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Rain Political Verse Poems

These Rain Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Political Verse Rain poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SunLight Solidarity
When my solitude 
silently stands in sunlight
radiating GoldenRule enlightenment
and rational empowerment
through windows dawning bright,

A sharp shadow line
vertically cuts across my bridge
and brow of smell and...

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Categories: adventure, earth, health, heart,

Premium Member New MLK Day Resolutions
I have heard almost nothing about New Year Resolutions
this pandemic year;

Although personal sound waves are filled
replete with incomplete invitations
to take better health care
of personal
and social

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Categories: creation, health, hope, integrity,

Stand back, But not too far
Don’t let the virus in.

Whatever you do,
Don’t let the virus in,

Stand back, cover your face,
Hold onto your soul,

whatever you do, don’t let the virus in,


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Categories: anxiety, community, deep, emotions,

Premium Member An Anxiously Anticipated Event
Dear John,

All day
I loaded up with a cascading river
of mixed anxiety and anticipation
about what to safely and kindly,
transparently and vulnerably
compassionately, so non-violently, share,
what to communicate;


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Categories: age, dance, health, humanity,

Early mid afternoon May 22nd 2020
Early/mid afternoon May 22nd, 2020...

Raindrops percolate Perkiomen Valley watershed
pleasant reprieve versus quite warm temperatures
yesterday found yours truly averse attempting re:
ding outside, the secluded alcove visible...

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Categories: 12th grade, future, health,

Premium Member Baltimore Heat
In heat
the pulse of your streets.

I've heard the crack
of hard political whips
that pinch the air.

Cores of human topography,
your aging neighborhoods.

Your people kick cans
counting gravel like...

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Categories: community, corruption, extended metaphor,

Premium Member Pittsburgh Rain
Working ethic.
          steel ethnic.
Pittsburgh in the rain
like metal canisters.

The grain of the Alleghenies.
Old labor's hand sings...

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Categories: city, eulogy, history, image,

Tears on Mother Liberty
Tears on Mother Liberty

Plutocracy the society they created through the Trump towers, now they regret it Like Iraq having no democracy.

Theocracy seems Like the answer...

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Categories: america, black african american,

Premium Member And Still We Search
I'll be turning 68 this spring
and still looking for a health-wealthy home.

This feels remarkably like a younger traveler's game,
with less capital-acquisition baggage
and toxic furniture
and uncooperative...

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Categories: earth, happiness, health, home,

Casulties of War
Make the bed you ly in, it's nothing but a bed of lies
The truth you're denying is the God given right to cry
You decieve yourself...

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Categories: abortion, christian, dark, death,

Premium Member Life Planning Love
We were sitting in our 60+ sharing circle
on a rainy Tuesday afternoon,
grey and raw and dreary,
listlessly speaking of the need to downsize,
to transition to a...

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Categories: age, community, earth, health,

Premium Member Confessing Outside Preferences
I am much more likely to feel like a respectful,
trusting family member
than an entitled warrior,
while outside "property improvements"
rather than inside anthropocentric habitats.

even as I approach...

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Categories: community, earth, environment, humanity,

Premium Member Spheres and Hemispheres
Whole loves and half lives
listen to this rain
dripping tears on green leafed pachysandra
while, underneath our shared EarthSoul,
roots systematically suck up water
shared with thirsty insect habitats

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Categories: corruption, creation, earth, health,

Degrees of excellence
Once upon a time someone without a clue,
I don't know who,
Don't think it was you,
Came up with an idea out of the blue.

A degree for...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, betrayal, blue,

Premium Member Making America GreatAtWar Again
I was listening to The Naked Apprentice,
cautiously sifting for any substance
behind mindlessly reactionary mulish gruel,
universally bullying
yet morally thin as frozen rain 
on transparent windshield.

He has...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, health,