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Smile Personification Poems

These Smile Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Smile. These are the best examples of Personification Smile poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Depression
She lingers waiting for me to make a mistake.
I feel her, sneering at me, ready to pounce.
Unsure how she originated, but I keep her masked.


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Categories: depression,

Premium Member Shy Brook
Shy Brook dares to show a sliver of a slip of herself
Challenging Punxsutawney Phil’s six week prediction
Giving us a tiny hopeful smile in the winterized...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Daisy

I’m only a single Daisy,
Planted in the green carpet around me
Dancing in the breeze
I hope my face, brings you a smile,
As you pass on by

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Categories: appreciation, flower, smile,

Premium Member Hey Enthusiasm Said
Sadness enveloped him in a loving way
Keeping him from doing the things he yearned to do
Depression entered the room and gave him a smack
Stop it!...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member I would be a Nice Tall Oak

If I were a tree, I would be an oak. A laughing oak with dazzling shiny hair.
My leaves would twinkle and spin and prance happily...

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Categories: tree,

Premium Member If I were a flower

A blossom I’ll be on the wreaths for peace
An offering to deity to feed world’s hungry
I’ll be the garden on every troubled street
Preening as gleefully...

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Categories: flower, friendship, love,

Premium Member To Chicago With Love, A Letter
Dear Chicago.

Sometimes, it amazes me how a memory will flash across our minds,
and that memory will spark a prayer, a tear, or even a longing...

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Categories: chicago, memory, prayer,

Premium Member Proud Oak
I feel proud of my heritage, love being an oak.
We are majestic, but not haughty. 
Nurturing, but in an aloof, comfortable way.
I am a haven...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member I AM
You walk beside me through the streets
Forever remarking on my birds and bees
Sensing my presence, though fleeting
Hoping to know me but never reaching
Out to grasp...

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Categories: blessing, faith, god, hope,

Premium Member Scarecrow Loves Leaf Branch
Scarecrow was immediately attracted to lemon orange leaves slim. 
Are you oak? He asked, wondering what other secrets she kept.
She was shy, and nodded, but...

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Categories: autumn,

I am what I am
I am a poet that connect with nature through writing
I am a voice through poetic sprit that reach broken spirits 
I am what I am

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, creation, dream,

Premium Member I, Speed Camera
I'm practically a ghost,
seldom seen.
I'm mounted on some traffic lights,
so ease up on the gas pedal!
You never notice me 
unless your GPS is in use,

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Categories: perspective, truth,

Premium Member Red Bird
I am a red bird sitting in a huge oak tree,              ...

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Categories: bird, child, crazy, flying,

I'm Simple
I am so simple, I am single
I am a very ordinary boy,
I don't jumble, I stay humble
It really gives me great joy.

I always smile and...

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Categories: life, self,

Premium Member Darkroom

A room stayed 
in negativeness,
provides to be 
disordered upon
faint illumination.

Some metallic clink
drives the chaos,
sums rousing fluid
facing turmoil.

Submerged paper
being toyed about,
mixed soon waved
next drafts to dangle.

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Categories: meaningful, perspective,