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Sleep Political Verse Poems

These Sleep Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Sleep. These are the best examples of Political Verse Sleep poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Great ReCycling ReTransition
Icons are funny things,
she thought.

Heaven feels like a warm light circle
when we are thriving
and more like a cold dark triangle
of weaponed tipping points
against me
and mine

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Categories: health, identity, integrity, psychological,

Premium Member The Separation
In my country, gangs of fiends own the night.
In my country, we lived broken lives of torment.
My family fled with little but our naked terror.

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Categories: child, child abuse, cry,

Premium Member Privileged Cultures AfterThought
It feels fascinating
that horny voracious passions
dissipate in the presence of ego-centered fear
of pain and suffering
and ego-defeating loss,
disability and predative performance anxieties,
short-term through permanent
degenerating energy,
absence of...

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Categories: health, integrity, peace, power,

Premium Member We the People
We the People
Will disagree
On taxation and prosperity
On liberty and duty

We the People
Are every color of Christianity
Every Jewish prayer, every song of Islam
Pagans and puritans, the...

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Categories: discrimination, freedom, history, society,

Premium Member Health Addictions
Health brings freedom to live

Freedom is personal,
but also social,
but also economic,
but also theological.

Health requires freedom from addiction
to beliefs:

Some people are born to rule
and own Earth,

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Categories: addiction, earth, freedom, health,

Premium Member Opaque Sleepers
Drowning in our incubus sleep,
phantom enemies are devised.
Easy answers for night terrors.
Social purgatory for the stranger,
Our river Styx for the brown ones.

Our fortress must wall...

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Categories: america, fear, hate, mental

Premium Member Regenerate Intelligence
I often fail to notice
nuanced distinctions
between ethics of punishment,
retribution, on right hand
and boycott,
shunning revenge, on my left;

Between reigning down further abuse
and more quietly raining temporary...

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Categories: earth, extended metaphor, health,

Premium Member City of Palls
From dense sleep we emerge.
Realizing our coat, 
we seek to cast off this Nessus.
We drank the Jonestown Kool-Aid
and now it’s too late.

We never noticed the...

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Categories: allegory, america, analogy, corruption,

Premium Member Reconstruction
Lincoln never imagined
today’s white victim zeitgeist,
pouting persecuted supremacists, 
their clenched jaws and fists.

Civil war rages in limbic memory.
Encoded somewhere,
the panic attacks and mirages.

Nobody is qualified...

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Categories: america, discrimination, freedom, hate,

The Joker- Information Overload
Information Overload

Lost in data,
Lost in tears,

Empty words, promises,
Presented with flowers,

The Truth and the lies,
Together, hand in hand,

Information Overload,
From our waking to our sleep,

Words thrown to...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, corruption, humanity,

A sunny afternoon in my country
On a sunny afternoon in my country...
With the hope of receiving alert for the new minimum wage in my dreams
I decided to sleep knowing it...

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Categories: africa, community,

Inordinate amount of leisure time
Might help explain how fruit
full this harmless poetic brute,
(a Methacton School of hard knocks
grad), who sports astute
demeanor with ample
brew netted locks,
vaguely androgynously cute,

his trademark signature...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Disorganized Religion
As traumatized as I am
by the history of organized elitist creeds,
including religious and judicious,

I am even more terrified
by my experience of disorganized unnatural spirituality,
dissociated bicamerality,

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Categories: culture, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member Earth's Body of Teaching
Encultured bodies teach in binary history
of masculine elite win/lose entitled living dominance
and feminine non-elite sadly dying recessive
bipolar cultures.

Elite white straight males
of Western mind
and patriarchal heartlessness

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Categories: body, culture, earth, education,

Premium Member Slow-Cooked Conversion Stories
I was raised in one of those white nationalist churches,
passing itself off as a Christian evangelical Bible church,
where "evangelical" meant fundamental
and "fundamental" meant we did...

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Categories: childhood, christian, earth, faith,