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A Sustainable Sanctuary
I'm in the process of joining a Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary communion of All Souls, in Connecticut. This is not my first time joining a new intentional good-faith community, but it is the first time I have signed a Membership Book of historical, spiritual, natural cooperatively intentioned community which goes back only to 1911. Some UU sign-up and -in Books began, and have been more and less healthily sustained, since the 1700s. This AllSouls, in New London, is more of a contemporary Souls membership history story, mostly of cooperation, or we could not still exist, but probably more than sufficient competitions as well. At least two natural-spiritual multicultural health formation experiences strongly influence how I approach the "Welcome New Member" folder, placed in my hand by the Membership Committee Chair. Our seven UU Communion Principles show up inside this folder on a yellow-green sheet, mapping a two-pillared alpha through omega arch; a health construction bridge between All Souls past and present; Not a sectarian wall of dogmatic who is and was enlightened and who is and was yet to be effectively reborn. My Taoist Yang/Yin bilateral philosophy intersects training/experience with Permaculture Design of interdependent exteriors and integral interior subclimate development for therapeutic and regenerative Zero ZenZone polycultural health robust reformations, reincarnations. This nature-spirit pancultural view of Earth and Her/His non-sectarian communal parts influences how I read through these transubstantiating communal Principles. The first and last, the alphaYang/omegaYin, two pillars speak to what Taoist Permaculture Design has ego/eco-systemically unveiled inside me, then co-operated multicultural nutrition opportunities outside me: The inherent health worthiness and natural/spiritual co-arising dignity of every person, living with and for cooperatively owned and self-managing plants, on organic planet Earth Respect interdependent webs of nutrition, nurturing subsystems of all changing climates of which each ego-system, inside and each eco-system, outside is a secular/sacred pan-sectarian networking holonic communal communitarian sanctuary preferably bilaterally, even multilaterally, non-violent speaking and listening, noticing and caring, not neglecting and abusing, polypathic co-relational self and other co-passioning parts. In the epicenter of the remaining five over-arching Principles about our shared health-seasoned journey into how we agree to cooperatively grow as one organic communal to-gathered sanctuary, The 4-Season Dimension speaks out, holds tightly toward Freedom, because cooperatively paid forward and backward through multigenerations, economically and politically and psychologically and ecologically redeeming health wealth virtuous cooperative circles norms, etc through co-responsible cooperative research for healthy yang truth meeting, and never excluding, wealthy yinternal nutritionally effluent meaning, robustly transformative, resiliently co-relational, resonantly compassioning diversity of Yang/Yin unity, never Yang v Yin competing uniformity. The Second Principle births spring thaws of EarthJustice, nutritional equity, compassionate sanctuaried integrity in humane/divine natural/spiritual co-arising newborn, reborn relations sprouting summer's fully maturing compassions. The Third sun-drenched Principle celebrates transparently enlightening acceptance and vulnerably naked encouragement to naturally/spiritually outside/inside mature, climax polycultural outcomes, polyphonic inside singing outside dance, polypathic spatial Here affluently breathed yangly in as temporal Now exhaled effluently yin out in... Preparing for our future Fifth Dimension Principle: Bicameral harvesting right and left of conscientious democratic green past through red future trusting seeds winnowed and carefully treasured in active hope for yet another season of EarthSanctuary renewal. And then, holistically systemic Yin as the last Sixth Principle winterish: Prophesying Advent of global non-violent communion over-arching FourSeason PermaCultural Goals of healthy EarthGreen Sanctuary, warming spring of peace-drenched communication, radically lavish inside liberty of universal love, celebrating unitarian EarthJustice restored with and by and for and of all cooperatively-owned interdependent webs networks bridges gardens holistic organic farms, sanctuaries producing and consuming and reproducing WinWin polypathic Souls/Soils of which each healthy ego is an essential nutritional nurtured/natured whole yin/yang speaking singing dancing graceful EarthJustice GreenSanctuary part. It's a lot to take in, to cognitively and affectively travel through before moving on to the GoldenRule Cooperative Stewardship sheet, all about therapeutically treating and sustaining robustly resilient resonant root co-investment nutrition systems.
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