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Dear Sue
Dear Sue, I am remembering our strong negative responses to the young woman who surreptitiously read her aunt's very private diary, filled with vulnerable statements of the most intimate nature and transparently lusty spirit, Yet, though secretive, then took a bold black marker and wrote vulgar, poisonous words on most every previously locked and hidden page, And yet, even here she used her own judgmental inside voices but wrote in her younger innocent brother's hand. We both found her choices highly distressing; difficult to even read, imagine squeamish to hear from a young niece perpetrator or an old aunt victim. I wonder if this is because we can empathize with both the obstreperous and egocentric young, disturbed with adult hidden and disruptively vulnerable agendas, rebellions, sometimes hedonistic sometimes narcissistic, usually both, back and forth like yang then yin, patriarchal power lust, then matriarchal depression in response to chronic economic and political repression. Do these actions, intimate hidden self-disclosures followed by a too yangishly adolescent monoculture's mocking inspiration, venomous uncaring, toxically rapacious expressions, aggressive actions and word choices, with fully uncensored malicious intent, speak to deep listening? Yet camouflaged through deflection, distraction, political sleight of hand, giving off responsibility to some, most any, Other our own wounded skeletons of silent memory. Powers brought to a very exclusive co-arising table of one, acting as a duplicitous two, bipolar in passive-aggressive depressive-manic responses to surprising disclosures of older, respected, staid hidden agendas written by those we have truly loved and hoped to continue loving without remainder, reserve, without this unexpected erupting hidden agenda to protect ourselves from what feels creepy too manic or paranoid, smelling of hidden conspiracies to express attraction in ways deviant from our own proper expectations for our own, and Other's, therapeutic integral behavior. I thought of that wicked niece, and our responses to her perfidy, after a dream last night in which Donald Trump was writing curse words with a bold black marker in his dominant RightWing hand all over his concrete wall And then all over the original Jeffersonian Declaration of Interdependence away from white narcissistic, patriarchal, unenlightened royal privilege And then Sorcerer's Apprentice Trump ruthlessly blackly wrote dirty jingoisms on, stabbing at, our original Adams and Jeffersonian compromised democratic constitution Written with radically compassionate trust intention trying to declare all creatures, slave and free, enlightened plants and planet, equal in everyday enchanting dignity, assuming great prosperity benefits of polycultural cooperative economies internationally fertile, valid, effective for well-being of all the people, light-loving plants, planet, Still to this Trumpian day falling politically short, still awaiting fulfillment by those who can read and write more skillfully, non-violently less passive-aggressively, less conspiratorially less toxically enraged by WinLose multicultural losses hidden across the enslavement pages of our transparently democratic yet divine intent. Anyway, it seems we recognize this aversion to hidden narcissism through empathy, cooperatively impassioned in each other as a polypathic strength strongly shared. Thank you for speaking in solidarity for a healthier affluent ecofeminist effluent flow power as we read across the pages of our own hopeful history books, Still holding old school faith found in each other's passioned eyes and ears and relentless spiritual-natural senses of positive and negative and double-negative binding humors, tumors benign and cancerous rumors of magical lands at our open liberal loving left hand, Where agendas may remain hidden but not from shame or blame, not weapons so much as reserved for cooperative tool-shaping pleasure to disclose when and as we choose and as our gifts for compassionate co-empathy are most multiculturally needed, exercised, stretched toward optimally resonant resilience for all people, young nieces and old aunts certainly included, and MotherTrees and humbler passioned plants and MotherLanded planet.
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