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Animal Personification Poems

These Animal Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Personification Animal poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Bushfire
At peace in the world, alone with her joey, 
A soft breeze ruffles her hair,
Amongst the green of life all around, 
In the freshest of...

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Categories: animal, confusion, death, fire,

Premium Member Diamonds in her Heart
She was the plainest buzzard in the chicken coop.
Man, is she plain, the roosters used to say.
But one rooster gave her a chance. They shared...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Which Big Cat Am I
I am the biggest and the strongest of all the wild cats.
No I do not live in Africa. Sheesh! Why would you ask that?
You can...

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Categories: 5th grade, 6th grade,

Two Halves
The Gods split us in half;
from two mouths and four eyes,
from two noses and four legs,
from two hairlines and four hands,

we became one, singular -

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Categories: personification, analogy, animal,

Premium Member His Nature
 The mountains call out to the sun
Wherever you look, you will see me
Blanketed in emerald, azure and amber
Clothing worthy of a king’s wardrobe

The sun...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, blessing, creation,

Premium Member If I was a Wood Tick
If I was a wood tick 
I would be ashamed of my station.
I would resolve to not jump down on any heads.
I would not bite...

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Categories: animal,

The hyena
Guess my reputation could be sweeter, but hey-
At least I'm not a skunk!
Rumour has it that we hyenas are backbiting scroungers-
 I like to call...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Ze Hiena
Hienas don't taik cair of higeen;
we’r fond of karrion; we drink warm jin
wizaut tonik and we neva uze
ze mornin afta peels. 

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Categories: animal, death,

Premium Member The Mockingbird

Oh how you cantilate and croon,
          On pilfered beams from Mr Moon,

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Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, bird,

The Bloodhound

Proud of having in veins Anglo-Scottish blood,
hound is the suitable surname I have earned
for the tireless tracking instinct ingrained in me,
an exclusive pedigree of rare...

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Categories: dog, senses,

Premium Member The Rooster
I am up in the morning sunrise,
Perch aloft a fence post,
Protecting the hen coop. 

All around the peaceful farm, 
The animals and humans are sleeping

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Categories: animal, fantasy, farm,

The Hyena
I‘m not a dog or cat in the area,
I am a carnivore in Africa;
I really roam to look for food to eat,
You cannot evade my...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member The Rooster
C’mon ladies,
it is me you love and you know it,
from the bottom of your golden feathers;
Now, now, cut the chitchat.

I am not rat,
I am a...

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Categories: animal, bird, farm, funny,

Premium Member The Bloodhound
Dawn breaks over the horizon in a thin, frail line
my large snout presses downward upon the
ragged earth beneath, for I am on the hunt
absorbed in...

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Categories: animal, devotion, life,

The Hyena
Hey step right up,come on down!
Welcome to Africa!
I'm not like other dogs.
Though I am pleased to eat you!
On second thought,for now,I might just go away.

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member The Rooster
I'm so cocksure of myself all day
strutt'n around the neighborhood block
Trying to pick up all the pretty chicks
Yelling cock-a-doodle-do from high on my rock
I can...

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Categories: animal, fun,

Premium Member The Rooster
The Rooster

He strutted ‘cross the barnyard tall and proud,
away from all the bustle of the crowd;
the other roosters in the yard felt cowed,
to him they...

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Categories: allegory, animal, humorous,

The Rooster
perches on top of a barn
on the farm

It watches the sky
as the sun rises
and wakes up everyone
by letting out a "Cock-a-doodle doo!"


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Categories: animal, farm, good morning,

The Honey Badger
Office manager Mr. Honey Badger called his administrative assistant Mr. Bloodhound into the office. Honey badger was extremely mad because he looked out of his...

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Categories: anger, animal, emotions, love,

Premium Member The Honey Badger
A Honey Badger's on the prowl....

"Don't mind if I do help myself 
With some honey as you guys swarm me
Loudly buzz about my ears, and...

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Categories: animal, humor, imagery, nature,