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Riddle Prose Poems

These Riddle Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Riddle. These are the best examples of Prose Riddle poems written by international poets.

Dirty Stones

The enormity of my choice 
Even baffled me;
My path across the park
Was strewn with many stones,
I had picked up the dirtiest one; 
Once cleansed
It was...

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Categories: prose, irony, riddle,

I tottered to the bedroom window 
then, painfully, clumsily 
drew back the curtains ‘pon my today. 
At first glance
morning blinded me with wilful extravagance
reminiscent of...

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© emma green  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, day, dream, night, riddle,

To Day
I allude subjects dressed as 
black memorials. I hate attending 
gray eulogized gatherings filled
with stereotypical colloquialisms 
dressed in puke hued green. 
Why? As a prose...

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© Sona Wilae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, life, , memorial,

Forever High and Low
I often ask myself what I'm wondering
What's the riddle that has me stumped?
How much longer will I feel this way?
Why am I forever riding swells?


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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection, memory,

Tug of War
Life is a tug of war,
Between right and wrong,
Justice and injustice,
Truthfulness and falsehood,
In life's trying pathways,
We are faced with the choice,
Between two contrasting options,
We should...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, confusion, riddle,

Premium Member Hang Man
   This has been a hot minute to say the cold hard truth. I second that! Glasses full of hours turn hands into...

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Categories: prose, adventure, analogy, conflict, imagery,

Riddle, riddle was the turtle’s tale, 
out of its shell with more riddles to tell.
Twinkle, twinkle like the stars twinkle, 
the sky into laughter when...

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Categories: prose, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Atheist Riddle
What is the difference between an atheist and a panentheist?

Atheists cannot discover any signs of divinity outside ourselves
While the panentheist uncovers what organizes interior landscapes...

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Categories: prose, space, spiritual, time, trust,

Premium Member Sin Sorry Sunday
It's now sin sorry Sunday, don't look so swell, take a look in the mirror, look like he'll, start thinking I'm tired of living this...

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Categories: prose, addiction, appreciation, blessing, destiny,

Life is a puzzle,
I am trying to solve…
A dark mystery,
On which,
I am trying to shed light upon…

As I struggle to solve this riddle,
I seek from...

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Categories: prose, life, mystery,

Closing Monologue
"I was continuing to shrink, to become...
What? The infinitesimal? 
What was I? 
Still a human being? 

Or was I the man of the future? 

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Categories: prose, destiny, film, nature, world,

The Ringing R
By no mistake my name is Richard
And I am chauffeured in a rickshaw
A rickshaw that comes first in a row
With others that roll on shining...

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Categories: prose, poetry,

What Is Poetry
                  What is Poetry
What is Poetry ?...

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Categories: philosophy, poetry, riddle, ,

Two Royals On A Mission - A Riddle

They parachute nude into urban New Jersey,
two Brits on a mission to claim their nobility,
a Prince and his Princess, infantile, ill equipped, 
out to reconquer...

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Categories: fantasy,

Learning helps us understand who we are 
Our capacity to grasp an idea
Gives us the ability to
Transform our environment
Our know-how used to good effect

To conquer...

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Categories: prose, allegory, life,

A mother chicken lays an egg when it hatches, there is a chicken. That’s how it has always been.
Every chicken comes from an egg and...

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Categories: prose, art, riddle,

~ (~( ~ ... The Great Writers ... ~ (~) ~ ... The Riddle ... ~ (~) ~

""I mean I have a mission 
at my discretion waking everyday 
in the morning. I know I should be 
delighted but with my head all...

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, inspirationalme, me, riddle,

~ (~) ~ Oh Love ~ (~) ~ Thoughts of a Child ~ (~) ~ The Blessing ~ (~) ~


Oh-to love-as willingly-
boldly, if-but shyly; solely... .

Taken-time-tender- tarrying

truly-waisted I feel-never-it is... 
in the venture... now.

Yes willful-ambicious 

open... yes time-presses on,
the riddle-love, seemingly;

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, inspirational

'No Quatrains, But Refrains' - Part 4
(a poetry collection)

for The Beloved and in honor of Mevlana Jallaladin Rumi

… you´ll find yourself through the agony of giving birth to your friend, brother...

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Categories: prose, romanceheart, heart, riddle,

~ The Great Writers ~ (A Riddle) ~ Part #5 Quotes this book and poems are based on. Chap #1
Quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame" what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste...

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, upliftingwork, work,