that she must ask your mom
For a recipe, that’s disastrous!
Always remember
To laugh at yourself and with her,
Never, at her.
Always remember
That if there are no children, your
Wife always comes first,
Always remember
To let your past remain in...Read More
Categories: recipe, husband, marriage, wife,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cupid's recipe
Here is my famous recipe,
Ingredients for love, you see,
You need to slake your thirst,
Here are the elements, first,
Bring your patience kind, 
Sense of humor springs to mind,
Laugh together through the years,
Sometimes there are days of tears,
But Cupid ever strings his...Read More
Categories: recipe, beauty, blessing, love,
Form: Free verse
Soup Kitchen
This is my Church

This is my Soup Kitchen

Recipe Poem's

Click on and Read

If what you seek are answers

And you never know

You may even up staying

Find a place to belong

An extended home from home

To post a Poem have a chat

And get a...Read More
Categories: recipe, friendship love,
Form: Free verse

            Corn compressed in cloth
            low heat  steamed at kettle mouth 
     ...Read More
Categories: recipe, allusion, food,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member ART a recipe for sanity REMBRANT ekphrasis
bulbous nose
wild hair

        rule breaker
     ...Read More
Categories: recipe, art, people, tribute,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Winds of Change -- Trump vs Warren or Harris
Any state's electors 
  May now be defectors
A state may go for Trump
  But its electors can choose 'her'

A recipe for chaos, pure
  To be challenged in court, for sure...Read More
Categories: recipe, america, change, conflict, confusion,
Form: Political Verse


             Eggplant is eggplant!
             Some food, sort of spices,
              vegetables, legumen,
             leaves ... are undesirable ...!
             Among all, for sure
             the bitter eggplant...Read More
Categories: recipe, allusion, poetry,
Form: Prose Poetry
When Tofu's the Go
I read a recipe for tofu that some eat,
with comments saying that it can’t be beat.
So I will begin -
throw it in the bin,
and grill yourself a nice piece of meat....Read More
Categories: recipe, food, humor,
Form: Limerick
Galley Slave
Galley Slave

Unsung heroes of the open sea,
Not captain, nor navigator he,
Not the brave sailors before the mast,
The lowly ship’s cook we think of last,
Who makes meals from hardtack ‘n jerky.

Seamen always needed a ship’s cook,
A chef who needs no recipe...Read More
Categories: recipe, career, dream, introspection, love, memory, sea, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Raps blueprint
I pattern my rhymes to relate to the divine plans of the maker/
Marvel at how my nouns and verbs seem to dance on the paper/
Advanced orators don’t hesitate to drop the prepositions/
And don’t use words unless you know the proper...Read More
Categories: recipe, rap,
Form: Free verse
From a
Of old
Amphibian genes
New frogs potentials explode...Read More
Categories: recipe, creation, inspirational,
Form: Acrostic
Cheese Fun-due
Who says chocolate fondue
Makes the perfect rendez-vous?
Here’s a secret: you can meet
For a cheese fondue retreat
Which will make your life complete!

Rub a fondue pot with garlic
Add some white wine and some brandy
When it simmers stir the cheese- 
Swiss or Gruyere-...Read More
Categories: recipe, culture, food, inspiration,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Cooking with Potatoes

So versatile is the potato.
It’s orange; it’s yellow; it’s white; it’s sweet.
It’s baked or boiled; it’s mashed or fried.
It’s served with poultry, with fish or with meat.

I love to cook, and I have for you
three recipes for potato dishes.
Not too...Read More
Categories: recipe, food,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member recipe of chance
only random densities
comprise the real puzzle
that is the recipe of chance
thoughts that come together 
like a mixed pile colony of ants
which retreats and which attracts
when it must to establish what facts
comprise that reality puzzle of the now
conundrum going on and...Read More
Categories: recipe, absence, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
Emerald Moon
I see the darkness
Inspired by your heart
Lit by wicked flame
A soul lost to chaos
Soon to be lost
Soon to be dead
If only we had time
To see past emerald moon
And forgotten rapture
Know in selfish sacrifice
This is selfless gratitude
Painted in intricate lamentations
The demons...Read More
Categories: recipe, allusion, conflict, deep, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Stuffed Artichokes,- Yum Yum
Preparing stuffed artichokes 
My mom's recipe 
Breadcrumbs, garlic, salami 
Stuff (ALL) the leaves 
Steam them on low heat 
Three-four hours 
Eat!...Read More
Categories: recipe, food,
Form: Epulaeryu