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Policy Poems

Policy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of policy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for policy.

New Poems

Who the R evolution

As from the plaintiffs
their voices rise
come speak with us
come converse
with words of love

Here we raise no battle cry
no hymn or anthem
but with gentle heart
and loving mind
raise this protest

Too long we cling
with this skin of nostalgia
those so called better times
and in...Read More
Categories: policy, children, community, love,
Form: Free verse

Mine fervent aspiring political activism
Mine fervent aspiring political activism...

Gunning gusto, (while rosy axles grind)
for Bernie Sanders dagnabbit
nipped in figurative bud triggered zilch
prospects to germinate, 

cultivate, and amalgamate
late blooming spore port as 
schlocky, reedy, quirky, political neophyte,
whose aura, charisma, dogma
enigma, persona... absent gregarious masculinity.

Scant hours...Read More
Categories: policy, appreciation, business, humanity, leadership, political, strength, uplifting,
Form: Ode
Mine fervent aspiring political activism
Mine fervent aspiring political activism...

Gunning gusto, (while rosy axles grind)
for Bernie Sanders dagnabbit
nipped in figurative bud triggered zilch
prospects to germinate, 

cultivate, and amalgamate
late blooming spore port as 
schlocky, reedy, quirky, political neophyte,
whose aura, charisma, dogma
enigma, persona... absent gregarious masculinity.

Scant hours...Read More
Categories: policy, 11th grade, 12th grade, anxiety, change, health,
Form: Political Verse
Principal Clown
He walks around with his nose pointing upward in the air
With calculating eyes that are so fearful, mouth moving from side to side and a tongue that keeps twisting around the things that are profound. Nonsensical words are constantly dripping...Read More
Categories: policy, break up, business, community, conflict, confusion, courage,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Let's Be Kinder
In his essay "Let's Be Reasonable" 
Rev. Todd Eklof [The Gadfly Papers]
reduces reasonable to logical;

This is a common left-brain dominant error,
confusion between deductive premises
and coldly reductive conclusions
calculated assuming cause v effect linear formulas
more than feedback loops
of complex neurological relationships,
ecological analogical...Read More
Categories: policy, health, humanity, integrity, math, political, power, relationship,
Form: Political Verse

Motor Home
This new invention was very unique.
Both evil and efficient it solved a few problems.
It’s the mobile death van.

They’re nothing special to look at.

A normal paddy wagon based on a minibus.
Unmarked with a house of horrors inside.
21st Century style with electric...Read More
Categories: policy, anger, angst, horror, international, political, power,
Form: Political Verse
2019 Year that Was
the year that was


The world watches in amazement
Longest shut down in history
Watching it all in Korea
contemplating escaping the cold winter


World watches as North Korea and the US
Walking back from the brink of war
escaping the cold winter blues
revisiting Vietnam...Read More
Categories: policy, age, america, angst, anniversary, august, autumn,
Form: Blank verse
01268 Straighr out of Basildon Depeche Mode 101
Straight out of Basildon

Depeche Mode 101

Never let me down

Behind my wheel

My Home

The Sound of my Universe

Better live than on the record

Searching for Free Love

No second chance 

No strings attached

Just in love

John the revelator

Love thief

Master and Servant

Halo , Clean



You could corrupt...Read More
Categories: policy, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Discuss
Can you discuss this with me?
Is honesty anyone's best policy?
Here, truth is no one's friend,
Where does BS start and end?...Read More
Categories: policy, angst, satire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Differences Of Opinion
Differences Of Opinion
Written: by miracle Man

It appears to be open season for political debate,
on whether troops should be stationed in foreign lands.
One party says our presence helps tension deescalate,
the other sees us as bullies making unjust demands.

One party believes in...Read More
Categories: policy, emotions, hate, political,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Mr Lousy Repented
An unsettled soul seemingly always chasing propaganda 
voice from the equator, a quarter of a roar but heard in Uganda
he’s a member of a serious interaction, that’s a fake platform
on reputation’s policy, he can’t just conform
his name is a broken...Read More
Categories: policy, character, community, forgiveness, friendship, life,
Form: Free verse
Women's Reservation Bill
Being a highly self-directed person
Knowing how to speak and reason 
Today’s woman is alive to the sense 
Of her dignity and the importance 
Of her private functions straight
And domestic domain ultimate
Her talent is superb I state
In the public domain great
Being...Read More
Categories: policy, angel, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Couplet
Humanity must hustle mach schnell
Humanity must hustle mach schnell -

At warp speed to stave off
further global catastrophe
courtesy portentous tragedy
loosed within Australia
think Pandora's box

harbinger spelling dystopia
across webbed wide world
avast holocaust cremating
irrevocable and irreversible
innocent species, now urgency
of humankind to reckon

eyes crisis endangering all
flora and fauna including
bipedal...Read More
Categories: policy, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, heartbroken,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The nails in his hands were cold

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
In the Vietnam war between 1965 and 1972 U.S. troops used a substance known as napalm
napalm is a mixture of plastic polystyrene, hydrocarbon benzene, and gasoline. This mixture creates a jelly-like...Read More
Categories: policy, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
It's party time, you drank beer then wine
You’re over the limit but think you’ll drive fine
Can’t steer in a straight line, hit a Ferrari
The policemen arrive, they’re far from happy

Should have used a taxi or jumped on a bus
But you’re...Read More
Categories: policy, car, drink,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Come be my love, my darling,
Come be my love, my darling,
Stay with me for ever.
Let us forget all worldly cares,
Let our love be a flowing river
A flowing river of passion.

     This world is now in concentrated chaos
    ...Read More
Categories: policy, love, song,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Ms Paula Moore McCool
If I only had one dance
would you allow me this chance
policy more cool I Am in love wit U

Ms.Paula Moore McCoo

Am I just dreaming 
Or am I realizing 
The options I've have for you
 I would be so honored
 if...Read More
Categories: policy, analogy, beautiful, dance, desire, for her,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Freedom Lost
Freedom Lost (Hong Kong)

We had everything. 
We tasted the sweetness, 
of perfection. 
The chance to fly, 
The belief, that we…
could reach the stars.
It was real. We could feel their brilliance, 
we merely had to want it, 
and it was ours.

Dashed...Read More
Categories: policy, abuse, anger, anxiety, christian, death, devotion, hate,
Form: Narrative
Optimizing freedom zest
Challenging mother’s tidiness best
My son whirls himself around
Oblivious that he’s wheel-chair bound.

Loosening mobility gear
His spastic hands hurl things everywhere
Zooming beyond glee’s ecstasy
He’s waged war against my mess-flee policy.

Entangled around disarray’s coil
My mind screams, devoid of nagging turmoil
Special child...Read More
Categories: policy, appreciation, blessing, character, christian, devotion, mother, mother
Form: Rhyme
Deer Ruby
Deer Ruby,

Daddy doubtful hardly Dorothy know you ...
it’s the bare bones, Toto truth

Variety gossip on the street
by parrot beaks chirping canary peeps

Said your mother had a one-night-stand revue;
a private audience of one, burlesque interview

Receptionist Rita 
wardrobe malfunction rumor denied:
Saying it...Read More
Categories: policy, dark, fun, mystery, psychological,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Peter Piper
Peter Piper pickin peppers
Pick your pockets 
Potential profits
Purely pleasure
Plan on passin on, Puttin  all
Personal belongings 
In your purses or wallet
Because peter's plottin,
Poppin up practicly anywhere 
Presidential pluckins possible
He's a professional 
At peak performance
Nope no police department's
Pieced it all together 
Or...Read More
Categories: policy, betrayal, business, character, crazy, evil, poverty, word
Form: Alliteration
Honesty is the key
To stay in the true way; 
You'll never go amiss, 
Anytime of the day.

Honesty is the key 
To keep the faith aglow; 
Sincere praise to one God
Makes your trust fully grow.

Honesty is the key 
To remain in...Read More
Categories: policy, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Much In Store with Closed Door
Much In Store with Closed Door

Trumps saves things and keeps in store;
Each policy he does have is closed door;
In secret kept,
While we slept,
And no wonder him we all do deplore.

Jim Horn...Read More
Categories: policy, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Filthy is the Color Of

Some got a pathological need,
a dirty obsession for that coffin wallpaper
They wrapped themselves in the black widow veil
of murderous deceit
For what?
To taste the yellow snow 
of an unclean life   insurance policy,
a crimson crypt guarantee
They’re willing to scarlet signature...Read More
Categories: policy, allusion, dark, truth, wisdom,
Form: Alliteration
Qualifications for Future Presidents
Release your taxes, no previous guilty verdicts,
No trail of stiffed creditors, no history of predatory
Sexual activity, no bullying or name calling,
No negative opinions of people of color or
Preferential opinions of white nationalist organizations,
No obvious lying, no golfing when you can't...Read More
Categories: policy, anti bullying,
Form: Free verse