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Universe Pastoral Poems

These Universe Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Universe. These are the best examples of Pastoral Universe poems written by international poets.

Premium Member If We Must Die
If We Must Die: (Dedicated to the Memory of Claude McKay, Harlem Renaissance Poet and Jamaican Born)

If we must die: 
Let it not result from,...

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Categories: courage, devotion, faith, god,

Intimate Worship
In your presence, it is our time.
I am yours you are mine, 

My senses filled with you in my being,
Only you in my thoughts, only...

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Categories: blessing, god, heaven,

The LOVE of the LORD
The Love of the LORD is a precious thing. 
Who can match its beauty?
His name is the embodiment of Love and all that is within...

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Categories: blessing, faith, inspirational, universe,


Greater than the highest mountain placed across my way
Stronger than the host of darkness poised in stern array
Fiercer than the roaring lion closing on its...

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Categories: dedication, god, gospel, jesus,

Premium Member Along the Shore of Evermore
I STEP down from the boardwalk and into a land  moved by the forces of the universe.

I feel the earth move under my feet...

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Categories: beauty, earth, heaven, ocean,

My Shepherd Watches Over Me
The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want…
The Lord will provide all of my needs…
The Lord will bring me to quiet gentle waters…
The Lord...

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Categories: inspiration, jesus, universe,

The Crystal Sea
Within the bounds of heaven is a mighty sea. 
It has no boundaries.
It goes on for infinity.
Its crystalline surface is like a million tiny mirrors...

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Categories: beauty, bible, christian, faith,

The morning
It is a quiet day of the atmosphere, 
staying at the position of the universe, 
covering of the cloud, sun, moon & star.
Thundering like as...

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Categories: absence, adventure, africa, age,

Premium Member A MONK'S PRAYER

God, as my creator, has vested great works.  To partake on this journey, I must know that I am worthy and denounce...

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Categories: innocence, inspiration, inspirational, muse,

My love is not good enough for you
My love is not good enough for you oh Jehovah. How could an imperfect human give 
you pure and unsinful love. How could I give...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, happiness,

Premium Member Days Not Lovelier Than These
Is Nature adding to me
or taking away from me
Am I, or am I just 
a small part, a tiny part
of all the beauty that I...

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Categories: introspection, life, natureday, day,

Wisdom and understanding do raise their voice
On the stands beside the paths they yell that you make a choice; 
At the gates of bazaars both...

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Categories: introspectionmen, world, fear, men,

Agape Love
Ok everyone listen closely
There is only one love for
This, the Universe mostly
It is love that is given
So uncondionally you see
It's Gods love for you and...

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Categories: inspirationallove, universe,

I am the beginning, I am...

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Categories: father, history, inspirational, mother,

Earth flesh
Sun chakra
Skeleton moon...

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Categories: nature, universe,