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Soulmate Prose Poems

These Soulmate Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Soulmate. These are the best examples of Prose Soulmate poems written by international poets.

One step further another hurdle that we flew over
And still you are my best friend my man my lover
Slowly we begin to recover
Learning and growing...

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Categories: deep, desire, love, soulmate,

Today, I feel a great strength!

It is the same strength, that every two feel,
(when, at last, they are brought together, again)
Who were forged together
In the...

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Categories: prose, husband, integrity, longing, love,

Premium Member But A Moment - Love Snippets 2

"Hurry, you've gotta see this!"
She yelled at me from a hundred yards down the beach ...
So I ran, barefooted, as fast as I could to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, love, passion, romance,

When A Wife Flies Half-way Round the World
[After I wrote this, I understood why so often when one half of a long term-- 40, 50, 60 plus years--couple dies, the other often...

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Categories: prose, angst, appreciation, devotion, inspirational

Youth, concept of the aging vessel, 
that is rooted in fear; what is fear?

Fear is the decaying root of doubt; 
dig it up, burn it...

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Categories: age, courage, faith, how

Shadow of Mirror
A countenance of shining silver..
was a cheerful lucent mirror.
Sparkled on the cheeks ..
droplets of woe and tear.
The grief of grimace flushed..
the glitter was all disappear...

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Categories: prose, angel, beautiful, deep, image,

Another story
There's a story 
Of a little cute girl 
And angry young man 
Who used to be stranger once

This Lovely couple never fails to resemble
They simply...

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Categories: prose, cute love, soulmate,

Journey Of A Man

A man is born 
With burden on his shoulders
Has to live 
With tears in their eyes 

A man himself is responsible 
For his smile 

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Categories: prose, beautiful, life,

You now have such control over me
Causing my mind no longer to be free
All you have to do is call my name
And your voice causes...

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Categories: beautiful, desire, devotion, soulmate,

I Know You
I know you
I keep seeing glimmers
reflections like shining angles
of your diamond soul
more often than I knew
sparking recognition
when time forgot me.

Behind that smile, 
the being, the...

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Categories: prose, love, soulmate,

All The Little Things
Somewhere along the way, I fell in love.
I fell in love with all the little things you didn't know you were doing.
I fell in love...

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Categories: prose, boyfriend, first love, i

I look at you and time stands still,
All the creatures come to a halt,
Don’t even feel that i am breathing anymore,
Never in you ever, can...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, cute, desire, i

Dullness in the Mind
There is a dullness in my mind
I have tried to figure out every reason that I can find
Music, Yoga and Work on my list stand...

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Categories: prose, depression,

Super Hero Woes
It was too good to be true
Me and you that is
And every hi gave me hope knowing goodbye was all she wrote
Her stories never led...

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Categories: prose, art, happiness, heartbroken, hip

thank you for all
thank you for love,thank you for hate,
thank you for being unknown to soulmate.
thank you for giving me beautiful memory,
thank you for making my lovely love...

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Categories: prose, best friend, break up,

I See You Everywhere
I want to hold you in my arms but you're too far away.
You're so unfamiliar, and yet I'm still in love with you.
But I shall...

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Categories: prose, crush, heartbreak, how i


Your friend, my friend...
Friends again

Who else could share...
Our fears, tears, smiles, kisses, memories?

Painful time when ours is not
No heart, no mind, could replace

Your face is...

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Categories: black african american, desire,

Tickle my black brook
   ( For Deena ) 

Tickle my black brook
when foolish drinkers go
hide me in the sentinal green

secret my eyes by the bank
where I...

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Categories: prose, romance, soulmate,

The Aisle
The Aisle 

A cathedral of trees; 
An aisle of sand,
Barefoot I carry you, 
Through our Golden land

Your head on my shoulder,
Your hand on my arm...

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Categories: prose, beauty, lonely, love, soulmate,

Premium Member Soul Food Recipes
Rob Brezsny reports
In 2004, San Rafael hosted a World Conference of Soul-Making
resulting in three schools for best practices,
to which I will add one more.

"The Ruminators

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Categories: prose, culture, deep, growth, health,