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Restoring Inside Justice

Poet's Notes

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Creolized: (of a language) formerly a pidgin but now the native language of a group of speakers, with consequent enrichment of the vocabulary by borrowing and creation. [From]

An antonym of colonized; inappropriate cultural, economic, and political appropriation of all natural/spiritual resources.

Colonization follows win/lose enculturation as creolization follows win/win healthy climates, internal and/or external.

Healing Win/Lose EgoNomial Intent We belong together Through all kinds of colonizing corporate weather, We belong creolizing together. So sings my mitochondrial DNA when I listen deeply to all prior matriarchal regenerations speaking in still soft timeless win/win voices Especially about polycultural outcome opportunities and monocultural injustice incoming risks. I am obsessed with anxiety about climate change. I own this disability to feel safe sufficiently secure to feel confident my granddaughter will live on a healthier Earth, will live in a wealthier bicameral empowering situation, will live for a more cooperative win healthy ecology to win a truly wealthy resilient domestic economy. I'm meeting with some folks from an Episcopal Church inspired by St. James, sons of the Lesser Alphaeus and Greater Zebedee and James the Just we could matriarchally say, and an All Souls UniveralYang UnitarianYin BiCamerally Liberal ReAssociation. All folks who share some concern with Adam Robersmith, about how we might engage each other to "Cherish Our World: Avoiding Despair in Environmental Justice Work." (in "Justice On Earth," Skinner House Books, p. 47) My RightBrain ear was listening with those voices from past generations speaking in present mitochondrial matriarch-restoring voices to reassure us of timeless compassion for EarthTribe's wealthiest ecofeminist future. Robersmith: "Watching the public debates about climate change is an exercise in resistance." The GrandMothers: Listening to internal dialogue with changing win/lose climates actively creolizes resonance. Robersmith: "It involves a resistance to willful ignorance; resistance to accepting all statements, especially unsubstantiated ones, as facts; resistance to the despair that can rise within us as we face the public discourse, the science, and the toll taken on human communities." The GrandMothers: Cherishing our healing justice process involves a resistance to willful dissociation from the intolerable; resistance to internalizing shame and blame communications, especially unsubstantiated egocentric narcissistic anthropocentric elitism predicting universal injustice as normless facts; resistance to NonElite despair rising within us as we face StraightWhiteMale dominant corporate debate, masquerading as win/win discourse, discerning and restoring market science despite the toll taken on multiculturally robust communions. Robersmith: "Unfortunately, our individual reactions to human-caused climate change can also be unhelpful in terms of finding solutions." The GrandMothers: Unfortunately, individual actions to self-caused and family-caused and tribal-caused and LeftBrain dominant communication-caused overheating climate change can also be monoculturally unhelpful in terms of finding cooperative win/win imagined resolutions. Robersmith: Some of us are panicking. The GrandMothers: AnthroSpecies is panicking, trending toward lose/lose competitive corporate rabidity. Robersmith: Some are refusing to listen. The GrandMothers: SWM LeftBrain dominance continues to violently speak and autonomously act more than non-violently win/win listen in empathic solidarity. Robersmith: "Some are trying to scare everyone into certain behaviors (whether to reverse or ignore climate change), and others are just reporting what they think they know." The GrandMothers: Some are trying to persuade, prophecy lose/lose pathology within everyone feeding uncertain restraining, restrictive retributive justice and stingy win/lose compromised peace known as impatient tolerance of further war violence divestment away from health (whether to reverse LeftBrain punishing Other or deny evermore WinElite-LoseNonElite culture not-change), and others are just reporting what we think and feel we need safety, health, resonant wealth, resiliently robust compassion. Robersmith: "With all this debate and reaction, a problem that is as large as climate change can cause paralysis, ineffectiveness, and despair." The GrandMothers: While not listening to what others feel we cooperatively need, With all this win/lose political theological debate rather than win/win economic ecological discernment, With all this retributive reaction rather than restorative win/win dialogical communication, a problem that is as large as climate change and species mortality and global extinction of all regenerative energy systems can cause egocentric paralysis, competitive win/lose ineffectiveness, corporate economic despair about LeftBrain dominant SWM privileged violent runaway Win/Lose Either/Or Thinking v Feeling monocultural monochromatic monotheistic monocapitalistic monoelitist rabidity. And still inside singsong continues, a uniting pidgin neurological language feeling thought integrity: We belong together Through all kinds of colonizing corporate weather, We belong creolizing together.

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