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Books Political Verse Poems

These Books Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Books. These are the best examples of Political Verse Books poems written by international poets.

Premium Member America, Where Are You

How did it come to pass that
belonging to a religion is now 
considered a stupid act?

And when being anti-American,
a sign of superior intellectuality?
When no respect for...

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Categories: america, anger, conflict, grave,

Premium Member Signs of the time we live in
This sandwich board licence business closely illustrates 
what this is really by taking the biscuit 
money for signage so much a year
Drawing a unique...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, judgement, life,

Premium Member A Sustainable Sanctuary
I'm in the process of joining a Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary
communion of All Souls,
in Connecticut.

This is not my first time joining a new intentional good-faith...

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Categories: community, destiny, green, health,

Premium Member Consciousness

Look at the world that we live in
is society proud of our deeds?
Children are carrying weapons
not contemplating hate bleeds.
Fathers are raping their daughters
while mothers turn...

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Categories: child abuse, evil, hate,

Premium Member Dear Sue
Dear Sue,

I am remembering our strong negative responses
to the young woman who surreptitiously read
her aunt's very private diary,
filled with vulnerable statements
of the most intimate nature

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Categories: appreciation, bullying, caregiving, health,

Premium Member Google Google Google
Google, where were you all those years I wasted going to doctors?
Google, where were you when I had those enormous World Books on my lap?

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Retirement Planning
Retirement planning
may feel like civilian re-entry planning
as from-above ballistics continue heavy incoming
so persuasively my objective is not to win outside
but to get home safe again...

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Categories: earth, health, history, humanity,


On Independence Day 

Salutations halt!!! 
The few 'happy independence day Nigeria'
That rent the air at the rocky capital 
And ekò is pure scorn.

This government birthed...

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Categories: africa, books, independence day,

Premium Member Speaking With Donald John
I was speaking with my good friend
Donald John
the Evangelist for AntiChrist
the other day.

And I had to ask,
Donald John,
Why are you so against health care
for all...

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Categories: earth, education, faith, health,

Premium Member On The Edge
 On The Edge

He lays flat on the floor
on the edge of his mind's cliff.
Taking notes, he wonders
“Is this life worth living?”

He tries to remember,

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Categories: angst, community, conflict, desire,

Premium Member The People from Those XXXX-Hole Countries
The People from Those ****-Hole Countries

The people from “those” ****-Hole countries, eh??
Really?? Really?? You don’t say?? I didn’t know that!!
This is a recent stream...

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Categories: allusion, america, betrayal, corruption,

Premium Member Old Maid Games
I recall a card game
probably extending back past the 1950s
called Old Maid.

There was also Authors
and a few other choices
less popular with me.
But Old Maid sticks...

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Categories: earth, gender, health, humanity,

Premium Member Hope for Respect
My thought for this day,
although still early,
is respect for hope.

Respect for our interdependence
and respect for our challenging differences,
important, yet hopefully not as powerful
as our interdependent...

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Categories: bible, caregiving, culture, health,

Premium Member Mustard Seed Paradise
HolyWar and Final Judgment and RoughLove Advocates
against infidels and other, more domesticated, sinners:

Put down your Bibles and Korans,
written to grow love 
and not weapons for...

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Categories: celebration, faith, history, humor,

Premium Member The Flash Mob Application
I'd like to apply for a permit
for a protest march
on the Washington Mall.

Lovely idea.
But, we're only issuing Mall permits
for Song and Dance Events.

I think this...

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Categories: america, culture, health, humanity,

Premium Member Why MultiCultural Education Matters
The Twelfth Principle

Cooperatively adopt
and responsively adapt
for creolizing acclimation,
best climate and landscape health practices.

The U.S. today
reweaves two points of national nurturing departure,
both taught in schools
and history...

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Categories: caregiving, forgiveness, health, history,

How much spin can you take
Heads spinning around and round,
Truth no longer first thing that springs to mind.
Integrity hanging on by a thread, as spin takes it out of orbit,

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Categories: break up, care, celebration,

Don't fret about climate change
Don't fret if the ice caps start to melt
And the waters start to rise.
There are plenty of man made mountains about
Should the need arise 

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Categories: adventure, analogy, betrayal, cheer