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Bereavement Prose Poems

These Bereavement Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Bereavement. These are the best examples of Prose Bereavement poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Our Father
Your face is hidden from me now

And I am in mourning

I whispered to you daily asking for guidance 

I received a blade to slice out...

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Categories: angel, bereavement,

Grief and suffering
I can be
A Life sentence to many

Because . . .

The more you love me
The more 
I will hurt you in return

I can take away your...

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Categories: prose, age, anxiety, appreciation, bereavement,

Premium Member Then and Now
Gone now the storm, we foundered on the shoreline
Two broken souls never met in a before time
Similar though distant we had spent our lives apart

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Categories: prose, bereavement, wife,

vehicle- the death angel
student they are
on the wings of knowledge,
on mirthful wings of angel,
on light of inside and outside

smiling touches them purely
fresh mind, fresh eye view to the...

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Categories: prose, death, depression, nonsense,

Tides of Life
Tides of Life

Thoughts of my heart flowed out as tears,
The future ahead holds lots of fears.
As I alone walked down that memory lane,
I felt nothing...

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Categories: prose, absence, bereavement, death, grief,

Premium Member Major Not Minor
So major: 
Not minor
When things were cool 
Between us my dude an I 
we had an understanding.
I mean he knew, I was down for most...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, death, death of

once a soldier
once a soldier, a brother a spouse
a father, a buyer, the head of a house
one winter month on a Valentine's day
a very long time since...

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Categories: bereavement,

Spirit Wind
Spirit Wind>

I welcome you
breeze gently by
visit me scattered memories

answer my senses 
with sweet morose
from a parallel time

picture me a story
every life's year
of a family's happiness


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Categories: prose, absence, age, angst, bereavement,

Another one lost in Despair
We lost a friend, his heart so broken.
His weary woes were left unspoken.
He hurt inside with out release.
It must of brought him to his knees.

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Categories: anxiety, bereavement, death of

Summer Season On A Time Clock
Every dawn I yawn quiet, florescence I inhibit softly
A clear image I peep, nature settles calmly
Her intentions are infectious like a blossomed flower
Reminds me of...

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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, bereavement, death,

Passionately Falling Into The Abyss
Zenith from a telescope 
Chose this device at times to view the slightest hope
Fractured elements of my past seem to have their grip
For a brief...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, child abuse, confidence,


I could have done It Yesterday
that task that need be performed.
Sometime before the clouds had formed 
Early in the morn. 
I could...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, daughter, death, heartbreak,

My Dear Father-In-Law
My dear father in law

From the time we first met, I knew we would get along
It's not been a life time but our bond was...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, memory,

Premium Member Dark And Tragic, When Fate Sets Its Black Hand To Decide
Dark And Tragic, When Fate Sets Its Black Hand To Decide

Icy cold had invaded, her heart became a hard frozen tomb
Never again would she allow...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, betrayal, dark, death,

My Dad In Quotes
When playtime was over my tiny hands tediously picked up Tyco toys, a fistful of three at a time. "Atta girl," my dad would encourage....

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Categories: appreciation, bereavement, blessing, childhood,

Premium Member A Poet's Grief to Undying Love

Oh how I would love
To write flaming poems
Of love—singing songs stinging
The heart with arrow tipped words
Shot from Cupid’s quiver.
But today, passionate tears of joyous love

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Categories: prose, analogy, bereavement, children, hope,

In solitary,I kept myself based on self agitation, 
Feeling of incentives jerked my mood,
Though,sections were feebly layered on my face,
I was expecting no one,
So I...

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Categories: prose, anti bullying, anxiety, bereavement,

She is gone, but where, but why?
Where does that leave me:
And why did she have to leave?
"What is the real word for Indian giver"?
You give...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, betrayal, birth, child,

Ovid's Metamorphoses plus one
I am located in a park, where I am contemplating adjacent trees. 
One tree in particular has caught my attention. 
With each thought I feel...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, change, green,

Kinda Tired
I've run that masterful marathon called life
I've learned, grown, laughed and taken my bits of misery and strife

Oh! The beginning, it's kinda funny when I...

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Categories: bereavement, body, cry, death,