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School Personification Poems

These School Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about School. These are the best examples of Personification School poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I am a Lonely Milkweed Pod
I am a lonely milkweed pod
No one is here to see my prettiness
No child has taken me to school
My seeds are almost ready to fly...

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Categories: environment, feelings, loneliness, lonely,

Premium Member May is the Queen of Happiness
May is my happy month, for she is my birth month 
Some people treat themselves with a birthday.
I made the decision to celebrate my birth...

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Categories: happiness, happy, joy, may,

Surrender Into Obliviousness level deux
on path to autonomy, she matured of late,
exhibiting autism during childhood
compliments of intervention, mastered
vanquished every trace to acclimate
self reliance no matter said spate
of developmental delay,

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Categories: absence, allegory, angst, atheist,

One last tear
One last tear leaped from her eye-- in heroic slow-mo -- 
hesitant to dive down to the vast unknown... far below.

Long he had clung fast...

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Categories: confidence, crush, cry, cute

Our Courageous Kitten
She appeared in the middle of winter on our
porch.  She was the kitten we all fell in 
love with.   But her true...

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Categories: poetry,

Codie And The Catfish
I was on my way to school when it happened.
     You see, I never miss school and for me,
playing hooky has...

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Categories: cute, fish, fun, humorous,

The Three Islands Sleep
The Three Islands Sleep!

Sleep, sleep, the islands asleep!
Sleep while the winds blow on her face,
On her trees, and on her mountains and hills,
Sleep when the...

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Categories: change, community, corruption, environment,

Premium Member Aunt Sally is 80
Aunt Sally Is 80

Well, my family calls me Aunt Sally;
I never was a missus.
I travelled with a disabled colonel,
As a nurse, until

My sister and I...

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Categories: age, birthday, courage,

The August Lion
The August Lion

By: J. Philip Harris

In the area of the afternoon, right before the stars
Where the little gray strands spread out among the coffee roots

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Categories: animal, august, courage, dad,

Thoughts of 'The Poet'
Day after day I sit, poised deep in thought and contemplation
while tourists stop and stare at me with eyes of admiration
Sometimes they seem hypnotized, looking...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, imagination,

Dear Jupiter
You don't know me, and perhaps you never will. But in my heart I am certain that we have at least one thing in common....

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Categories: adventure, earth, future, humanity,

I will never Forget
I will never forget
that day you made me
to eat hands, buttocks
of pupils in Class Five,
the ones who did not
compute the sums right.
Yet you forgot ...

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Categories: history, satire,

Mechanical Pencil
surrounded by ones like me,
I've been with them from creation,
So I guess they are family.

Sometimes we are jostled around, 
our bodies knocking into eachother. 

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Categories: adventure, kids, funny, horror,

‘Cream Puff’ you were my faithful companion for many years
I recall you were a birthday gift from an old school friend 
And I adored you...

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Categories: i miss you, sad,

The Personification of Success
The Personification of Success
Success when seen with my eyes looks like quilts, diaries, prayers chastening rods and lots of hugs, off to school and then...

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Categories: personification, best friend, blessing, career,

The morning sun showers its rays,
Standing between two mountain's way,
The valley of flowers opens its eyes,
And washes its face with melting ice,
The yellow glow slowly...

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Categories: nature,

The Last Bell Tolls
Misty eyed and weary over the gallows I blow
daunting a mere string in tow
last school bells rung
but the hallowed halls still call

Scuff marks mark my...

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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, life,

Premium Member Wine
Wine, not cheap; 
sparkling in a place half-spent
and yearning for my tongue.
It is proud of rising bubbles,
as sees them small
as in champagne.

It admires its tumbler,

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© Julia Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wine,

I’m  not a killer but a healer,
I stretch my hands to you,
for you to change,
Change! to alter the course of
history or be a part...

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Categories: deep, life,

Before Search
Before Search

Though there were oscillations
Still peace was young
Wherefrom the uncertainty encroached
Everywhere in my vicinity around

Engine stopped instead paddle ran, pedestrian began
Shutter degraded down closing vibrant...

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Categories: absence, community,