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Silly Prose Poems

These Silly Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Silly. These are the best examples of Prose Silly poems written by international poets.

Premium Member What have You Heard of Me
What have you heard of me oh friend?
Those who can’t beat my reach complain so silly
my description, exchanging mouths but of weight, its devoid
giving the...

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Categories: prose, betrayal, friend, friendship, life,


                  Standing, thinking without thinking of anything ...

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Categories: prose, allusion, art, dance, joy,


          Be irresponsible
by acts of third parties,
but responsible for
your actions ... but not
Be a crazy
controlled or...

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Categories: prose, allusion, literature, motivation, poetry,


One foot forward, pause a sec
Two foot forward, pause and check
Googley green goggles, round and round spies. 
Slow reptilian eyes spots garden...

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Categories: prose, animal, fun, funny, hilarious,

Premium Member Out Cackling The Others Now
I take a sip of pinkish liquid – White Zin.
Will I be able to drive home now?
The goblet seems much more fun than it should...

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Categories: prose, addiction,

Educated Nonsense
(For the Lack of anything else to call it)
          Educated Nonsense     ...

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Categories: prose, angst, conflict, confusion, crazy,

its has taste
don't let it go to waste
when its cold
get a bold
its make you happy silly

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Categories: prose, adventure, food,

The Wager
A friendly wager between the two
A shake of hands and it was through 
God and the Devil struck a deal
How many souls could they steal

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Categories: poems,

Premium Member Winds That Call

An untamed wind 
lifts up the skirts of trees,
shaking them like wet-wash
some old woman pins
toward the sunlight
It shrieks like
silly adolescent girls
It bends sound away from...

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Categories: prose, nature, poetry, write,

Premium Member I Would Like To Be A Changeling Next
Some wanted to be tigers.  The angels talked a few out of it,
Two were led away, because they had a ridiculously silly hissy fit.

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Categories: prose, fantasy,

Premium Member I Think I Heard My Name
It was awful, it was terrible, it was the most dis-dasdardly-mean thing I have ever heard, and
I think they were talking about me.
What did they...

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Categories: prose, anti bullying, bullying,

Premium Member Deaf As Sanctuary Dust
"Therapeutic relationships
are made of healing voices
retelling stories,
strings of hopeful light
reweaving faith in future healthy climates."

Writes the aging Muse
in her fusing bodymind
for future integral love stories


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Categories: prose, age, books, health, history,

Pen Paper Couple- 4th Anniversary Special Poem
They call my style old boring art 
But please tell me what they know about me? 
When I say “slam” everybody looks at me and...

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Categories: prose, art, career, dream, poetry,

Premium Member Do You Need Some Pixie Dust
Laughing, dancing, having the time of her life,
Faerie Fun went from mushroom house to toadstool cottage,
Spreading joy,
Playing with everyone
In a kind and pleasant way.
There was...

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Categories: prose, 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member Lunch With Bobby
My dad died in the mountains when I was six.
First words out of his mouth, a new boy, unknown to me.
How old are you now?...

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Categories: prose, child, life,

Some Thoughts on Human Nature
What really is human nature? It seems like an easy, even silly question: surely everyone knows what human nature is, as we all have one....

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Categories: allah, allusion, angst, appreciation,

Hitler was brutal in his ideology - no imperfection,
had to be blue eyed, blonde hair, a natural selection,
Goebbels was in charge, with experiments on twins,

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Categories: abortion, child, sick,

Doing in days
Thinking at nights
About all those truths and lies
Intending what else I would have said
Or what I should have not
There's millions of thoughts
In this...

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Categories: prose, celebration, hurt, imagination,

The lear at

the anointment,

A cruz controlled gear,

gets no appointment,

The gruesome task is,
to trust the element,

or even just feebly miscalculated,

As another was given the equality one...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, analogy, animal,

There's A Poet In Everyone
Dear Sprouting Rhymers,

To me, modern poetry could be most simply put as “everything”,
     everything that you see, experience or feel put...

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Categories: poetry,