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Mentor Prose Poems

These Mentor Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Mentor. These are the best examples of Prose Mentor poems written by international poets.

Who Are You and Why Are You Here
One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life's purpose, my dear?

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Categories: prose, death, i am,

Premium Member Reminiscing About Small Town Life
I unconditionally love the eutony heard by
my soul when I hear certain words.
zing, zip, zeal, zest, zealot, zipper, and z,
are particular favorites, for several sing-songy...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

My Guru
Yes Dada! I realize I am nothing but I live in ignorance.
I need Thy grace.
I need God's Grace to be liberated from this ignorance.
Without you...

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Categories: prose, birth, blessing, blue,

Premium Member Mentoring Program Feeds
My job was to set up ten mentors for my children at my school. I set up sixteen.
The training was after school yesterday and thirteen...

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Categories: food,

We all have one in our lives, someone better than you,
not much to be done about it, in shades of blue,
where did he get the...

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Categories: high school, language, literature,

A Lone Wolf in My Office
He walked into my office, business in hand,
In denim baggy overalls, a plaid shirt, white painters cap, 
and grandpa's old white leather orthopedic shoes.
If I...

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Categories: appreciation, business, endurance, image,

Changing Scenes
Scenes of life keep on changing,
Tend to keep us wondering,
Darts of flesh make us faltering,
Keep in touch with God praying,
Propelled by spirit to go on...

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Categories: prose, blessing, dedication, devotion, faith,

My Nation's dairy
Nigerians aren't happy people...But we enjoy everyday 

Not because it's easy but Our fate is accepted 
Yet, we grow to change that... 

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Categories: abuse, africa, age, anger,

Premium Member My Guardian Angel
I suppose,
as a pretentiously self-uberespecting Wise Elder,
I should be alpha-embarrassed to admit
my youngest son,
unable to speak or even sign,
unable to even successfully chew and swallow...

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Categories: prose, angel, family, humor, language,

Premium Member Parting Instructions For My Oldest
You did not choose to be born,
much less Black Lives Really Should Equally Matter born
into this legacy,
your familial and civil Two-Connecticuts destiny.

I realize that,
And regret...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, caregiving, health, integrity,

From Laetitia to Euphoria An Epistle Warning against Melancholia: Part II
(continued from, "From Laetitia to Euphoria An Epistle Warning against Melancholia: Part I)

Melancholia’s third and final principle is the dissemination of nihilism, the philosophy that...

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Categories: prose, depression, friend, metaphor, philosophy,

Premium Member The Only Way To Go
When I was a new seminarian
I had a favorite parish priest mentor
who told me the best way to die
is while having an orgasm.

I wasn't sure...

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Categories: prose, blessing, death, health, humanity,

Kindle Spirit
They said that over the years I've killed ten people, and 
they said that with conviction as if it was a fact
I think in secrecy...

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Categories: violence,

Premium Member Cooperative Health Expectations
We might expect LeftBrain deduced beliefs and monoculturing values
to develop a discontinuously co-arising energy and information base,
becoming  dualistically dysfunctional,
of Earth's limiting fossil-fuel declining energy,

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Categories: prose, destiny, happiness, health, love,

He's a bit off
That one
Writes poetry
Observes the passing throng
Passing judgment
On what's wrong
Pushing virtue
And venture
And all that out-dated stuff.
Isn't Wikipedia good enough?
He told a friend
Sleep gets...

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Categories: prose, hero, humanity, inspiration, mentor,

The Baton, A Letter To My Children
The Baton, A Letter to my Children
Curtis Johnson

Dear Pam, Curt, and Jem,
My father, your grandfather, died when I was 13 years of age.
Pam, when I...

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Categories: analogy, family, father, future,

Premium Member The Agnostic Gardener
How can you say
with your not quite straight face
that you neither know nor care
anything of God, or gods, or even exotic goddesses?

That's like saying you...

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Categories: prose, beauty, community, culture, god,

Premium Member The Sacrilege of Terror
The host-guest relationship is more or less sacred all over the world.  (Gregory Bateson, Sacred Unity)

Except among terrorists, where host and guest are reversed...

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Categories: prose, abuse, culture, health, humanity,

Premium Member Maturing Up Together
When you hear justice
do you also listen for responsive mercy?
Or are you more likely to feel merciless revenge
against uncivilized behavior
swelling vibrant adrenaline 
baptizing your self-righteous...

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Categories: prose, health, humanity, humor, love,

Premium Member Bad Humors Create Victims
Good Humors Create Healers

Humorless weaponed officials
applying laws
to challenged and challenging
unarmed natures,
is like expecting a rabid rattlesnake
to advocate with and for patience,
understanding through merciful listening,
to apply...

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Categories: prose, caregiving, health, humanity, humor,