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Raise Hell Poems

Raise Hell Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of raise hell poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for raise hell.

New Poems

It's Friday Night
It is Friday and cars are rolling down the street
It is Friday and I can feel your heart beat, 
I know that you are thousands of miles away
 My spirit is yearning so come and meet me halfway
When you hear...Read More
Categories: raise hell, beauty, blessing, destiny, england, environment, friend, romance,
Form: Narrative

Mad Anthony's Masterstroke, Part I
In May of seventeen seventy-nine
Henry Clinton was having a hard time,
so tired of the rebels still fighting,
had to somehow get Gorge Washington
out of the looming Hudson Highlands,
and then force the war to a final ending.

He marched his army to the...Read More
Categories: raise hell, america, conflict, courage, hero, history, hope, war,
Form: Epic
Hit Em Up Rap
Now i'ma drop em down,
watch as I knock em down /
You get KO'd, pop em pow,
right when I knock em out /
Like Kawhi on D with these bars, stop em now,
Now watch me as I lock em down /
It is...Read More
Categories: raise hell, rap,
Form: Free verse
Diary Of A Mid-Life Wife

Bites of frost fierce;
iced words did pierce
flushed flesh, soft soul
chilled as you stole

youth of my life,
long lived your wife.
We wed; blissed days
blest till your craze.

Your mid age mess
lust for me less,
as thrills I gave
you now don’t crave.

My angst for naught
in...Read More
Categories: raise hell, betrayal, heartbreak, lost love, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
The One
One day, I hope it will be easier. 
One day, I hope the pain will subside.
One day, I hope that hole in my heart will fill.
One day, I'll be by your side.

I hope that day comes one day my brother
You're...Read More
Categories: raise hell, brother, death, depression, mental illness, miss you,
Form: Epitaph

Don't Know Her Name
I need to go wild where the whiskey flows,
And where the cards make a shufflin' flutter.
I will go wherever the young blonde goes,
And hope her blue eyes don't make me stutter.

Been ridin' this trail for a long damn time -
Pushin'...Read More
Categories: raise hell,
Form: Sonnet
Advice Against Being an Ass
In a very crowded bar
Fred decides he must 
tell this fellow
something important
so he whispers 

“Don’t be an ass
and go home tonight
and raise hell over 
a matter like that.

“She did nothing wrong
except hurt your feelings
without knowing it.
She meant no harm.

“Be happy...Read More
Categories: raise hell, marriage,
Form: Blank verse
No one is safe
The suns shines,
Yet the rain pours mercilessly
The angels sing harmoniously,
While the demons raise hell
The moon proclaims peace,
As the meteor destroys the earth,
No one is safe, from the desolation
No one is safe from the devastation
For years we used you like a...Read More
Categories: raise hell, meaningful, planet, poetry, weather,
Form: Free verse
So it begins anew
a day to dread, a day to wake up to
I'd say all I want to do is sleep, if sleep didn't terrify me
so I stay up till I faint
an opaque way to a colorless scenario
but bleak is...Read More
Categories: raise hell, anger, dark, depression, desire, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Self Inflicted
We have mentally drained our emotions into the world around us 
Causing our own commotions then get mad with what surrounds us. 
We lack to feel for those that we see have less. 
We slack and oppose for what we...Read More
Categories: raise hell, appreciation, art, beautiful, beauty, blessing,
Form: Light Verse
The Wordsmith
"The Wordsmith"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

You only Live once, so do what you choose
He Gave us Free it's your Life to lose
How is your relationship with God?
And I may not be a Saint, but God Knows I Try
Because He...Read More
Categories: raise hell, art, bible, blessing, encouraging, faith, god, jesus,
Form: Free verse
Boys do boys BREAKS toys.  Knick knack paddy wack. Give. A dog. A bone.
Some say the things that boys do are wrong and even more wrong still.
Pushing a go cart up a steep steep hill. Wrestling down steps and...Read More
Categories: raise hell, anger, angst, baseball, basketball, boy,
Form: Prose
we were heroes
for that moment
in the rush and heat of the crowd
under the television cameras and brilliant lights
there was camaraderie and purpose
there was the beauty of belonging to something bigger than
something grand and bright with promise
stood shoulder to shoulder against the powers...Read More
Categories: raise hell, america, appreciation, friend, hero, november, political,
Form: Free verse
Note By Note
Sophisticated, but mentally endangered, he's sharp as a razor
Intimidated by his own mind, until his pen forms a sword and defeats his paper,
Categorized by society, given the label of a thug,
Found guilty of innocence, cause he was born into the...Read More
Categories: raise hell, on writing and words, write,
Form: Rhyme
violent acts of rage

"Violent Acts of Rage"

Written by: Rodney Riggins

Power within to demolish what's
in front of you tearing away what's
been inside you for years. The beast is 
alive because your soul has died
and your hatred takes control of you.
Killing is so easy America...Read More
Categories: raise hell, life, may, murder, drug,
Form: Verse
A Table of Four
“A Table of Four”

A table of four,
This is my ideal table of four, 
My girlfriend and my two bestfriends,
At a Poetry Soup Convention, 
We would raise hell,
For soup is good,
And we love poems, 
Never have any of us been to...Read More
Categories: raise hell, epicpoetry,
Form: I do not know?
Coursing through my veins
Infecting my brain
Drives me insane

I'm feindin' for those uppers
I'm feindin' to get down
I need to feel that ecstasy
That overwhelming sound

I'm cravin' me some instant death
I'm asking to raise hell
I hear my familiar shallow breath
That comfy, cushioned...Read More
Categories: raise hell, confusion, happiness, introspection, life, music, recovery,
Form: Quatrain
Intelligence Incarcerated
Strong brains

Driven insane

Tired of mundane

Instruction tuned

In to the ways 

Of the world's sin

Many gifted from

Birth many treated

As if they have no

Worth. Satan on 

Their life path because

They have so many 

That their lives affect

So they are locked up

And inprisoned 

Like...Read More
Categories: raise hell, introspection, life
Form: Rhyme
A Gale Gallops
A Gale Gallops...
A storm is about to raise hell
The Golgotha will rise up again...
The stalking souls vex the running vein
Frigid libido longs for coital warmth
Relationships shatter...
Blood relations go bloody now and then.
Meteorological forebodings on air...
Beacon fails to...Read More
Categories: raise hell, confusion
Form: Sonnet
always remember your friends
take care of them and make sure the friendship never ends

They will raise hell and buy you a drink
and they wont judge you on what you think

They will steal your shoes and cry on you shoulder
But you...Read More
Categories: raise hell, friendship
Form: I do not know?
(This is a fictional poem)

My father-in-law is so old that his first friend was Barney Rubble.
When he comes to my house, he causes nothing but trouble.
I can hear him coming when I hear his old bones creak.
He pees all over...Read More
Categories: raise hell, family, funny, wife, old, me, old, time,
Form: I do not know?
One Step Ahead of The Best
You walk on me like a sidewalk 
And write on me like chalk 
I go blind just seeing you talk 
My teeth are numb from hearing you walk
I’m caught in your vision
In the crosshairs of your indecision 
Like a shadow...Read More
Categories: raise hell, angst, happiness, hope, inspirational, lost love, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme