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Kids Prose Poems

These Kids Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Prose Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Chapter 152 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: pt 4 Almost Time for a Wedding
April 3,  2051

Dolly speculated about home, "the kids."
And decided Skype contact before
The dawn of day. Next day early morning.
Dolly was thinking, "this turned out...

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Categories: absence, allusion,

it comes  at winter time
its white   and can shine
some comes down light
to me it s out of sight
as kids we play snow...

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Categories: prose, adventure, celebration,

Premium Member Chapter 147--DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: the day continues-Heavenly Hawaiian Destination
Date:  March  2051

Warm nearly spring afternoon 
Some Hakims were assembled 
On the vast front lawn with their
Luggage. Sidney Saderi Dolly Molly
Spoke with mother...

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Categories: allusion, child,

Premium Member Lasting Things

I marveled that he remembered not only the venue
but also, the yard line we were seated on nearly
50 years ago. He was barely a teen...

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Categories: appreciation, inspiration, meaningful, memory,

Premium Member New Law: Mouth Police Are Giving Out Tickets
As of today you need to watch your mouth and what you say.  
We have always been able to hurt someone's feelings by our...

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Categories: hurt, spoken word, words,

Premium Member Saint Nickles
In a far off place in a cold cold land there lived a man called Mr. Mack. The place he lived in was called Kirkland...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, character,

The Great Catching Away part four
Jason texted Ray on his cell phone while they were riding their two separate
city buses in the opposite directions.

"I am so very sorry about my...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Let Me Be Frank
Let me be Frank.

I pulled up to the Stork Club in a bright Red Coupe Deville. I must admit I felt a bit of pride...

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Categories: character, fantasy, future, humor,

Premium Member Chapter 6: Damian Hakim: Damian and His Siblings
Date   August 10  2014
 Damian stood facing his new full
Length mirror recognizing his new
Image. "Not bad. 13 looks good on
Me." He muttered...

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Categories: allusion, devotion,

Premium Member Chapter 5 -- Damian Hakim: Brothers To Brothers
Date  February 17,  2014

Today is the day that Damian 
Will not ever forget. 12 years-old Damian 
Was asleep in bed. When he Heard...

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Categories: birth, boy, deep, devotion,

Premium Member Chapter 3-- Damian Hakim: the Hakim Uncles Visit
Today October crisp fall afternoon 
Damian incountered Papo and the
Diablo cousins after school. 
Papo relates with 
The familiar customary handshake.
"Hey Damian big man what's going...

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Categories: absence, allusion, corruption,

Premium Member Chapter 1-- Damian Hakim: the Making of the Man- Damian's Early Days
Date 2008 these are Damian's 
Formative days. Damian Hakim 
Was born 2001 August 10th.
8lbs 7oz. Big baby boy! Damian 
Lived in west Virginia with his

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Categories: color, confidence, mental health,

Premium Member Family Moment's
Remember (smiling) when:
You, me, the children then
Being out on the farm.

We were out tumbling in the yard, 
We had all tumbled so much
The fun we...

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Categories: children, emotions, family, farm,

Premium Member Twenty-Five Days - A
drove for thirty minutes to the subway station, took a train for forty minutes, got into another for only ten minutes, and reached Queen's Park....

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Categories: prose, cancer, life,

Premium Member Close Call
My wife and I enter a restaurant across the street from the airport, our kids in tow. There is quite a crowd with little room...

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Categories: prose, child, children, family, fear,