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Penultimate Poems

Penultimate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of penultimate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for penultimate.

New Poems

Premium Member Imponderabilia
Memories of future events

	Recollections of measures ahead

		Reminiscence in fast forward

			Aspirations leaping back

        Projections of past reckoning

	        Icebergs frozen in conscience

		      ...Read More
Categories: penultimate, courage,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Shantelle
They were stoned out of their bodies and mind at Stonehenge

Climbed over the fence and enjoyed the Cromlech’s shadows

Razor wire would not prevent their midsummer night dream

Of being one with the moon which spilled light into their souls

Eclipsed by ultimate...Read More
Categories: penultimate, love, magic,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Years End
Years End
Written: by Miracle Man

Today is the penultimate day of December,
And I’m being transported to harsh things I remember.

In the year twenty-twenty I must dispense any fear,
Putting my trust in God to begin this new year.

Trusting in an earthly man...Read More
Categories: penultimate, god, new year,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Dream 1: 4 Weeks in Positano

"Dream 1: 4 Weeks in Positano"

Kisses long linger warm lips tasted intense
so sweet like cured Valencia Oranges
lips liquored triple sec not dry drunk on love
softly grazed, then held long

slow, deep, warm and wet

The story is written on bodies
as they walk...Read More
Categories: penultimate, dream, romance, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Environment
Existential fear abandoned for the sake of delusion

Nuclear freeze in her heart of alchemy’s shivers 

Veiled shadows dancing to the echo of silence

Intemperance sounding choral confusion of fate 

Rosemary scents a bunch of renegade petals 

On her journey of lone...Read More
Categories: penultimate, dream,
Form: Acrostic

Premium Member Hello November
Penultimate month, November
Tending memories’ eternal ember
Sparking thoughts, grand and tender
With honor and thanksgiving to remember
For each who of the human race are a member

November 1, 2019
F T I series 15 November
Brian Strand, sponsor...Read More
Categories: penultimate, humanity, memory, november, remember, thanksgiving,
Form: Monorhyme
Damaged goods at the Rosebloom flats
The dust sifts and falls with the Rosebloom powder
To sieve and assume, survival hast made him prouder
All alone like a wolf that's lost
Roaming and trotting, breath crystallising a soft cloud 
No Mum, dad or Cubs that's the cost

Apocalyptic fields lead...Read More
Categories: penultimate, deep, depression, desire, fantasy,
Form: I do not know?
19 Haikus and the Horse of Freedom

It is never real
Only in the midst of pain
Finally I see 

After the liquor
I am found on the ceiling
crawling to the floor

Let's get on with this
Panic in the avenues
Ominous defeat

Penultimate move
the coyote will win...Read More
Categories: penultimate, allegory, dark, freedom,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A Child at Heart
He walks the shore and gathers drift wood for a creaky beach hut shelter

Builds a future and modest abode pegs his aspirations and dreams into the sand

Crusted planks weave an intricate roof over content surrender and anchor

The composite walls thin...Read More
Categories: penultimate, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Iron and Fire
The chain around Tim’s neck closed the circuit of his broken heart

Cuffed to the rafters the closed shackle padlock would not budge

He had not eaten for weeks and looked like a skeleton key personified

Shackled in apathy he shivered and gave...Read More
Categories: penultimate, love,
Form: Verse
Continuity Of Speaking Without Non Sequiturs
Gallimaufry of linkedin words appeal,
(particularly spoken by renown orator)
'cept when unnamed poetaster afflicted
with chatterbox syndrome,
nonetheless deliberate effected

muzzle restraint imposed
suppressing groundswell analogous
to swollen dam bursting at seams
tongue kickstarts controlled regulator
tripping baffling babbling brook,

sans (cheesy) mouth trap
conscious effort required
maintaining exhausting mental vigilance
attention...Read More
Categories: penultimate, assonance, confusion, fun, humorous, joy, mystery, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member One Step from the Fire

One Step from the Fire

Martha lounges in her rocking chair book in knotted hand in her studio

On the wall a poster of Chipperfield Circus whom she had wanted to join

Just above a small marble statue that resembles the lost state...Read More
Categories: penultimate, age,
Form: Free verse
A Repeatedly Forgotten, Something
…. as the penultimate line here fears to say,
I’ll try to remember, but for now ‘good-day’.

I have a problem that makes me quite ill,
it’s plagued me for years, continuing still.
As much as I try, you just won’t see,
I don’t dare...Read More
Categories: penultimate, anniversary, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bubbles
Is there room to care for the penultimate?
Can't decide if the space can satisfy two collard greens.  
One oblivious cabbage... one who has desperately tried to expand the space, to save the others, who understands bobbing in the excluded...Read More
Categories: penultimate, change,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member Janice Looks in the Mirror
Janice’s Looks in the Mirror

Like a pendulum from an orange clockwork

The agent high above on raucous prayers

She hung high and dry suspended in drought

Resembling a shot of liquid poppies injected

The heroine succumbed in Noah’s wet arch

Until finally she could walk...Read More
Categories: penultimate, farewell,
Form: Free verse
Congested Without Psychological Rheum
No antihistamine can 
unblock the lifetime
accumulation of stoppered emotional gunk
zapping, undermining, and polluting spunk
mine early life in retrospective avast flunk
stripped mined wasteland qua sinkhole,

where eternal reverberations soundlessly plunk
inescapable deafening, and
blinding this targeted
"scapegoat" bullied by most every punk
wrathful verbal sucker punches,
whereby...Read More
Categories: penultimate, abuse, analogy, anti bullying, baptism, conflict, discrimination,
Form: Personification
penultimate sky
What is life?
but a clutching for dear life 
to a  cotton ball dipped in sweet nectar
a wounded butterfly grasps, 
finally able to drink his measure
sugar rushing to it's wings, it looks
 somehow stronger, prouder
ready to face it's brief existance,...Read More
Categories: penultimate, meaningful, nature, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
The Decadal Mark

The penultimate decadal chronicle so very exciting 
The twentieth century wrote through the eighties
My young mind marveled at how the pages were turning
Frayed memory still preserves them as a living treatise
Of times underscoring the arrival of the IT wave in...Read More
Categories: penultimate, memory, time, world,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Something New
This is an example poem for my Something New contest. This one has a slightly ditzy rhyme scheme (and only works if you don’t actually breathe until after the penultimate line - by which time you may well have expired...Read More
Categories: penultimate, food, fun, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
I Beg Pardon
When my race is run and done
And I reminisce why I stun
Doubting Thomases who to my head point a gun

Expecting my soul to project fear
From my eyes to pour a tear
As I utter ‘Thank you, my dear’

Ripe quaint age smiling
Memories...Read More
Categories: penultimate, poems,
Form: Free verse
Homeward James by Bill
Homeward James: by Bill

For the king hath arisen
nsync with royal couture
     decked out and bedizened
to the nines resplendent blindingly,

     I telly you to envision
colorful dress exploding,
     qua gaudy...Read More
Categories: penultimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, allusion,
Form: Free verse
Continent Wide Yogic Carpet Ride Unveils Qualm
Bull eve me (Adam, whether existence
     fact or fiction),
     his immediate legion heirs whole
heartedly partook
     to regale no Joe king paternal prominence,
     sans legendary,...Read More
Categories: penultimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Love and Attention You and I Deserve
Do not steal from us the love and attention you and I deserve
Despite the way my innermost thoughts you paraphrase
Let us nourish and brandish the love we serve and preserve. 

Stand firm in the face of challenges you and I...Read More
Categories: penultimate, poems,
Form: Villanelle
Pesky Poppycock Payback Please Prepare
Prevarication permits pretend perception, presenting
piquantly piqued, pimply pimping playboy, plucky
pulchritudinous previously pusillanimous, prevalently
puckish, psychic packman, pokemon playing proletarian

puppeteer pygmy, peevishly punky, plummy, plumy,
pompously pushy, pampered, prefabricated pinchbeck,
pokily plying plowshear, plodding peregrination, pied
piper pitifully peppy pornographic potato pealing,

parsimonious paradoxical protagonist, proposing
preposterous...Read More
Categories: penultimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member In My AlphaTown
In our wildly indigenous
western town
we have a notorious Ancient GoodWitch.
Like GrandMother Moon,
she seems to emerge with a new, yet old,
community healing process
about once a FullMoon month.

I heard she would like to co-facilitate
a Future HealthWealth Community research project
using a STAR green-economy...Read More
Categories: penultimate, caregiving, culture, games, health, humanity, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse