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River Prose Poems

These River Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about River. These are the best examples of Prose River poems written by international poets.

The electrician on the Starship
The Electrician......

on the starship Enterprise
the lights have gone all dim
captain Kirk decided to 
get an electrician in

the electrician's name was Bodger
he was fully qualified
what Captain...

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Categories: prose, fun, funny, science fiction,

Premium Member Cottage by river
Cottage by whistling river beautiful, cozy and warm 
Wreathed by Mother Earth in her seasons’ natural charm 
Drenched in rain or covered in blanket of...

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Categories: prose, nature, river,


A young boy in a desert trailer,
wishes inspiration will fall in him,
pitter, patter, like raindrops,
transforming into keytaps,
on the ancient yellow-screened word processor
that was his father's...

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Categories: prose, childhood,

Premium Member To A Beautiful Misry Winter Ensemble

Pine needles ape ice cycles
glowing in the misty rain;
the cold air periodically
sneezes a chilling wind.

What little snow that remains,
clings to the hillsides—except 
where little flowing...

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Categories: prose, color, metaphor, rain, river,

Night and Morning

You sleep
In the next room
As you are
Restless, sore,
Not wanting
To keep
Me awake

Yet, we
Sewn together
Like incubated

In the morning
I, half asleep,
Feel you
Breeze by me
And I get...

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Categories: prose, religious,

Playing gin rummy with a Hippopotamus
Playing gin rummy with a Hippopotamus,
I know it seems oddly preposterous.
To be straight up honest, I've lost 4 rounds!
My oath upon it, as strange as...

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Categories: prose, animal,

Today, I feel a great strength!

It is the same strength, that every two feel,
(when, at last, they are brought together, again)
Who were forged together
In the...

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Categories: prose, husband, integrity, longing, love,

Skipping Pebbles
Have you woken up by a river?
One within the forbidden woods.
A tent, for two. Sleeping bags.
The stream, rushing over golden sand.
I could hear the trees...

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Categories: prose, absence, childhood, deep, emotions,

Workingman's world

In an ahistorical fog:

all the Ways home,

all the signposts,

treacherously hidden 

by greedy men and women:

all eyes off the ball:

mere contemptible bourgeois folly.


The rain is unending,


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Categories: prose, angst, freedom, political, symbolism,

Water Music
Water’s voice is sweet;
Playing soft whispers across the rocks,
sculpting ground,
trickling, lapping staccato;
a splash crescendo
a symphony begins.
A musical genius
writes notes in the earth;
pulsates to it’s own...

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Categories: appreciation, metaphor, music, song,

A Shower of Sediment
In such a whimsical action 
a half-asleep routine 
shaped disrobed and left stark naked
this vehicle, this housing, a shell
scarred skin, greying hair, bones, muscle 

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Categories: prose, blessing, imagination, nature, poetry,


When you go deep in your silence, there is nothing can break you but the faint sound of your days and when you read my...

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Categories: family,

for acceptance all
life is flowing river
same stream over all the world
small to large and vice versa of it
seen to unseen and vice versa of it
bad to...

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Categories: prose, how i feel, life,

Riding To War
Their black cloaks rose off the rears of the their horses and trailed spray behind them. Bracken, gorse and heather protested in agitated dance at...

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Categories: war,

First Farewell
We wrapped a long length of red holy cloth around
his body, slung him between two green bamboo poles,
and carried him to the edge of the...

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Categories: prose, grandfather,

Dat Ole River
 Dat Ole River (The Calcasieu)

Dats a lazy ole river, dats a muddy ole river.   
Dat river she flows on and on and...

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Categories: prose, boyfriend, character, children, my

I've fooled you Mr Death
He feasts on Death, a daily dose.
Life's to pretty, love, sentiment.
Feeds on hatred, his human host,
He forecloses souls, waives the rent.

He disects hearts like a...

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Categories: prose, religion,


Standing here in the mind of mine
passing through and over the time
pulling out thoughts sublime:
sorrow, hate, pain, joy, love, sanity--
all the mold character of my...

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Categories: prose, africa, allegory, america, analogy,

Africa Under Siege
Africa is raped. The continent of life is pumped dry, and the colonizer won’t stop, ’till he is stopped. And blocked.

We pay colonial tax for...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Dance with the Senses
Notes that float on rippling strings are happy little gems.  
Clicking, clacking percussion crescendos; 
a celebration of a percussion family reunion 
is never quiet.

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Categories: appreciation, environment, music, nature,