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Day Prose Poetry Poems

These Day Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Day. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Day poems written by international poets.

Premium Member An Ugly Pile of Wet Animals
A child was killed at this intersection on Tuesday.
A cross is on the spot before nightfall.
By noon Wednesday stuffed animals have arrived.
And dozens of cheap...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Blackbird in September
In dream lone blackbird sits on telephone line,
pleading, what more do I have to give. 

Wing once beat out a metronome in time..
leaving thoughts lost...

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Categories: bird, dream, identity, loss,

Premium Member Of Surrealism and Reality

Great day in the morning!
I can hear freedom bells ringing;
I can see liberty waving on the horizon;
I can smell the sweetness of equality;
I can taste...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, imagery, metaphor,

Love's Promise
It is sad when you realize words are powerless
to express what is truly upon your heart, or
when flowers fail to lend their wonderous beauty
to speak...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member What is Your Diet Like
The doctor’s intake nurse smiled at me.   “What is your diet like?”
For a brief second I thought about lying. Yes, it is that...

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Categories: health,

I think of death and wonder,
I think of death and wonder,

I think of death and wonder,
What would it be like
To depart this life?
Perhaps to drown?

Ah yes, to drown
To choke, to...

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Categories: adventure, christian, death, fantasy,

Stars and Angels

How do they differ?

Stars shine and sometimes dim.
Thats when angels come in.
Angels lift the stars back up. 
Their wing span engulfs
All the stray...

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Categories: friendship love,


              The tomato is the Kamikaze
    of the kitchen...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, fantasy, humor,

Premium Member Give me the Unruly Child with Lots of Energy
Evilness has not reared his head in my world.
I know nothing of it, really, and do not pretend to.
The devilish ways of mischievous mites and...

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Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,

Premium Member A Fine Fabulous Fun Day at Kalamazoo
It will be a fine, fabulous, fun, day at Kalamazoo. 
Susan will be riding on the back of her golden elephants,
Elise, flying in on her...

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Categories: joy, life, woman,

Premium Member I have had Many Un-Paid Days Before
Met a bunch of new friends yesterday.
Do not know any of them really.
But there is some potential there.
I know because I have done it before.

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Categories: friend, school,

Premium Member Following a Class Act
Starting my usual job as a school counselor
but in two schools instead of one.
An improbable task. I have done it before, and it is not...

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Categories: jobs, school,

Premium Member A Nation In Crisis

It has been said that America
is an experiment in democracy.
If that is so—and it seems to be—
this country is in deep...

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Categories: america, conflict, discrimination, imagery,

Premium Member Preta's Slumber Tiime
Day was beginning
Preta had to hurry
Floating casually
Landing delicately
Landing on her favorite cottonwood leaf

She surveyed the meadow
Bunnies hopping to pink clover
Drone of grasshoppers fed her ears

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Categories: fairy,

And when I turn behind
And when I turn behind
I am always down by what I find.
Some important papers of my father,
Which now he don't even remember,
Some photos preserved by...

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Categories: dad, emotions, father, mother

Canopy Peace
There is a vast canopy encircling the entire earth and capped in skies of blue.          ...

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Categories: blue,

they around city and town
some act like a  clown
what they say
can be a bad day
to them its cool
don't  listen to

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Categories: abuse, adventure,

its time for this
get it
your bby will fit
until its over
its the lords clover
drink something and wink
make sure its cold be  bold
hear what  say...

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Categories: devotion,

Premium Member A Run on Dandelions
Dandelions are in short supply the news station warned us.
If you have not had your immunizations it might be too late.
There is a limited supply...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member How Can The Blinded Ever Bear To See
How Can The Blinded Ever Bear To See

Above drudgery of this life
skies just begging to be seen
sun sends its warmth and its hello
to a humanity...

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Categories: art, culture, deep, humanity,