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Dog Prose Poems

These Dog Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Prose Dog poems written by international poets.


This is a story of an old couple who had no children of their own.
One day while the old woman was washing clothes at a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

if your from the country side
the land is wide
 plenty of logs
mabe bargaring dog

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Categories: prose, adventure,

the  both pets
i,ve no regret
do confess
 t cat run 
as dog have fun
chaseing it around
jump  country logs


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Categories: prose, adventure, courage,

Gray days, cobweb clouds, skeleton trees through my frosty window
Cold coffee, a piece of half-eaten toast, butter puddles frozen in place
Cat rubbing against my bare...

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Categories: prose, life, love,

this is not a dream
these love team
in house
chases mouse
other or blind as  a bat
thats the rat
some have around like  a hog
 love to...

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Categories: prose, adventure, animal,

Two Dog Night
Two dog night

A stillness had crept in under a cloak 
of finely sculptured snowflakes, descending 
quietly from an oppressively heavy sky. 
It blanketed deserted streets

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© Fred Clark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, destiny,

My Friend Roy
When you and I were children, many wonderful stories were read and told to us,          ...

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Categories: father, friend, love, marriage,


Outside the rain taps softly
Over smudged glass.

The space smells of sleepiness
Like a praying moon.

Lying back on the loveseat
We enter Walden Pond

Where ego becomes
A phantom belly...

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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, jewish, poems, religious,

The sky is a watery blue-white.
The dog sits in her bed at the window
Curled like a kitten & peacefully snores.
The cat lies on the sofa,...

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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, beautiful,

Pendle's unseen war
Tap tap  boom… sheep scattered like shrapnel
Brian Dunn’s instant memorial smoke rose
from his peaty wet death hole, roots
lumps of peat and ling fell like...

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Categories: prose, death, horror, loss, world

Before they silence my voice
Under jackboots and bone crushing dogs
I must set fort before dusk
As I am shielded 
By his gore
And crafted like Daniel
In the...

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Categories: prose, black african american, bullying,

A Black dog named depression
A Black Dog Named Depression

The Black dog follows me;
Down the dark lanes and pathways of the years;
Over the wide, cold chasms in the night,
With steady,...

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Categories: prose, allusion, animal, anxiety, body,

Snakes And Mr Baines
“A snake in the grass”. Such a powerful and direct metaphor of treachery, is it not? We strive to avoid such ones believed to be...

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Categories: boy, childhood,

Premium Member Thoughts on My Mindfulness
Mindfulness. . . what know I of mindfulness?
My mind is full of many things,
but unfortunately for me, that is not the meaning of mindfulness!

So, am...

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Categories: philosophy,

Because We Cut the Trees
Baked strands of air 
cut through my nostrils.
As a cloud of red hung above rooftops
so lads covered
their huge mouths and blood shot eyes 
with polythene...

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Categories: prose, africa, environment, future, weather,

Premium Member All Apart Together
We are all in one room
Morey is playing a violent video game 
because there are blood splatters on the screen
every time I look at his...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Developing Wings on the Way Down
     I was looking out the window and saw my neighbor across the street on a ladder, putting up an American...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, dog, scary,

Talk Therapy As Fulcrum To Leverage Psychological Ills
Oh...and hello
to you, some hours past, I
returned from counseling,
(hence this boy yent -
     albeit beastie boy 

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Categories: prose, atheist, december, desire, health,

Premium Member Comes the Night
Evening Hours 

An azure sky is being defeated 
by a shadow world where
a persistent half-moon is already
making its way up the silken expanses 
of blackest...

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Categories: prose, poetry, write,

Premium Member What I Promised I Cannot Do
The first inkling of a breakthrough.  Jim moved his finger today.
I am horrified, knowing him.  Knowing the vibrant, strong man,
The proud man who...

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Categories: sick,